Thursday, May 15, 2014

Getting Personal.

Last night, I went out with M again. We met a bit late where he took me to a fancy looking bar. I've seen it a few times walking in Shibuya but I never thought I would go in there.

It was really cool, gave off an old Hollywood kinda vibe. The bar opened late and somewhat closed early, well the last order was early. I thought it was a bit strange but oh well.

But the food was so yummy, especially the salad. Which is strange I know, lol. How many people are like, "omg try this salad it is so amazing, forget the pasta!" haha

Anyways, we stayed there and talked for a while about random stuff. M wanted to know more things about me, how I got to be the person I was because I had changed so much from before.

Many people think the reason why I changed so much was because of my ex, which yeah, a part of it was that but it was someone else too and so I told him about it.

We also got to the subject of Ayami because she had invited me to some nomikai with some band guys. I was a bit confused and told M about it and he told me when Ayami hosts these kind of things it's not a nomikai but actually a goukon haha.

I totally thought it was strange when she asked me, and now it makes sense haha. I was like, "ah I have plans with M but if he wants to go I'll go too" since M is friends with the other guys but yeah haha. I had a feeling it was more than a nomikai lol.

After staying there for a while, we migrated to the bar he usually goes to. It was empty last night and we just chilled and talked some more. This time we talked about personal things with himself and his family which I could tell he was also still hurt over.

A lot of the stuff we talked about was really personal shit. But, because of that, I was able to learn more about him, and he definitely learned way more about me. More than most people know to be honest.

I like hanging out with M, but I don't know what we are doing or what his intentions are so it confuses me.

He says he really wants to meet me and talk to me, which is a first. Most guys just want to get in my pants haha. Which of course he said he wouldn't mind (LOL) but he said he really just wants to get to know me.

Which is nice, but it seems kinda pointless since I'm leaving soon. Even if I come back to Japan as planned I am unsure if I'm going to Tokyo or Nagoya. I mentioned how I was leaning towards Nagoya earlier. But M doesn't know this, he just knows I'm planning on coming back.

e__e life, man. M actually seems like a good guy, though I'm still keeping my guard up. I don't know.

I swear I don't trust people, let alone guys haha but I don't know, I'm not expecting anything. To be honest, I don't know what I want from this either or in general, so we'll see. 

That's how most of my posts end don't they? lol

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