Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring is on it's way.

Though it is still mostly cold in Japan, spring is slowly coming. The weather today was luckily warmer than usual and I remembered to bring my camera out and take some photos of the ume blossoms that I always see on my way to the station.

I know most people don't care for the ume blossoms as they always just talk about the sakura but I think the ume blossoms are just as pretty. There are even really pretty deep pink ume blossoms which I would like to see but don't know where to look -.-

I ran some errands today and met up with Ah Young who had some stuff to tell me since she recently went to two Dir En Grey concerts. We ended up running some errands together as well ^-^

I am trying to stay in due to the money situation though, thank goodness I didn't go anywhere during break lol.

My commuter pass is going to expire so I have to get that done soon. Also, orientations for spring semester at Keio are coming up. I'm not looking forward to it since they are pretty pointless but, have do what you have to do.

Oh, and matcha flavored things are coming back \(^o^)/ words cannot describe my happiness, I'm so addicted to this stuff lol.

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