Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tower Records • Random Night Out with Lyy

I was meeting up with Lyy after my class. She was planning on getting her piercing but they only do it on the weekends so she made an appointment to do it for Friday.

We weren't too hungry, so we decided to just chill at Tower Records Cafe and get some nachos. We weren't up for walking around so we just stayed there and talked. Which was quite, nice. We stayed there for quite a bit, from around 5:30 to 10:30pm so we shared some taco rice and dessert as well.

We still weren't up for going back home. We were planning on taking our last trains back, mine being at 12:15am. So we chilled in this empty spot in Shibuya near Silkream on a random pair of stairs.

Lyy was smoking and I was just chilling next to her. The weather was lovely, not too hot and not too cold. Though the weather has been getting pretty warm during the day and I can't stand it, the night weather is making me not mind it as much.

We stayed there, chilling and talking for a bit. I was actually in a mood to go drinking but had class tomorrow and I was getting sleepy so we decided we were just going to head back.

Just then, some guys were passing by and one of them came up to us and was asking if we wanted to go hang out right now.

I was a bit iffy about it, but then I thought "fuck it" and decided we should go. Lyy was a bit hesitant as well, and we were going to head back but the guy convinced us to just hang out for a bit and we can leave for our first train.

The other guy called his friend and we went to his friend's bar to play darts.

They introduced us to the bar owner who spoke English pretty decently. They asked me if I was half (that hasn't happened in a while lol) when I told them no and that I was Mexican they all yelled "hey-heyyy!" and some guy from behind the dj stand yelled "hola" haha. Apparently he was half Peruvian.

The whole setting was pretty chill to be honest, we just drank and played darts. Lyy, who was a bit iffy at first ended up enjoying herself :] Haha, you could totally tell Take was into her xD

They asked us if we wanted to leave for the last train or go but since we were actually enjoying ourselves we decided to stay and keep playing.

☓ ☓ ☓

After a few games or darts we ended up going to karaoke, which was in the bar as well. All the guys really liked pop, hip hop, rap, R&B, etc. So I was really excited because lately I've been in a nostalgic mood listening to old hip hop songs from my high school days.

Michael was saying how they really like West side music. I don't man, this isn't the first time Japanese mention this thing. At Harlem, they would be asking "which side do you support/listen to/like?" I'm here like... "uhh I listen to music?" lol. I listen to all hip-hop and rap regardless of the "sides" they are from.

To be honest, I don't even know which side most of the rappers represent unless it is blatantly stated in their songs and I don't really care. But Japanese seem to take it seriously. Like, you can't like Southside if you like East or West, and crap like that.

Michael was saying that, but I felt I always feel that it is strange when Japanese state which "side" they listen to lol.

Anyways, we ended up singing Alicia Keys, Usher, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, etc. It was a lot of fun. They even sang Backstreet Boys haha. And, the one Japanese song that I can actually sing along to, 小さな恋の歌. Brings back good memories of Proposal Daisakusen :] and it was quite nostalgic for them as well.

After some karaoke, we were going to leave to go to another bar but I was thinking out loud and said I was hungry. The guys were also a bit hungry so we ate sushi which was literally right across the street lol. Lyy wasn't really hungry but she still decided to have a bit.

We got to the subject of types as usual haha. They asked me my type and I said guys with tattoos. Lyy's was guys with long hair. They then got to the awkward subject of which one out of the three of them we would date if they were their only choices.

Lyy didn't want to answer but Take answered for her and said him haha. I lied and told them I had a boyfriend so I was able to slide my way out of this one lol.

Take ended up heading back, we ended up staying with Takero and Michael. Michael, the owner of the bar we were just at, ended up taking us to his friend's bar this time.

☓ ☓ ☓

By this time, I was really tired though. We had an hour till the first train. We were drinking some more and just chillin. I felt bad for Takero who had work the next day at 10am. But it was actually his birthday yesterday so they kept forcing him to drink lol #thatjapanesedrinkinglife

Michael ended up introducing us to more of his friends. The bar owner, and some other guy named Akira who me and Lyy didn't like too much for reasons.

We stayed there and chilled some more. Again, we got to the subject of types and they thought it was weird that I thought shy guys were cute. And they assumed I only like shy guys. Which again, is another thing Japanese people tend to do.

For some reason, it's always one or the other, it can't be both. I think it didn't help that Lyy said she doesn't like them lol. But, I explained to them, that I don't know about Japan but where I'm from, people can have different tastes in the type of guys they like and find different aspects of them attractive.

So I told them, I think both shy guys and confident guys are attractive in my book. Shy guys are cute and I like them because of that. Meanwhile, I also like confident and aggressive guys because they are really hot lol.

When I explained it to them like this they ended up getting it. Michael then told me blatantly that he thinks he would be my type. Haha cocky bastard, but who knows, he might be lol.

☓ ☓ ☓

After a while, we ended up heading back to the train station. On the way to the station there were some gyaru and gyaru-o hanging around. One girl was crawling on the floor with her hair in her face. She looked creepy as fuck and Michael yelled out, "Heyyy Sadako!!" and we all laughed because we all must have been thinking the same thing.

If her hair was black, I swear it would have been like Sadako. The gyaru-o that was with her was laughing and also yelled back "Sadako!" haha.

Once we got to the station, we exchanged contact info and they said they would hit us up to hang out again. I hugged Lyy goodbye and the rest too since they were also going with Lyy on the Yamanote line lol. I then went on my way to the train.

I knocked out and luckily woke up right at Hiyoshi. Thank goodness! It would have sucked to miss my stop.

I had class, but just passed out and missed it. I know, I'm a shitty student. But this was something that Lyy actually needed. She was a bit down, and this helped her get her mind off shit. She never does this kind of stuff. She said she really enjoyed herself.

She doesn't like clubbing, and though I don't mind it, I prefer a bar setting and after last night she realized a bar setting was a good type of outing as well :]

Funny, because I'm not really an outgoing person but I am more of one compared to Lyy. So how Lili pushes me to be more outgoing and do random shit, I do the same for Lyy.

Me and Lyy talk about this, good things usually happen to us when we are together. If she wasn't in my life it would be completely different.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Zazen in the Mountains of Kamakura.

Saturday was a long day, after getting up at 5am to do an early shoot in Harajuku I had to head to Kamakura to go on a field trip for one of my Buddhism classes. 

I fell asleep a bit on the train and luckily arrived early at Kitakamakura station where we were suppose to meet.

We walked to kinjou ji temple, which is a zen temple. My teacher is friends will monks here and the monk we were going to see was going to talk to us about the suicide prevention program they do.

It was really interesting, I've been interested in suicide in Japan ever since learning about the suicide forest. We got to ask questions and have discussion as well. And they even served tea and cookies which was quite nice since I was starving.

After discussion, we got to do some zazen meditation. It was definitely an experience. Sitting there and trying to think of nothing. It would work for a bit but my mind would eventually wander. I got better the second time though.

After meditation we got to explore the temple a bit, where they were having some performance going on. The temple was so big and pretty. My teacher said it's even prettier in the spring since they have many cherry blossoms.

After walking around the temple, the class voted to go to this shrine at the top of the mountain that was a 10 minute walk from the temple.

It was a walk that consisted of many stairs and I definitely got a work out. But it was such nice weather, and the view made it all worth it. Plus, who doesn't like a free work out? lol

The view of the ocean was amazing, and my teacher said on clear days you could see Mt Fuji. It was a bit hazy so we couldn't see it but the view of the ocean was good enough for me. It reminded me of Orange County.

We didn't leave Kamakura till around 6pm, so it was so tiring but I still had fun. I would have never gone here on my own, let alone know about this temple if it wasn't for this class.

Classes abroad, my loves. That's how some teachers make the most of it. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Head High.

Friday night, I chilled with my friend Takumi. It has been a while since we hung out even though, this semester we have a class together. 

We were suppose to meet up so I could give him the reading for our class since he had to attend a funeral. He decided to make this an excuse to actually hang out and chill, which I thought was a good idea as well.

We decided to go to a hookah place in Jiyugaoka, it was really small but really cute. 

Takumi said he hadn't smoked in a while but he usually smokes Arabian some or other, which is like a coffee flavor. He knew the guy at the place and asked him if he could make it give a little head high since we both like it like that.

To be honest, I wasn't too sure if I would like the coffee flavor but it ended up being really nice. I really liked it. 

When it hit night time, the hookah place became a bit crowded, and since it was small everyone's hookah filled up the room. And it was like you were smoking everyone else's flavors lol. 

It was actually pretty nice because at this time me and Takumi had stopped smoking and were just talking but I still got the head high from everyone else's hookah.

I wonder how it must have looked from the outside because the hookah place was filled with so much smoke they cracked open the sliding door at the front. And the place was a small, dimly lit, white room with many windows, almost like a glass room so I'm sure it looked very intriguing from the outside.

Although we met at 5pm we stayed there for hours and didn't head back till 9pm. The point of this outing was to be close to where we live and keep it short since I had to get up early but that didn't end up happening lol. Time just flew.

After we left the hookah place we walked around Jiyugaoka just for kicks. Takumi said it's a rich neighborhood, which I could kinda tell but it looked so cute. It reminded me of Nakameguro.

We chilled on a bench and talked some more.

Takumi used to bug the shit outta me at first but after hanging out with him again, he's pretty chill. Since he grew up in the U.S. most of his life he is also really westernized so I don't have to filter the way I talk around him and I just treat him like my friends back home.

After staying out for a bit we eventually headed back since I had to get up early the next day, though I should have left earlier to be honest lol.

It was nice, and I loved that I had the lingering smell of the hookah on my sweater the next day.

Oh, and recently I came across old hip-hop songs, and stumbled on this Bone Thugs one with Mariah Carey. It has been playing in my head nonstop. My favorite hip-hop songs are when they have lovely guest vocals.

Well, I guess, I'm trying to be nonchalant about it
And I'm going to extremes to prove I'm fine without you.

Friday, May 23, 2014

My View on Beauty Standards.

"If you want to change something about yourself, whether it is your hair color, your makeup, or your nose, I support you. If you do not, then I support you in that. I urge you to do exactly what you want to do to make yourself feel beautiful. And I’m not talking about beauty according to magazine standards or Hollywood standards, but your standards." 

-Dita Von Teese

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Three Tides Tattoo & Disney.

Today was a lovely day, despite the rain. After class, I ended up meeting with Lyy because I had an appointment to get my tattoo done. I caved. 

After so much stuff happening recently I needed to get this tattoo. I have been wanting it forever but couldn't think of the placement and finally it came to me and the meaning behind it, and timing, all fitted perfectly.

It took less than an hour, and was pretty inexpensive. It's nothing big, just the name of a Pay money To my Pain song. The first song I heard of theirs, and the one that has the most meaning to me.

The lettering came out lovely, and I am very happy with it. So thank you, Three Tides Tattoo 

After that, me and Lyy decided to get some udon since the weather was perfect for it.

I took her to a place me and Hopy would always go to when we went to Harajuku. It is so cheap, and yummy. We stayed there and talked for a bit and chilled.

We then went to the Harajuku's Tokyu Plaza and they were having an awesome event that were selling all this special Disney stuff and they played Disney songs throughout the stores. It made both me and Lyy super happy haha.

At the top it had a display of different silhouettes of the Disney princesses, it was really pretty and was nice at night as well.

Me and Lyy decided to come to the top floor more often, when it's not rainy haha because it was so chill and pretty.

We then chilled at Starbucks for a good while where we chatted and ate cake :3 We talked about our possible future plans in Japan, some more traveling, and cats haha.

Soon after, we decided to migrate to Tower Records where we chilled at that cafe.

Today was such a nice, chill day, I really enjoyed it. I told Lyy I am definitely going to miss Tower Records when I go back to California.

Oh, and me and Yashin are still good friends and he got over whatever the issue was so I'm glad :]

☓ ☓ ☓

Oh, and on the way back from hanging out with Lyy, there were a group of friends on the train that were being a bit rowdy. I guess I looked a bit annoyed, so when they were getting off the train one of the guys apologized to me. I wasn't annoyed though, lol I swear, my straight face just looks like a bitch face. 

Then afterwards, he asked me to come with them to drink hahaha. I politely declined, though I did think about it. He then was asking me for my LINE but his friends called him and the train was going to leave so he let it go (let it go~ let it go~ sorry couldn't help it, lol).

It's funny how I am recently getting random guys coming up to me. This wouldn't really happen before. Only took 10 months -____- LOL

Monday, May 19, 2014

It's actually sinking in.

I just signed up for my classes at UC Irvine for fall quarter. It's honestly so weird to think I am going back to California, but surprisingly I am excited.

I've come to really love Japan, and I don't want to leave, but I am excited to go back to California. I love my university, and will be happy to be there again for one more year, even if the workload sucks ass.

Coming back to California, especially Irvine, for one more year or so before I go back to Japan (if my plans don't change) will a nice temporary close to my life in California. Like I said, me coming back to Japan isn't solid but it's heading that way.

Getting ready to make things easier to go back makes me remember how much I love the beautiful, green city of Irvine. But I definitely do not miss the prices, looking for an apartment is giving me a headache e__e

I've been talking to my mom a lot recently, it's been nice. And, she is helping me try to settle in for when I go back to the uni again. She's definitely doing much better, she is just happy I'm coming back soon.

I also talked to her about my recent desire to pick up modeling again. I don't want to do it seriously, but I want to start doing more shoots. I would really like to do some alternative modeling, and though my mom is not keen on the alternative part, she said she is fine with me doing lingerie and what not.

My mom still doesn't like the idea of me getting tattoos, but she tells me that I am of age now so at the end of the day it's my decision and she can't stop me.

I'm honestly happy she is becoming more understanding. I swear, this year apart was good for the both of us.

So content, and happy with everything in my life right now. Thank goodness.

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 • Night Drive in Yokohama.

Yesterday I went to watch the Amazing Spider-man 2 with my friend, Toshiki. We had talked about this the last time we hung out and thought it was best to see it when I came back from Nagoya.

I went to Yokohama station where he picked me up and we went to the movies to get the tickets. We had around 30 minutes to kill so we wandered the mall a bit where it had an arcade so we decided to play some games.

Toshiki knows I love cars so we went for the racing game. He picked a Mitsubishi Lancer and of course I went for the Nissan GTR which he already saw coming haha. Of course, Toshiki won, I suck at racing games but it was fun :]

Afterwards, we played some air hockey which was so freakin' fun because it would only be one hockey puck at first and then after a certain amount of time many small ones would be released haha. I loved it lol.

Afterwards we just sat a bit and talked about the new X-men movie coming out soon. So many super hero movies ^-^ lol

Eventually, it was time for the movie. Since Toshi paid for the tickets I decided to pay for the drinks and popcorn, we then headed to the watch the movie. I was super excited to watch this movie, and I really just wanted to get my mind off things.

Course, it didn't disappoint. I loved the movie. Made me so damn emotional haha.

Afterwards, me and Toshi just went for a drive since everything was closing. 

Alicia Keys sang one of the songs in the movie and we both really like her so he started playing Alicia Keys and we were singing to songs like "My Boo" and "If I Ain't Got You". So fuckin' nostalgic. 

I seriously miss doing these things. Driving in the car, music all the way up, and singing while gazing at an empty road.

While we were driving you could see the view of Minato Mirai. It was soo pretty, I love seeing the reflection of city lights on water.

He told me he knew a place that had a nice city view so we crossed the bridge and went there. We also passed the daikouku parking area. Even though there was nothing going on now because it was late, he just decided to show me where it was at.

He also showed me where these really well known clubs were which was close to the spot he showed me. He said Snoop Dog and Ice Cube and other well known rappers would come here when they went to Japan, but after the new no dancing law it isn't as good.

But he told me how it would always be so crowded and there would so be many cool cars around the clubs when he was younger. Ah, so cool to think about it.

He took me to this parking structure that was pretty high up and the way up was so spirally that after a while you got nauseous lol. But when we made it to the top, it was a nice night view like he said, and you could see the stars as well.

I hardly ever look up at the sky in Japan to be honest.

After enjoying the view for a bit, we headed back where we saw some people with their drifting cars parked on the side just drinking and hanging out. It looked so cool, lol. I always wanted to see this side of Japan, I wish I could see it more.

On the way back to Hiyoshi, we listened to music and I enjoyed the close to empty road. Toshiki thought I was sleepy but I was just thinking.

I really like Japan, and I'm so grateful that I was able to come here and experience so many things, many things I wanted and some random stuff. I grew so much as a person and changed so much. Although, I don't want to leave Japan, going back to California to finish my studies will be something nice to do to get my head on completely straight.

I can't believe I will be leaving Japan in two months.

☓ ☓ ☓

As for M, I've been completely over-thinking things with him so I'm stopping that now. I enjoy spending time with him, and enjoy his company but that's it. I am not going to see it more than that. Not going to think about intentions, etc. No need to make it more complicated than it needs to be. We're just two people who enjoy each other's company. And because of the circumstances, I'm okay with that.

In other news, next week I have something awesome to look forward to :] I'm pretty excited, but won't say anything about it just yet ;D

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Getting Personal.

Last night, I went out with M again. We met a bit late where he took me to a fancy looking bar. I've seen it a few times walking in Shibuya but I never thought I would go in there.

It was really cool, gave off an old Hollywood kinda vibe. The bar opened late and somewhat closed early, well the last order was early. I thought it was a bit strange but oh well.

But the food was so yummy, especially the salad. Which is strange I know, lol. How many people are like, "omg try this salad it is so amazing, forget the pasta!" haha

Anyways, we stayed there and talked for a while about random stuff. M wanted to know more things about me, how I got to be the person I was because I had changed so much from before.

Many people think the reason why I changed so much was because of my ex, which yeah, a part of it was that but it was someone else too and so I told him about it.

We also got to the subject of Ayami because she had invited me to some nomikai with some band guys. I was a bit confused and told M about it and he told me when Ayami hosts these kind of things it's not a nomikai but actually a goukon haha.

I totally thought it was strange when she asked me, and now it makes sense haha. I was like, "ah I have plans with M but if he wants to go I'll go too" since M is friends with the other guys but yeah haha. I had a feeling it was more than a nomikai lol.

After staying there for a while, we migrated to the bar he usually goes to. It was empty last night and we just chilled and talked some more. This time we talked about personal things with himself and his family which I could tell he was also still hurt over.

A lot of the stuff we talked about was really personal shit. But, because of that, I was able to learn more about him, and he definitely learned way more about me. More than most people know to be honest.

I like hanging out with M, but I don't know what we are doing or what his intentions are so it confuses me.

He says he really wants to meet me and talk to me, which is a first. Most guys just want to get in my pants haha. Which of course he said he wouldn't mind (LOL) but he said he really just wants to get to know me.

Which is nice, but it seems kinda pointless since I'm leaving soon. Even if I come back to Japan as planned I am unsure if I'm going to Tokyo or Nagoya. I mentioned how I was leaning towards Nagoya earlier. But M doesn't know this, he just knows I'm planning on coming back.

e__e life, man. M actually seems like a good guy, though I'm still keeping my guard up. I don't know.

I swear I don't trust people, let alone guys haha but I don't know, I'm not expecting anything. To be honest, I don't know what I want from this either or in general, so we'll see. 

That's how most of my posts end don't they? lol

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Last Nagoya Trip • Less Words, More Photos

Didn't take many photos during the trip since so much was going on, but here are some of the pics I did take. Looking back at them actually makes me smile and seriously think wtf haha.

Yeah, the trip wasn't all rainbows and butterflies but it was still a good trip and was glad that I was able to go there one last time before I left to California.

I'm seriously planning on coming back to Japan once I graduate. One more year at the uni in California is something to look forward to before I return to Japan. Whether I'm going back to Tokyo or Nagoya is up in the air but Nagoya is where I'm leaning towards.

I've said it so many times already but I'll say it again: life, man.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Last Nagoya Trip.

This Nagoya trip turned out nothing like how I expected. I honestly don't know how most of the shit got to how it did. I'm going to just sum up the whole trip in this post.

The trip was fun, me and Lyy didn't do most of the stuff we wanted but it was still a good trip.

I ended up randomly meeting this one fool I had the biggest crush on way back when, he was in a band I used to listen to quite a bit, but lost in interest in him because he seemed like a dick and full of himself. It seriously was random as fuck and was so confused on why he was there when we were all hanging out.

I told him I thought he gave an asshole vibe so he wanted to take me out and show me he wasn't lol. So we exchanged contact info.

To be honest, I was surprised he was even interested in me but apparently he thought I was attractive. We hung out, and yeah, he was a cool guy. He was pretty chill and reminded me of my friends from California but I still seem to lack interest in him for some reason, though he is still really hot lol.

After that, things seem a bit off with my friend Yashin because I guess he liked me. It sucks, but hopefully we can get over this rocky patch and still be friends but if not, I'm not too worried about it. After caring too much, I've learned to just not give a shit about stuff, especially shit like this.

I ended up meeting Yoshimi with Lyy as well, and was happy to see her. She is still with the same boyfriend I met last time we met up (he came along too) and she seems happier than ever just tired with work. I am glad she was able to figure out what she wanted and is happy with her life.

Me and Lyy just did chill things most of the time, no sightseeing (not that there's much anyways lol) but it was still nice. We did our usual of eating taco rice and other yummy foods and just sitting and talking for hours in different places. We both were still a bit confused on everything that happened and didn't know what to make of any of it.

I seriously don't know how to take this Nagoya trip. I had fun but obviously shit happened. I'm trying to not think too much about it since shit always happens, you can't do anything about it but we'll see.

I'm happy I went though, lots of good things were attached to this trip :] last trip to Nagoya before I leave to California. Still so weird I'll be going back soon.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wandering Around Shinjuku.

Yesterday was a pleasant day ^-^ I met up with Lyy around 2pm at Ikebukuro so I could go to the Kit Kat store and buy some chocolates for Yashin before we left to Nagoya.

The spicy kit kat was going to be a joke for the times when he tormented Hiro to eat the spicy things when we ate sushi lol. Then, I was going to buy him white chocolate since he said that was his favorite. It was a bit pricey but since Yashin always does so much I didn't care about it.

Afterwards, me and Lyy went to Shinjuku to look for the bus stop that we were going to have to go to when we departed to Nagoya. Since Shinjuku is big and confusing I thought it would be best that we went ahead of time in case it was difficult to find.

Sure enough, it was pretty difficult to find LOL. But while looking for the bus stop I came across the big "love" sign I would see in photos. I completely forgot I wanted to see this, so I was happy I just stumbled across it.

I took a few photos around the area because it was actually pretty nice. Usually Shinjuku is associated with trashiness but this area was clean, quiet, and pleasant. Probably because it was in the business area haha, oh well~

After we found the bus stop we just chilled and talked a bit but eventually got hungry so we started to walk to Shin Okubo to get Korean food :D

I took Lyy to the same place I went with Ah Young. It was so delicious and so much food. We got full quickly but I forced myself to eat it all because I didn't want to waste any. So good though.

Afterwards me and Lyy were too full to get dessert so we chilled at 7-11 and then when the sitting area closed we went to the frozen yogurt place and just chilled there talking until our last train.

It was so much fun. Especially with the kpop video playing in the background, and when BIGBANG or GD would come up we would be like "I like this song!" haha.

And a group of cute Korean guys came in towards the end of the night. Nice eye candy ;D haha

It was a really fun day ^-^ Tomorrow we leave early in the morning for Nagoya! Still need to pack D:

Friday, May 2, 2014

Lost in Kamakura.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day with Lyy in Kamakura. We met up at Kamakura station at around 11:30 where we got a all day bus pass for 500 yen and went off to see the Giant Buddha. 

After 8 months in Japan, I finally went to see it and I was pretty happy :] The weather yesterday was quite lovely it, it reminded me of California weather but as always I could do with less sun haha.

After taking some pictures with the Giant Buddha we ended up getting some soft ice :3 I got matcha of course, and Lyy got a blueberry flavor which was yummy! After we finished out ice cream we decided to go to the bamboo grove which was a place I really wanted to go to!

Lyy said we can just hope on the same bus to get there but we ended up going to the resident area and after catching another wrong bus we ended up all the way in Ofuna LOL. 

It was pretty funny, and it was actually lots of fun getting lost. I get paranoid as fuck if I get lost alone but since I had a friend it was fine. We were just enjoying the scenery and talking about nonsense :]

We eventually made it to Ofuna station where we went back to Kamakura and went on the right bus to see the bamboo forest haha.

The bamboo forest was very nice, and they even if you pay a little extra you could drink traditional green tea and watch the bamboo. I thought it was a bit interesting to drink tea and watch bamboo but Lyy really wanted to do it and in the end it was a nice experience and I was happy to do it :]

We explored the garden, took some Polaroid's, and then eventually headed back down the mountain to return to the station since everything was closing.

We made our way back down to the station and as we were getting closer we saw some more shrines so we decided to get off and check it out.

I was also video taping quite a bit so as we were waiting for the light to change there was a couple with a little boy there. I love filming people so I was of course filming them, especially the little boy.

He noticed and got really happy and started dancing for the camera. It was so cute. And then as the light changed green and we passed each other he said with a big smile, "see ya!" in English and his parents went "woah" all surprised and me and Lyy laughed and I told him, "bye!"

I swear, it was the cutest thing ever and I fell in love with that little boy. We mostly just walked around the shrine ground and took pics and video, mostly video and after exploring a bit we walked back to Kamakura station.

We stopped by the Ghibli store but then went back home. There were cute little boys on the train back to Hiyoshi as well ><

Me and Lyy went back to Hiyoshi where we ate cheap sushi and just talked for hours.

It was seriously such a fun day :] I really liked Kamakura, and I'm really feeling this spring weather. Next Monday me and Lyy will be running errands together before we leave to Nagoya on Tuesday! So excited :]