Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Keio Orientation • Possible Korea Plans

Today was one of the orientations we had to go to for the spring semester. As usual, it was boring and pretty pointless but I ended up seeing the possible classes I can take this semester and to be honest, I am kinda, sort of, looking forward to going to school? lol we'll see how long that lasts.

I was also meeting some more people and talking more to some of the people I already met.

It was nice because I was talking to Emi about how I really wanted to go to Korea and so did she. I found out she is also interested in the Korea nightlife. She said she really wanted to go but had no one to go with and that was my dilemma as well.

We talked and found out we had many things in common and decided we should hang out more. We are planning on going to Korea now, but hopefully we actually make solid plans soon :]

I still feel a distance between UC students though, I don't know why. No matter how much I talk to them, I can't ever feel comfortable with them. Only Ah Young and Spencer I can really feel comfortable with and there are some others who I can chill as well but still.

But I also am that way with some of the other international students so maybe it's me? I am pretty socially impaired lol. But I am happy to say that I actually interacted with more students today :]

Oh, and the weather is finally warm. It definitely feels like spring now :] I will take advantage of this time haha.

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