Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Three Tides Tattoo & Disney.

Today was a lovely day, despite the rain. After class, I ended up meeting with Lyy because I had an appointment to get my tattoo done. I caved. 

After so much stuff happening recently I needed to get this tattoo. I have been wanting it forever but couldn't think of the placement and finally it came to me and the meaning behind it, and timing, all fitted perfectly.

It took less than an hour, and was pretty inexpensive. It's nothing big, just the name of a Pay money To my Pain song. The first song I heard of theirs, and the one that has the most meaning to me.

The lettering came out lovely, and I am very happy with it. So thank you, Three Tides Tattoo 

After that, me and Lyy decided to get some udon since the weather was perfect for it.

I took her to a place me and Hopy would always go to when we went to Harajuku. It is so cheap, and yummy. We stayed there and talked for a bit and chilled.

We then went to the Harajuku's Tokyu Plaza and they were having an awesome event that were selling all this special Disney stuff and they played Disney songs throughout the stores. It made both me and Lyy super happy haha.

At the top it had a display of different silhouettes of the Disney princesses, it was really pretty and was nice at night as well.

Me and Lyy decided to come to the top floor more often, when it's not rainy haha because it was so chill and pretty.

We then chilled at Starbucks for a good while where we chatted and ate cake :3 We talked about our possible future plans in Japan, some more traveling, and cats haha.

Soon after, we decided to migrate to Tower Records where we chilled at that cafe.

Today was such a nice, chill day, I really enjoyed it. I told Lyy I am definitely going to miss Tower Records when I go back to California.

Oh, and me and Yashin are still good friends and he got over whatever the issue was so I'm glad :]

☓ ☓ ☓

Oh, and on the way back from hanging out with Lyy, there were a group of friends on the train that were being a bit rowdy. I guess I looked a bit annoyed, so when they were getting off the train one of the guys apologized to me. I wasn't annoyed though, lol I swear, my straight face just looks like a bitch face. 

Then afterwards, he asked me to come with them to drink hahaha. I politely declined, though I did think about it. He then was asking me for my LINE but his friends called him and the train was going to leave so he let it go (let it go~ let it go~ sorry couldn't help it, lol).

It's funny how I am recently getting random guys coming up to me. This wouldn't really happen before. Only took 10 months -____- LOL

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