Saturday, March 29, 2014

Random Clubbing Again.

After clubbing.

Lol, I always end up clubbing randomly because of Lili. Last night, Lili was planning on going clubbing with our friend Bob, Francisco, Robert, Toshi, and Sebastian. The other international students decided to tag along and wanted Lili to guide them.

Lili was not really feeling this and was feeling stressed because of some family issues going on.

I really wasn't planning on going since I had to wake up what was considered early for me for Punkspring but I decided to come along with her so she wouldn't be so stressed and have to deal with the stuff on her own.

The people from HIH were already really drunk though, especially the French guy. It really made the train ride uncomfortable to Shibuya, they were being way too loud :/ but we eventually made it to Harlem where our other friends were and they were surprised but happy to see me.

We went inside and right away started dancing and being lame, it was so much fun but it was still empty because it was early.

It wasn't too full once it got later, but it was still fun. This one guy tried to hit on me but I was not interested. Bob thought he was cute for me and called him an ikemen -__- He wasn't though lol. And I kept telling him I wasn't interested.

He would try dancing with me and I would move away to dance with my friends. Danget Bob! lol just kidding but seriously -.- lol he didn't leave me alone for the rest of the night. He would come when I was with other people and try dancing or touching my face -__-

Anyways, it was chill dancing with friends. Lili was scouting for guys as usual and wanted some drinks. There were these two guys that wanted to get us drinks and so we got some with them.

The guy I was talking to studied abroad in California for 3 years and actually studied at UC Riverside! I was like wtff since no one ever knows Riverside. We ended up talking quite a bit and dancing for the rest of the night.

Eventually he had to leave a bit earlier because of his senpai but we exchanged line ids. I ended up dancing with my friends for the rest of the night which was fun as always :] these clubbing outings are my favorites.

We left the club to go eat at Burger King and Bob was nice enough to buy me a small fries. We were joking that we were dating and saying that he treats me right by buying me fries haha. But my friend Robert was saying that if Bob ever treats me bad he would swoop me up haha.

It was lots of fun, we were a bit on the tipsy side. Lili especially lol. But she ended up getting a bit better when she got a burger and fries and knocked out on the train.

It was nice because again, I got closer to some people that i didn't know so well previously. The HIH people ended up leaving much earlier than us, not sure why but i didn't notice till the end. Oh well~

Definitely a fun night, it is on my top clubbing outings :]

Still 元気 as we get ready to go on the first train.

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