Friday, May 2, 2014

Lost in Kamakura.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day with Lyy in Kamakura. We met up at Kamakura station at around 11:30 where we got a all day bus pass for 500 yen and went off to see the Giant Buddha. 

After 8 months in Japan, I finally went to see it and I was pretty happy :] The weather yesterday was quite lovely it, it reminded me of California weather but as always I could do with less sun haha.

After taking some pictures with the Giant Buddha we ended up getting some soft ice :3 I got matcha of course, and Lyy got a blueberry flavor which was yummy! After we finished out ice cream we decided to go to the bamboo grove which was a place I really wanted to go to!

Lyy said we can just hope on the same bus to get there but we ended up going to the resident area and after catching another wrong bus we ended up all the way in Ofuna LOL. 

It was pretty funny, and it was actually lots of fun getting lost. I get paranoid as fuck if I get lost alone but since I had a friend it was fine. We were just enjoying the scenery and talking about nonsense :]

We eventually made it to Ofuna station where we went back to Kamakura and went on the right bus to see the bamboo forest haha.

The bamboo forest was very nice, and they even if you pay a little extra you could drink traditional green tea and watch the bamboo. I thought it was a bit interesting to drink tea and watch bamboo but Lyy really wanted to do it and in the end it was a nice experience and I was happy to do it :]

We explored the garden, took some Polaroid's, and then eventually headed back down the mountain to return to the station since everything was closing.

We made our way back down to the station and as we were getting closer we saw some more shrines so we decided to get off and check it out.

I was also video taping quite a bit so as we were waiting for the light to change there was a couple with a little boy there. I love filming people so I was of course filming them, especially the little boy.

He noticed and got really happy and started dancing for the camera. It was so cute. And then as the light changed green and we passed each other he said with a big smile, "see ya!" in English and his parents went "woah" all surprised and me and Lyy laughed and I told him, "bye!"

I swear, it was the cutest thing ever and I fell in love with that little boy. We mostly just walked around the shrine ground and took pics and video, mostly video and after exploring a bit we walked back to Kamakura station.

We stopped by the Ghibli store but then went back home. There were cute little boys on the train back to Hiyoshi as well ><

Me and Lyy went back to Hiyoshi where we ate cheap sushi and just talked for hours.

It was seriously such a fun day :] I really liked Kamakura, and I'm really feeling this spring weather. Next Monday me and Lyy will be running errands together before we leave to Nagoya on Tuesday! So excited :]

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