Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sakura Ice Cream • Karaoke • Mister Donuts.

Me and Ah Young went shopping today. I have been meaning to get a pair of light colored heals to wear with some light dresses I have and after much searching I finally found some! And they were only 5,000 yen since they were on sale ;D

Ah Young also managed to buy some clothes, but we basically spent the whole day shopping. It was pretty tiring since I actually don't like shopping unless it's for something specific but even then, I find it bothersome. 

After we were done shopping we went to eat at a cafe, it was a random place we came across in Parco so we just went in.

I was really craving pasta and Ah Young got taco rice. I really liked the pasta and the taco rice was definitely different than most taco rice I have seen. I still think the Nagoya taco rice is the best one :] lol

Afterwards we got dessert, I wanted to stay on the less expensive side so I got sakura ice cream for 380 yen which was freakin' amazing. I never has sakura ice cream and the Hagen Daz one is way too expensive for something so small so I was happy I got to taste it. Definitely yummy, and the berries *_* <3 

Ah Young got a soy cheesecake which tasted pretty good. She wanted something healthier but she said it definitely didn't taste healthy lol.

Ah Young was really in the mood to karaoke. I was a bit hesitant since I'm trying to save money after the problems with the scholarship but she seemed so excited so I decided to go. We sang some English songs at first but then we started naming Japanese songs we knew and started singing them.

My favorite was "Fukai Mori" by Do As Infinity. It was one of the ending songs in Inuyasha, and it even played an Inuyasha music video while we were singing. It was so nostalgic and so fun to sing it, I could actually read everything \(^o^)/ lol me and Ah Young reminisced about having a crush on Sesshomaru haha, oh goodness haha.

We also ended up singing some kpop, 2NE1 of course :D It was just fun to sing random anime songs, jpop, kpop, and butcher the songs that were way too hard to sing but still fun to try anyways haha. 

I seriously had the most fun I ever had going to karaoke. We extended to staying there longer since it was so much fun :] 

Soon enough we decided to go home but since we were a bit hungry we decided to get a snack, so we got a donut from Mister Donuts. I've never been there and Ah Young said I should try it once so I did.

I got a strawberry donut and it tasted pretty nice but I prefer American donuts. I don't really like donuts to begin with though (only sometimes I get random cravings) but it was nice to have one since I hadn't had one in years.

I caught my last train back to Hiyoshi and then ran into Lili in the kitchen and talked for a bit.

I am going to try to stay in now, can't afford to spend any more money >< and Punksprings is coming up so I should save for that since it's going to be an all day thing. I am so excited to finally see Coldrain live, I wish I could see them more before I go back to California but I don't think it's going to happen :/ Oh well, will just be happy I can see them once :]

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