Friday, April 25, 2014

Nezu Museum • Lyy's Return

Thursday for my art class we went to the the Nezu Museum in Omotesando. Though, it was overall pretty small, it had a beautiful traditional Japanese garden. Me and Spencer explored it quite a bit, and it was lots of fun.

We were suppose to see the irises but they weren't completely in bloom yet :[ but if they would have been, I could already tell how gorgeous they would have looked.

A cute old Japanese man was trying to take pictures of some of the irises and went over the boundary rope, you could hear the mother and daughter yelling "お父さん!" haha, it was so cute.

It was a nice place to see, and because we went with our teacher we got in for free when it's usually 1,000 yen, lucky~

Lyy has already been back in Tokyo for a few days. I didn't feel the need to blog about it though because it feels like she never even left!

We are back to our usual routine, eat sushi and then go to a cafe and talk for hours. It's nice :] First was Silkream and then it was A to Z.

We are already being busy planning stuff to do. Next Friday, we will be going to Kamakura. It will be my first time (other than when I went to the beach), so I am pretty excited :]

Then, the following week we will be going to Nagoya :D Sadly, this will be my last time to go before I go back to the U.S. I know it will be a bittersweet feeling leaving, but as for now I am extremely excited :]

We already planned things with Yashin and I will be meeting Yoshimi again. This time, I will remember to take pictures! Hopefully we can take purikura also :]

Nagoyaaaa. So excited :] Also going to try to do some touristy things this time lol.

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