Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ueno with Maria.

Yesterday, me and Maria planned to hang out in Ueno and film some footage for a video. I'm very happy to have someone who is also into video editing and doesn't find it weird every time you want to record something on your camera lol.

We were originally planning on going to Yokohama but it was a bit too far since Maria was going to have evening plans with Alex to go drinking. I was also invited but after finding out my financial situation I decided I had to pass :/

But Maria said that Ueno would be a nice place to film stuff. I have been to Ueno twice before, once was with Smiley and the other time was with Naoya but with both of them we didn't walk around much -.-

Ueno seriously has a culture of it's own, I really liked the vibe ^-^ and there were some interesting people I saw walking out of the station lol.

Me and Maria were hungry so we went to get a sashimi bowl \(^o^)/ I seriously never get tired of eating this. Last time me and Maria met up we actually ate this as well lol.

We walked around and explored Ueno and got some nice footage. Maria told me there was this place that sold cheap foreign snacks so we decided to go there and each bought something. Maria bought green dried mango, it was sooo good because it was a bit sour. I loved it.

I bought some thin mints, and they were also yummy. Me and Maria both thought of getting vanilla ice cream with the thin mints when I got home haha.

We also went to an arcade where we decided to take purikura since me and Maria have never taken it together before :D we also came across an otome game poster and Maria asked me who I would choose and when I rewatched the video I said, "I like the guy with the hair and eyes" LOL yeah, I seriously just did that.

It was funny because Maria then explained all their personalities and though some of them I could figure out, others I was mind blown. She told me she learned a lot from Hopy since she played them a lot. Aww makes me miss Hopy ><

Afterwards we decided to go to a shrine and recorded a bit. It was seriously really pretty and I liked how it was small and cozy. I wanted to film more but my camera said the memory was full D:

Turns out I could only record 20-30 minutes worth of video e__e I love my camera but damn -__- Maria got some nice footage though :]

They were even selling temple food and we walked to a place where you could feed the birds and saw a cute random stray cat.

Since my memory card was full I wanted to take a photo of the cat on my phone but realized I didn't have it. Turns out, I left it at the sashimi place. The first time I ever forgot something in Japan and the first time I ever forgot my phone in my life LOL. And thank goodness it was still there! The girl was so kind about it ><

Me and Maria decided it was time to head back. Maria was planning on walking and I love walking so I told her I wouldn't mind walking with her so we walked from Ueno back to Shin-okubo :D

It was a nice walk, but towards the end our feet were dying lol. We definitely didn't wear the right shoes -.- But we decided next time we will wear the right shoes and do it again. We walked around 5 miles (8.1km), it made me feel good to walk for a long period of time again. I miss hiking ><

When we arrived to Shin-okubo we passed a pet store and Maria asked if I wanted to see a monkey. So we went into the pet store and sure enough there was a cute little monkey it was so small and adorable. But low key, I don't think monkeys should be pets lol.

We also saw some adorable kittens, and one really like Maria and was super playful. Me and Maria were actually just talking about pets and this cat would be the type she wanted. Sadly, since she doesn't have her own place she can't get one plus she doesn't support the pet stores in Japan which makes sense.

We eventually arrived at Maria's place, we parted ways since she was going to relax a bit and rest her feet before she went out with Alex. I walked back to the station and then headed back home.

It was definitely a nice hang out. Me and Maria are already planning other things to do since I am leaving soon :/ but I'm looking forward to our outings ^-^

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