Sunday, April 6, 2014

かなまら祭り • Fertility Festival

Today was the Kanamara Matsuri aka the Penis Festival. I had been wanting to go to this since I read Maria make a blog post of when she went last year.

My friend Yashin told me that he lives near a shrine that is for fertility in Aichi and so I thought it was only there but luckily the Kanamara Matsuri was in Kawasaki.

I went with Lili and her German friends who are visiting along with the Canadians that recently moved in. We later on met up with Bob and Sebastian and his girlfriend in Yokohama. The weather was going to be gloomy and rainy but since I didn't find my umbrella I just went without it.

Sure enough, very soon after the parade started it started to rain but we still got to see the the big pink penis and people with their penis candy lol.

It began to actually pour at some point so we ended up finding shelter at a ramen restaurant where we decided to eat since we were also hungry.

One of the waiters was a bit rude, he was an older Japanese man but the locals were incredibly nice. When Lili wanted to order gyoza he said they didn't have any but some of the locals ordered some and later on gave Lili her own. You could tell the man was upset.

Me, Toshi, Bob, Lili and her German friends finished our food but Sebastian and his girlfriend and the Canadians didn't even order since they were talking to locals. For some reason, Japanese people really love Sebastian haha.

You could tell Lili was a bit annoyed because we had to wait for them and it didn't help that the weather also got her in a bad mood.

Toshi and Bob acting like a couple LOL

Bob photobombing Robert's photo.
He could be a hand model though lol.

Eventually, the rest of the gang finished eating and we went to the shrine where we met up with some more of our friends.

I said hi to Robert and Robin and we stayed there and chatted for a bit.

The shrine was really nice. Most of the time people focus on the penises at the festival, which I'll admit it's a large part lol but it was nice to see the other side to it. The shrine, and the typical festival food and candy they were selling.

Since it was raining so much I bought an umbrella and Bob shared it with me. He would hold it as I filmed and took photos. I told him he was such a dapper gentleman haha. He proceeded to humor me and speak in an English accent as though he were my butler of some sort.

It was nice to see the blossoms in a more traditional setting. We had gone to the shrine were they prayed and got their fortunes since it began raining hard again. But after a while or so, me and Bob really wanted a dick candy so we went to search for it lol.

I kept taking lots of video and photos of the shrine grounds. Words cannot describe how beautiful it was, even in the rain. It was pouring again, and thunder started. Bob joked and said that it was a lovely touch.

We searched for the candy put couldn't find it. We had found some before but it was 700 yen and we weren't down to spend that much for a dick candy lol.

By the time we came back Lili was still in a bad mood. She really didn't like that it was raining and wanted to leave. We stayed and talked for a bit but eventually left since the festival was pretty much over anyways.

I don't know, I still had lots of fun regardless of the rain. I really wanted a penis candy but it's still okay. I was happy taking photos and video :] haha

Again, my love for taking photos of couples. This is Sebastian and his new girlfriend, isn't she so cute? I couldn't stop filming then and taking photos. I seriously don't know what it my obsession with couples haha.

Cute Japanese girl sucking on a candy dick? Pff, why not? Haha ♡

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