Saturday, April 19, 2014

TOKYO VLOG • かなまら祭り

A bit late, but finally got around to editing the footage I took for the Kanamara Matsuri. I randomly came across the song I used for the video and really liked the sound of it :]

Most of the videos on YouTube that have anything to do with the Kanamara Matsuri seem to focus only on the penis related things.

Although, the festival's main attraction is the penis theme I feel that many people seem to overlook the other things going on.

Since it is a festival, it's nice and lively like other Japanese festivals and there are cute kids, couples, nice sites, and yummy food. It wasn't till afterwards when I saw my photos and footage that I realized just how different I saw the festival compared to other people's videos lol.

Oh well, hope you guys like what I saw at the festival :]

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