Sunday, March 23, 2014

Partying with the New HIH Students.

Yesterday was a pretty fun night. Hiyoshi had a Welcome Party for the new international students that were coming in for spring semester. I wasn't planning on going to the party but Lili convinced me to go (as always lol). She is trying to get me to be more social lol.

The party wasn't too fun, but it was nice to kind of mingle and meet some new people. I have discovered that I am really fond of people from the Netherlands. I always seem to have the best encounters with them.

Any case, many people wanted to go do something and go party for their first night here. Lili was planning on meeting her sister and going to an izakaya. We decided to all go and go clubbing afterwards.

Again, I wasn't too much in the mood for clubbing but I thought it would be a good idea to get to know some of the people more.

We got ready and met up to leave to the izakaya which took a bit longer than expected because the izakaya that Lili wanted to go to was closed so we found a cheap one I usually go to. We did 飲み放題 for an hour since we wanted to get to the club before 12am.

I drank 梅酒 (umeshu) which was pretty yummy but a tad sweet. I think next time I'll get it with water. A bunch of were drinking it actually that we got a pitcher.

I also met Lili's sister for the first time. She was so sweet and thought I was really pretty T___T seriously, wtf totally did not expect that. She was so lovely.

☓ ☓ ☓

It was time to leave for the club. We had 5 minutes to get there so a few of us started running. Everyone except for the two canadians actually lol. But running + 梅酒 did not mix x__x I seriously felt the 梅酒 swishing around in my stomach. Me and Lili felt like we needed to throw up. So once we got into the club we went to the bathroom and did so. I felt much better afterwards ^-^ haha

We went to the biggest floor like we usually do and started dancing and what not. The guys seemed to be enjoying themselves. After a while we went to the hiphop floor because Lili was tired of techno and stayed there for a bit.

Lili met a guy that she was interested in and of course she got him ;D haha. I was dancing with one of our friends from Hiyoshi he's from Italy.

Apparently the rest of the people thought we looked cute together and wanted to hook us up but Lili put her foot down. I thank her for that since the Italian guy is not my type, he is just a friend. I see all the guys that way from our dorm.

We lost Lili for a bit but didn't mind, we let her do her own thing. We ended up going down to the techno floor again. But the music was full on rave music which isn't my cup of tea. I was dancing with Emy a girl from France but I just couldn't get into it.

We ended up going back and forth with some floors. A few of us weren't feeling the music too much :/ We ended up just staying and chilling on the side were we ran into Lili. She was really happy with her guy haha so I was happy for her but apparently the guy was from Nagoya (oh the irony lol) and he was going to leave the next day so she wasn't really into that but she still exchanged info with him.

I was still dancing and chillin' with the rest of the people from Hiyoshi but I noticed this guy that kept smiling and looking at me. I thought he had a cute face, he had such a nice smile and lovely cheek bones. Ugh, I'm such a sucker for smiles. But sadly, he was a bit short (my height) so I didn't know and I really didn't feel like meeting any guys.

I asked Lili what she thought though, and she thought he was really cute and that I should just go for it since he was interested and because she knows I like guys with cheekbones haha. I love her so much. So, I danced with him for the rest of night which wasn't that long since it was close to closing.

He was nice though, we exchanged LINE ids and he just happened to have one of my favorite Japanese named Kohei lol. That probably sounds weird, but I have a thing for certain Japanese names. That's also why I was interested in Ryo because of his name lol that really does sound weird...

☓ ☓ ☓

Anyways, we all got on the first train back to Hiysohi, Lili went on another train since she was going to go with her cousins. Everyone was tired and fell asleep on the train except for me and one of the French guys. 

We talked a bit about random stuff, he would always call me "crazy California girl" haha he was really funny and nice. 

Everyone else just wanted to go to bed but I was hungry and so was he so we decided to stop by the konbini and get a sandwich. We then walked back home and went to our rooms. 

I actually wasn't too tired but thought I should get some rest.

I know I wasn't planning on going out except for Punkspring but I was seriously happy that I did go out. I met some awesome new people. I really like Lili because she pushes me to do things I don't usually like to do but it ends up usually being a good experience.

It's going to be weird without her once I go back to California :/ But when I am back home, I am also going to try to push myself to be more sociable :]

Another plus about going out and dancing is that it's a workout. My abs are killing me right now, fuck yes :D lol I love dancing <3

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