Wednesday, April 9, 2014

First Week of Classes • Spring Semester

I'm almost done with my first week of spring semester. I'll admit, since I've been lazing about at home all break I have been getting tired quite easily.

But so far, classes have been good. There are some really interesting ones this semester, and weird enough, I'm happy to be in a classroom again.

Also, the campus atmosphere is totally different this semester. Maybe because of all the new students that came in but it doesn't seem so much as the "rich" and "proper" students. Majority of the students at Keio are like this, but both me and Ah Young noticed other styles and they are more laid back.

Just the other day I saw a punk rocker looking guy with blonde hair and piercings coming out of the elevator and girls wearing jeans and beanies. Doesn't sound like a big deal but at Keio, it is lol.

But there is way more people at campus which makes me feel a tad uncomfortable (me + big crowds = no). But because the atmosphere is different so it's not as stressful lol.

I don't know, I never cared for spring in California but I have discovered I adore it quite a bit in Japan. So much stuff going on and the weather is quite nice.

I've been enjoying life in Japan quite a bit lately :]

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