Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Pleasant Outing.

Monday night, was needless to say an interesting night. I was meeting up with this guy M for the first time. He sent me a friend request on Facebook way before I came to Japan (when I used to have red hair).

I didn't think much of it, I knew of him since I listened to a few songs by his band but that was pretty much it. He would like photos of my face here and there so I knew to an extent he was interested.

I had debated to send him a message but after coming across another band guy who was a bit full of himself I really didn't want to, and I didn't want to feel dumb.

But of course, after talking about it with Darc he ended up convincing me to just go for it. So I thought, fuck it and messaged him with a brief message of お疲れ〜 kinda thing. Where he we exchanged some messages and he asked to hang out.

He was a bit busy so we didn't hang out till the end of April, and that's when we met up for dinner. Honestly, I thought M wasn't bad looking and he is pretty close to my type but his face wasn't my type so I didn't think anything of it but holy crap his personality is so cute haha.

We met in Shibuya where we would go eat and then go to a bar to drink. The sushi place he wanted to go to looked really full so we didn't go instead, we went to an izakaya that I would always pass and was actually interested in going into lol.

M wasn't too hungry, he said he had a big lunch so instead he just ordered lots of food for me -.- I felt weird eating by myself so I told him to eat some too which he did just not the sushi rolls because apparently he doesn't like avocado O__o lol.

We stayed there for a while, and talked a lot. It was interesting to know his family background which is much different from most Japanese people which can actually explain a lot lol.

After staying there for a bit we went to another bar, this was a place he usually goes to with all of his friends where they don't have to worry about fans. He introduced me to some of his friends we drank some more lol.

Around this time, we got pretty comfortable around each other and started to call each other チャライ because of reasons lol. His friend and his friend's girlfriend were trying to convince me M was a good guy lol but you know friends, always have each other's back haha. For a bit M was talking to his friend and I was talked to his friend's girlfriend Ayami. She was so cute! lol and we exchanged lines.

M's friends at the bar gave me the nickname もんちゃん for my last name haha, it was pretty cute. We also got to the subject of pokemon and digimon, how? Don't know but it was funny.

We stayed there till late, probably after 4am? and then we went on our own and talked some more.

M kept telling me I was cute (personality wise) which kinda surprised me because I didn't think I would be his type (personality wise) for many reasons but that's what I assume with most guys to be honest. But then again, I didn't think I would actually be interested in him as much as I was but I was wrong, he was so cute haha.

We stayed out till really late, and talked about lots of things. Even now, I think it's really strange how open and comfortable we got so quickly. We eventually called it a day since he had work to do and some other stuff.

He walked me to the station, all the way to the ticket gate (which was pretty cute) and indicated he wanted a kiss on the cheek so I gave him one and we parted ways.

I wouldn't call it a date, I still call it a hang out haha but it was fun and probably my favorite outing with a guy so far in Japan.

It's so funny how things turn out how you least expect it to.

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