Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pool and Billiards.

Friday, I hung out with Toshiki. It was actually lots of fun. He got off from work, picked me up at Hiyoshi, and we drove to Yokohama. It was so nice being in a car after such a long time. I missed it.

The restaurant he wanted to take me to was closed since I got off class late and he got off work late. We went to this other place where we got steak, nachos, and pizza. The nachos were so good! And the pizza came with hot sauce so it was delicious as well.

They even had Pink Moscato! I hadn't had that since Irvine, it made me so happy. Toshiki was still embarrassed to speak English but I don't know why because it's really good. But I guess I can understand because I didn't want to speak Japanese since his English was so good haha.

He was telling me about his time in UC Riverside and stories of his friends and the things he misses from California. It was nice, because he really reminded me of my friends from California but he still acted a bit Japanese especially since he was so shy lol.

After talking for a while we ended up playing pool and billiards. I suck at pool, only played it once in high school my ex tried to show me. So Toshiki told me the rules again and would try to help me win by moving the balls to make it easier for me to hit and letting me go twice. It was really cute haha.

When it came to billiards I was actually pretty good and won the first game, completely beginners luck since I had no idea what I was doing. He ended up winning the second game. This was a total western hangout haha but it was so much fun.

After billiards we just ended up sitting and talking some more. He showed me pictures of himself in Riverside. He looked totally different haha.

We also ended up talking about Marvel and our favorite superheroes as well as out favorite cars. It was really nice to be able to talk to someone about these things.

It was a pretty fun outing :]

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