Sunday, March 30, 2014

Coldrain @ Punkspring 2014.

Yesterday was Punkspring, my first music festival. I was running a bit late since I had gone clubbing the night before but I didn't miss anybody important.

I had arrived around 1pm ish and met up with Darc inside, he had messaged me earlier he was going as well. It was the first time I met up with him, and he was really cool to chill with.

We mostly chilled and talked as we were waiting for our bands to perform. Luckily coldrain started around 2pm. I managed to get my way to the front but once they started playing it got crazy. The front area, which was pretty large was a big mosh pit.

I've never been in a mosh put before but let me just say, it was a pretty great experience. I'll admit, I was a bit grossed out when I was drenched in mine and other people's sweat. My pants were literally stuck to me from how wet they were and as was my shirt. My hair was also drenched, it was like I just came out of a pool with my clothes on but it was sweat lol.

Oddly enough, though it was pretty gross it was also pretty awesome since everyone else was the same.  The fans were awesome, it was nice singing along with everyone and though I never usually headbang  at lives I ended up doing it because the energy was so good. There were at least 10 people crowd surfing lol.

It felt like it was so short but Darc told me it was because I was having fun haha.

I had a lot of fun and really want to see them live again. Expect next time I won't go in the mosh pit so I can actually pay attention them playing more. This time was more for the experience which I definitely enjoyed.

The rest of the shows were awesome also. I ended up finding some new bands to listen to and watched some other bands I was interested in seeing. TOTALFAT and SiM being one of the bands to check off my to-watch list.

The Fratellis were amazing live. They sounded so fuckin' clean, I wasn't with the crowd just off to the side listening to them and they were amazing. Loved them.

I could go on with the bands that were good but they were all awesome. I really enjoyed watching the crowds as well. It was fun to see them get into it.

There also lots of interesting people at the festival. Some pretty awesome punks that caught my interest. This reminded me of the little things I like about Japan.

Darc was saying I should come back to teach in Japan, and though he was making a convincing argument I am still unsure. What I should do once I graduate has been on my mind a lot lately even though I still have one more year.

We will see. Everything is seriously up in the air right now. But as for me being in Japan, I'm going to make the most of the little time I have left!

Thank you Punkspring and thank you Darc, definitely made it an awesome experience :]

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