Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Movie Date.

I've been talking to Ryo for a couple months now (I mentioned him a couple times briefly before) and yesterday we went on a date.

He ended up picking me up at Hiyoshi, he actually wanted to pick me up at my place but since my place is strict with visitors I told him it would be better if he didn't.

I didn't have a sure idea of what the plans were going to be, but he knew that I really loved movies and have been craving pizza so he decided on going to the movie theater and a pizza place.

We bought our tickets to the movie but still had an hour or so to kill so we decided to go to Tower Records to chill. We mostly looked at books of tattoos and photography, which was quite nice. I also saw the tattoo book that Shotaro got at the JSA Secret Santa.

After chillin' for a bit it was time to watch the movie so we went back to the theater.

Ryo decided to get a large popcorn to share, half salty popcorn and the other half caramel along with two sodas. And let me tell you, the popcorn was amazing! It reminded me of the popcorn from Disney Sea. Oh, curry + strawberry popcorn, I will forever love you.

We ended up watching "The Wolf of Wall Street," which I really loved. I'm pretty sure I found it way more amusing than I should have, but it was great.

Afterwards, Ryo took me to a fancy looking Italian restaurant where I got to try different food I haven't tried before.

First was ceviche, which of course I've had but I've never had the Japanese version of it lol. And needless to say, though it was different from Mexican ceviche it was still really good. Also, had gnocchi for the first time in my life. How is that possible when I love pasta? I have no idea, but it was yummy.

There was more foods I've tried naming all of it would be tedious especially since some I don't even know the names lol.

Ryo had told me earlier on the train to Shibuya he had a gift for me but he said it wasn't big or anything. I was surprised that he even had a gift for me, seriously wtf?? I've never had a guy give me something on a date, let alone a first date. Seriously, going out and them paying for it is already really nice, no need for presents.

Of course, though he said it was small he was definitely just referring to the size. It was a gold charm from Strange Love of the Virgin Mary to add to my charm bracelet I got with Lyy.

This really meant a lot to me. Although, I am not religious my mother is Catholic and brought me up with the the Virgin Mary (prayers and such) so I was really surprised but seriously grateful and happy he got me this.

Once we were done with dinner it was time to go home. Ryo was going to take me back to my station, though I told him he didn't have to he still insisted.

We were able to get a seat on the train and as we sat down he held my hand and eventually fell asleep until it came to my stop. It was actually pretty cute.

He then walked me to the ticket gate, where we chatted for a bit and then parted ways.

It was a nice date, but I really don't expect much since I am leaving Japan this summer and Ryo knows this also. But he said he still wants to go on dates with me.

Well, I'll just go with the flow I suppose. But as usual, I don't want a boyfriend because I have no idea what I want to do with my life or where I want to go once I graduate, so having a boyfriend is the last thing on my mind.

Also, this date confirms I need to start studying Japanese again lol. My Japanese is rusty. Ryo said his Japanese is a bit strange in general but still, I haven't studied Japanese as much as I wanted since coming to Japan. I'm so lazy lol.

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