Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Pleasant Outing.

Monday night, was needless to say an interesting night. I was meeting up with this guy M for the first time. He sent me a friend request on Facebook way before I came to Japan (when I used to have red hair).

I didn't think much of it, I knew of him since I listened to a few songs by his band but that was pretty much it. He would like photos of my face here and there so I knew to an extent he was interested.

I had debated to send him a message but after coming across another band guy who was a bit full of himself I really didn't want to, and I didn't want to feel dumb.

But of course, after talking about it with Darc he ended up convincing me to just go for it. So I thought, fuck it and messaged him with a brief message of お疲れ〜 kinda thing. Where he we exchanged some messages and he asked to hang out.

He was a bit busy so we didn't hang out till the end of April, and that's when we met up for dinner. Honestly, I thought M wasn't bad looking and he is pretty close to my type but his face wasn't my type so I didn't think anything of it but holy crap his personality is so cute haha.

We met in Shibuya where we would go eat and then go to a bar to drink. The sushi place he wanted to go to looked really full so we didn't go instead, we went to an izakaya that I would always pass and was actually interested in going into lol.

M wasn't too hungry, he said he had a big lunch so instead he just ordered lots of food for me -.- I felt weird eating by myself so I told him to eat some too which he did just not the sushi rolls because apparently he doesn't like avocado O__o lol.

We stayed there for a while, and talked a lot. It was interesting to know his family background which is much different from most Japanese people which can actually explain a lot lol.

After staying there for a bit we went to another bar, this was a place he usually goes to with all of his friends where they don't have to worry about fans. He introduced me to some of his friends we drank some more lol.

Around this time, we got pretty comfortable around each other and started to call each other チャライ because of reasons lol. His friend and his friend's girlfriend were trying to convince me M was a good guy lol but you know friends, always have each other's back haha. For a bit M was talking to his friend and I was talked to his friend's girlfriend Ayami. She was so cute! lol and we exchanged lines.

M's friends at the bar gave me the nickname もんちゃん for my last name haha, it was pretty cute. We also got to the subject of pokemon and digimon, how? Don't know but it was funny.

We stayed there till late, probably after 4am? and then we went on our own and talked some more.

M kept telling me I was cute (personality wise) which kinda surprised me because I didn't think I would be his type (personality wise) for many reasons but that's what I assume with most guys to be honest. But then again, I didn't think I would actually be interested in him as much as I was but I was wrong, he was so cute haha.

We stayed out till really late, and talked about lots of things. Even now, I think it's really strange how open and comfortable we got so quickly. We eventually called it a day since he had work to do and some other stuff.

He walked me to the station, all the way to the ticket gate (which was pretty cute) and indicated he wanted a kiss on the cheek so I gave him one and we parted ways.

I wouldn't call it a date, I still call it a hang out haha but it was fun and probably my favorite outing with a guy so far in Japan.

It's so funny how things turn out how you least expect it to.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Nezu Museum • Lyy's Return

Thursday for my art class we went to the the Nezu Museum in Omotesando. Though, it was overall pretty small, it had a beautiful traditional Japanese garden. Me and Spencer explored it quite a bit, and it was lots of fun.

We were suppose to see the irises but they weren't completely in bloom yet :[ but if they would have been, I could already tell how gorgeous they would have looked.

A cute old Japanese man was trying to take pictures of some of the irises and went over the boundary rope, you could hear the mother and daughter yelling "お父さん!" haha, it was so cute.

It was a nice place to see, and because we went with our teacher we got in for free when it's usually 1,000 yen, lucky~

Lyy has already been back in Tokyo for a few days. I didn't feel the need to blog about it though because it feels like she never even left!

We are back to our usual routine, eat sushi and then go to a cafe and talk for hours. It's nice :] First was Silkream and then it was A to Z.

We are already being busy planning stuff to do. Next Friday, we will be going to Kamakura. It will be my first time (other than when I went to the beach), so I am pretty excited :]

Then, the following week we will be going to Nagoya :D Sadly, this will be my last time to go before I go back to the U.S. I know it will be a bittersweet feeling leaving, but as for now I am extremely excited :]

We already planned things with Yashin and I will be meeting Yoshimi again. This time, I will remember to take pictures! Hopefully we can take purikura also :]

Nagoyaaaa. So excited :] Also going to try to do some touristy things this time lol.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

TOKYO VLOG • かなまら祭り

A bit late, but finally got around to editing the footage I took for the Kanamara Matsuri. I randomly came across the song I used for the video and really liked the sound of it :]

Most of the videos on YouTube that have anything to do with the Kanamara Matsuri seem to focus only on the penis related things.

Although, the festival's main attraction is the penis theme I feel that many people seem to overlook the other things going on.

Since it is a festival, it's nice and lively like other Japanese festivals and there are cute kids, couples, nice sites, and yummy food. It wasn't till afterwards when I saw my photos and footage that I realized just how different I saw the festival compared to other people's videos lol.

Oh well, hope you guys like what I saw at the festival :]

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Random Fun.

I've been going out quite a lot this semester and it just started. Probably because a lot of my friends are in my classes this semester and we usually just go to eat afterwards.

Recently I volunteered for an English conversation thing for a company. Many Keio international students were invited to do this. We got pizza and talked talked them for a couple hours. It was fun, and we met some interesting people. Afterwards we went to a drink with some of them at an izakaya, and that was also fun :]

The other day I went with my friends to watch them play basketball. Ah Young and Bob really wanted me to go, I said I'd watch but I didn't want to play. Me + sports = no. I'm always down for watching, but not playing lol.

Francisco and a French guy came along. They were playing with some of the Japanese guys from the English conversation thing. The first two games were foreigners vs Japanese so it was pretty fun to watch.

The first game the foreigners won. Francisco was actually pretty good at playing and scored most of the points and since Bob was so tall it was hard to get the ball from him lol.

Since they won this game Francisco said he wanted a kiss on the cheek if they won the next game. I was a tad grossed out since I don't see him like that and told him no but he said it was the least I could do since I'm not playing.

I told one of my Japanese friends to please win the next game and I told Ah Young the situation so he told him and told the rest of the Japanese guys so they said they would win. And sure enough, they did :D I was so happy haha. I wouldn't have kissed him either way but this was good too lol.

After that, they mixed the players and I cheered for Ah Young's team always :] Aito was also really good at playing! It was just fun to watch, everyone was really tired after the games and we headed back home.

I exchanged LINE ID's with Aito since he is also into cars, that's why Ah Young wanted us to talk. He builds cars and goes to car shoes so she thought it would be good if we talked about that stuff. So me, Ah Young, and Aito might do something this weekend but it's still up in the air for sure because Ah Young says he tends to flake lol.

But this Friday me and Lili are going to go drink with the PCP people since we both kept running into them on campus and they finished job hunting :]

And next week Lyy is coming back to Japan :D more fun stuff is coming up, I can't wait \(^o^)/

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pool and Billiards.

Friday, I hung out with Toshiki. It was actually lots of fun. He got off from work, picked me up at Hiyoshi, and we drove to Yokohama. It was so nice being in a car after such a long time. I missed it.

The restaurant he wanted to take me to was closed since I got off class late and he got off work late. We went to this other place where we got steak, nachos, and pizza. The nachos were so good! And the pizza came with hot sauce so it was delicious as well.

They even had Pink Moscato! I hadn't had that since Irvine, it made me so happy. Toshiki was still embarrassed to speak English but I don't know why because it's really good. But I guess I can understand because I didn't want to speak Japanese since his English was so good haha.

He was telling me about his time in UC Riverside and stories of his friends and the things he misses from California. It was nice, because he really reminded me of my friends from California but he still acted a bit Japanese especially since he was so shy lol.

After talking for a while we ended up playing pool and billiards. I suck at pool, only played it once in high school my ex tried to show me. So Toshiki told me the rules again and would try to help me win by moving the balls to make it easier for me to hit and letting me go twice. It was really cute haha.

When it came to billiards I was actually pretty good and won the first game, completely beginners luck since I had no idea what I was doing. He ended up winning the second game. This was a total western hangout haha but it was so much fun.

After billiards we just ended up sitting and talking some more. He showed me pictures of himself in Riverside. He looked totally different haha.

We also ended up talking about Marvel and our favorite superheroes as well as out favorite cars. It was really nice to be able to talk to someone about these things.

It was a pretty fun outing :]

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

First Week of Classes • Spring Semester

I'm almost done with my first week of spring semester. I'll admit, since I've been lazing about at home all break I have been getting tired quite easily.

But so far, classes have been good. There are some really interesting ones this semester, and weird enough, I'm happy to be in a classroom again.

Also, the campus atmosphere is totally different this semester. Maybe because of all the new students that came in but it doesn't seem so much as the "rich" and "proper" students. Majority of the students at Keio are like this, but both me and Ah Young noticed other styles and they are more laid back.

Just the other day I saw a punk rocker looking guy with blonde hair and piercings coming out of the elevator and girls wearing jeans and beanies. Doesn't sound like a big deal but at Keio, it is lol.

But there is way more people at campus which makes me feel a tad uncomfortable (me + big crowds = no). But because the atmosphere is different so it's not as stressful lol.

I don't know, I never cared for spring in California but I have discovered I adore it quite a bit in Japan. So much stuff going on and the weather is quite nice.

I've been enjoying life in Japan quite a bit lately :]

Sunday, April 6, 2014

かなまら祭り • Fertility Festival

Today was the Kanamara Matsuri aka the Penis Festival. I had been wanting to go to this since I read Maria make a blog post of when she went last year.

My friend Yashin told me that he lives near a shrine that is for fertility in Aichi and so I thought it was only there but luckily the Kanamara Matsuri was in Kawasaki.

I went with Lili and her German friends who are visiting along with the Canadians that recently moved in. We later on met up with Bob and Sebastian and his girlfriend in Yokohama. The weather was going to be gloomy and rainy but since I didn't find my umbrella I just went without it.

Sure enough, very soon after the parade started it started to rain but we still got to see the the big pink penis and people with their penis candy lol.

It began to actually pour at some point so we ended up finding shelter at a ramen restaurant where we decided to eat since we were also hungry.

One of the waiters was a bit rude, he was an older Japanese man but the locals were incredibly nice. When Lili wanted to order gyoza he said they didn't have any but some of the locals ordered some and later on gave Lili her own. You could tell the man was upset.

Me, Toshi, Bob, Lili and her German friends finished our food but Sebastian and his girlfriend and the Canadians didn't even order since they were talking to locals. For some reason, Japanese people really love Sebastian haha.

You could tell Lili was a bit annoyed because we had to wait for them and it didn't help that the weather also got her in a bad mood.

Toshi and Bob acting like a couple LOL

Bob photobombing Robert's photo.
He could be a hand model though lol.

Eventually, the rest of the gang finished eating and we went to the shrine where we met up with some more of our friends.

I said hi to Robert and Robin and we stayed there and chatted for a bit.

The shrine was really nice. Most of the time people focus on the penises at the festival, which I'll admit it's a large part lol but it was nice to see the other side to it. The shrine, and the typical festival food and candy they were selling.

Since it was raining so much I bought an umbrella and Bob shared it with me. He would hold it as I filmed and took photos. I told him he was such a dapper gentleman haha. He proceeded to humor me and speak in an English accent as though he were my butler of some sort.

It was nice to see the blossoms in a more traditional setting. We had gone to the shrine were they prayed and got their fortunes since it began raining hard again. But after a while or so, me and Bob really wanted a dick candy so we went to search for it lol.

I kept taking lots of video and photos of the shrine grounds. Words cannot describe how beautiful it was, even in the rain. It was pouring again, and thunder started. Bob joked and said that it was a lovely touch.

We searched for the candy put couldn't find it. We had found some before but it was 700 yen and we weren't down to spend that much for a dick candy lol.

By the time we came back Lili was still in a bad mood. She really didn't like that it was raining and wanted to leave. We stayed and talked for a bit but eventually left since the festival was pretty much over anyways.

I don't know, I still had lots of fun regardless of the rain. I really wanted a penis candy but it's still okay. I was happy taking photos and video :] haha

Again, my love for taking photos of couples. This is Sebastian and his new girlfriend, isn't she so cute? I couldn't stop filming then and taking photos. I seriously don't know what it my obsession with couples haha.

Cute Japanese girl sucking on a candy dick? Pff, why not? Haha ♡

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

中目黒 • 桜 • 花見

Yesterday I went to see the sakura at Nakameguro. This was one of the places I had been really wanting to go since seeing it on Tumblr because the river before I came to Japan. I was more interested in the night sakura because it looked more dreamy but the day was also very nice.

I went with Ryo since he also hadn't gone to see the sakura in a while since he had been busy working. When we arrived at Nakameguro, right away I liked the vibe, really liked the vibe. The shops reminded me of the old towns I liked to visit in California and other areas reminded me of Laguna Beach.

It was nice seeing many couples as well, I really enjoyed the people watching. There were so many interesting people, Lili said they had a hipster vibe from when she went.

The sakura was lovely and one fell in my hair nicely, Ryo took it out of my hair and I took a picture of it.

They were also many stands with food and drinks, I really wanted kebab but the line was long so we ended up getting potatoes and chicken which was yummy. I haven't had chicken in forever.

We also got champagne that was a lovely shade of pink and had a strawberry in it. It was good. I usually don't like the taste of alcohol but this was nice.

Ryo had to go to Shibuya to pick up some shoes from a friend so I chilled in Tsutaya for a bit. By then, it was already time to go to see the illumination for the sakura at night.

I really loved the light reflecting on the water and how it made the sakura glow pink. I definitely enjoyed the night sakura a bit more. I have this thing for places at night, they tend to look more appealing to me.

They also had more food so me and Ryo got taco rice :] Ryo had guacamole taco rice and I had cheese taco rice, it was so good! I love taco rice, can't wait to get it again in Nagoya lol.

After more walking around, we decided to leave and we went to an internet cafe in Hiyoshi where we listened to some music and ate chocolate.

I've been really craving chocolate since I've been watching a new drama called "Shitsuren Chocolatier" lol but that will probably be another post.

Ryo introduced me to bands that he liked and I introduced him to bands I like. He ended up really liking SiM quite a bit, especially "Blah Blah Blah" he told me he actually listened to it on the train when he was going to Shibuya once I mentioned it to him.

☓ ☓ ☓

Me and Ryo decided to be friends, he had told me recently that he seriously liked me but I didn't feel the same way. He is a nice guy but as always it's hard for me to like a guy romantically rather than just seeing our relationship as a friendship or casual dating (same problem I had back in California). 

Maybe it's because I just haven't been able to find someone that I can really connect with or maybe it's because I'm content with being single. I do enjoy being single and like being on my own, it's been that way for quite a while and haven't had any problems with it so far. 

Oh well, after this day I decided not to see him anymore since I don't want to give him the wrong idea. I also paid for my things so it would seem less like a date and more of a hang out.

Regardless, it was a nice day and I was happy to experience the hanami for the first time in my life. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and would love to do it again.

Drinking champagne, eating street food, people watching, and looking at the beautiful sakura. My first hanami was such a nice experience.

TOKYO VLOG III • 中目黒花見 from Nina on Vimeo.

I actually really like outcome of this video,
accurately shows the vibe I got from Nakameguro.
I don't know why I love to take photos and videos of couples so much.