Friday, March 7, 2014

Korean BBQ + Kpop Cafe in Shin-Okubo.

I met up with Ah Young around noon to go to Mita to sign for our JASSO scholarship. Unfortunately, some problems came up. I'm still trying to figure out what the whole deal is so I called my mom to tell her what is going on so she could call financial aid back in Irvine.

But, for the most part it seems that I won't be getting any more of the scholarship since I had it for only 6 months. This complicates quite a bit since this was the money that paid for my rent. But I don't know, shit's messy right now.

Me and Ah Young hadn't eaten yet so we walked to Roppongi to the cinnabon place to try to cheer me up. We got lost a bit on the way so it ended up taking an hour, but I like walking so I didn't mind.

We stayed at the cinnabon place for a good while an talked about various things. Mostly me freaking out about how to pay for next month's rent lol. I do have my parent's help but it's a bit complicated. It also began to snow while we were chillin' at the cinnabon place.

Anyways, eventually we stayed there for so long we decided to eat. I was really hesitant to eat out but Ah Young told me to think of this as my last "splurge" but I told her I was going out with Maria tomorrow -__- lol. Still, I just went along with it since I was craving for real food. A cinnamon roll for lunch wasn't the brightest idea (but it sure was tasty).

We really wanted Korean food so me and Ah Young were planning on going to the usual place in Musashi-kosugi to get some but since we were already out in Tokyo she asked if I wanted to just go to Shin Okubo. I was a bit hesitant but I decided it would probably be cheaper than the place we usually go to.

We were planning on walking to save money but Ah Young wasn't down anymore once she felt the cold wind lol.

We walked around a bit looking for a place which seemed to be the cheapest. We ended up going down a random alley, took a turn and found this really small place that was having this special set going on so we decided to get eat there.

We got pork belly which was so good, along with a sea food pancake thing (forgot the Korean name lol) and the usual sides of course. It was actually a lot of food for  two people, I was stuffed and it was only 980 yen.

I was looking at bibimbap at other places which were 1000+ yen (and not for the stone pot one either). This definitely was worth it.

I was pretty full but Ah Young was still a bit hungry so we decided to get dessert to share. I was thinking of frozen yogurt since the last time I went with Maria it made me really happy haha. It was seriously so good!

But Ah Young was thinking something warmer, we stumbled across some kpop cafe that had some good looking desserts so we decided to go in and check it out.

It looked really cool inside, so cool, that I thought we were in the wrong place haha. It was playing kpop videos on a big screen and had all this autographed kpop albums and posters, magazines with Korean idols, and the lighting in the room was lit dimly blue along with certain parts of the room that changed to other colors.

We went to take a seat where they gave us a menu and we looked through the desserts. I was really happy that I managed to bring my camera along so I recorded a bit inside the place while Ah Young looked at what she wanted to get.

We ended up getting 팥빙수 (pat bing soo), which was shaved ice with condensed milk, fruits, gummies, red bean, and other things. So much for not wanting something cold haha, but it was really warm in the place so it didn't seem bad to get it.

It was pretty good, and it made me feel not too bad about getting dessert since it was shaved ice haha.

You were also able to request kpop songs for them to play. I got so excited I requested some CNBLUE and FT Island songs lol. I listen to BIGBANG enough while walking down the streets of Shin Okubo so I wanted a bit of a change of pace. Meanwhile, Ah Young requested a song from a Korean drama she liked.

We knew that our songs probably wouldn't play while we were there since we were going to leave as soon as we were done eating because Ah Young bought meat at the Korean market just before going to the cafe and we didn't want it to defrost.

It was fun to eat out patbingsoo and watch kpop videos, it has been a while since I listened to any kpop except for the times it comes on my ipod during shuffle.

Most of the videos that were playing were of course male kpop idols and were nice eye candy. There were even older Japanese ladies who were gushing over how cute they were, which was kinda weird but funny lol.

Regardless, it was still fun. I really liked the cafe and really want to go back again :]

How did our lunch + errands become a full blown day out? Not sure, but it was pretty pleasant and I definitely needed it to take my mind over the financial issues.

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