Monday, May 19, 2014

It's actually sinking in.

I just signed up for my classes at UC Irvine for fall quarter. It's honestly so weird to think I am going back to California, but surprisingly I am excited.

I've come to really love Japan, and I don't want to leave, but I am excited to go back to California. I love my university, and will be happy to be there again for one more year, even if the workload sucks ass.

Coming back to California, especially Irvine, for one more year or so before I go back to Japan (if my plans don't change) will a nice temporary close to my life in California. Like I said, me coming back to Japan isn't solid but it's heading that way.

Getting ready to make things easier to go back makes me remember how much I love the beautiful, green city of Irvine. But I definitely do not miss the prices, looking for an apartment is giving me a headache e__e

I've been talking to my mom a lot recently, it's been nice. And, she is helping me try to settle in for when I go back to the uni again. She's definitely doing much better, she is just happy I'm coming back soon.

I also talked to her about my recent desire to pick up modeling again. I don't want to do it seriously, but I want to start doing more shoots. I would really like to do some alternative modeling, and though my mom is not keen on the alternative part, she said she is fine with me doing lingerie and what not.

My mom still doesn't like the idea of me getting tattoos, but she tells me that I am of age now so at the end of the day it's my decision and she can't stop me.

I'm honestly happy she is becoming more understanding. I swear, this year apart was good for the both of us.

So content, and happy with everything in my life right now. Thank goodness.

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