Thursday, April 17, 2014

Random Fun.

I've been going out quite a lot this semester and it just started. Probably because a lot of my friends are in my classes this semester and we usually just go to eat afterwards.

Recently I volunteered for an English conversation thing for a company. Many Keio international students were invited to do this. We got pizza and talked talked them for a couple hours. It was fun, and we met some interesting people. Afterwards we went to a drink with some of them at an izakaya, and that was also fun :]

The other day I went with my friends to watch them play basketball. Ah Young and Bob really wanted me to go, I said I'd watch but I didn't want to play. Me + sports = no. I'm always down for watching, but not playing lol.

Francisco and a French guy came along. They were playing with some of the Japanese guys from the English conversation thing. The first two games were foreigners vs Japanese so it was pretty fun to watch.

The first game the foreigners won. Francisco was actually pretty good at playing and scored most of the points and since Bob was so tall it was hard to get the ball from him lol.

Since they won this game Francisco said he wanted a kiss on the cheek if they won the next game. I was a tad grossed out since I don't see him like that and told him no but he said it was the least I could do since I'm not playing.

I told one of my Japanese friends to please win the next game and I told Ah Young the situation so he told him and told the rest of the Japanese guys so they said they would win. And sure enough, they did :D I was so happy haha. I wouldn't have kissed him either way but this was good too lol.

After that, they mixed the players and I cheered for Ah Young's team always :] Aito was also really good at playing! It was just fun to watch, everyone was really tired after the games and we headed back home.

I exchanged LINE ID's with Aito since he is also into cars, that's why Ah Young wanted us to talk. He builds cars and goes to car shoes so she thought it would be good if we talked about that stuff. So me, Ah Young, and Aito might do something this weekend but it's still up in the air for sure because Ah Young says he tends to flake lol.

But this Friday me and Lili are going to go drink with the PCP people since we both kept running into them on campus and they finished job hunting :]

And next week Lyy is coming back to Japan :D more fun stuff is coming up, I can't wait \(^o^)/

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