Sunday, March 30, 2014

Coldrain @ Punkspring 2014.

Yesterday was Punkspring, my first music festival. I was running a bit late since I had gone clubbing the night before but I didn't miss anybody important.

I had arrived around 1pm ish and met up with Darc inside, he had messaged me earlier he was going as well. It was the first time I met up with him, and he was really cool to chill with.

We mostly chilled and talked as we were waiting for our bands to perform. Luckily coldrain started around 2pm. I managed to get my way to the front but once they started playing it got crazy. The front area, which was pretty large was a big mosh pit.

I've never been in a mosh put before but let me just say, it was a pretty great experience. I'll admit, I was a bit grossed out when I was drenched in mine and other people's sweat. My pants were literally stuck to me from how wet they were and as was my shirt. My hair was also drenched, it was like I just came out of a pool with my clothes on but it was sweat lol.

Oddly enough, though it was pretty gross it was also pretty awesome since everyone else was the same.  The fans were awesome, it was nice singing along with everyone and though I never usually headbang  at lives I ended up doing it because the energy was so good. There were at least 10 people crowd surfing lol.

It felt like it was so short but Darc told me it was because I was having fun haha.

I had a lot of fun and really want to see them live again. Expect next time I won't go in the mosh pit so I can actually pay attention them playing more. This time was more for the experience which I definitely enjoyed.

The rest of the shows were awesome also. I ended up finding some new bands to listen to and watched some other bands I was interested in seeing. TOTALFAT and SiM being one of the bands to check off my to-watch list.

The Fratellis were amazing live. They sounded so fuckin' clean, I wasn't with the crowd just off to the side listening to them and they were amazing. Loved them.

I could go on with the bands that were good but they were all awesome. I really enjoyed watching the crowds as well. It was fun to see them get into it.

There also lots of interesting people at the festival. Some pretty awesome punks that caught my interest. This reminded me of the little things I like about Japan.

Darc was saying I should come back to teach in Japan, and though he was making a convincing argument I am still unsure. What I should do once I graduate has been on my mind a lot lately even though I still have one more year.

We will see. Everything is seriously up in the air right now. But as for me being in Japan, I'm going to make the most of the little time I have left!

Thank you Punkspring and thank you Darc, definitely made it an awesome experience :]

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Random Clubbing Again.

After clubbing.

Lol, I always end up clubbing randomly because of Lili. Last night, Lili was planning on going clubbing with our friend Bob, Francisco, Robert, Toshi, and Sebastian. The other international students decided to tag along and wanted Lili to guide them.

Lili was not really feeling this and was feeling stressed because of some family issues going on.

I really wasn't planning on going since I had to wake up what was considered early for me for Punkspring but I decided to come along with her so she wouldn't be so stressed and have to deal with the stuff on her own.

The people from HIH were already really drunk though, especially the French guy. It really made the train ride uncomfortable to Shibuya, they were being way too loud :/ but we eventually made it to Harlem where our other friends were and they were surprised but happy to see me.

We went inside and right away started dancing and being lame, it was so much fun but it was still empty because it was early.

It wasn't too full once it got later, but it was still fun. This one guy tried to hit on me but I was not interested. Bob thought he was cute for me and called him an ikemen -__- He wasn't though lol. And I kept telling him I wasn't interested.

He would try dancing with me and I would move away to dance with my friends. Danget Bob! lol just kidding but seriously -.- lol he didn't leave me alone for the rest of the night. He would come when I was with other people and try dancing or touching my face -__-

Anyways, it was chill dancing with friends. Lili was scouting for guys as usual and wanted some drinks. There were these two guys that wanted to get us drinks and so we got some with them.

The guy I was talking to studied abroad in California for 3 years and actually studied at UC Riverside! I was like wtff since no one ever knows Riverside. We ended up talking quite a bit and dancing for the rest of the night.

Eventually he had to leave a bit earlier because of his senpai but we exchanged line ids. I ended up dancing with my friends for the rest of the night which was fun as always :] these clubbing outings are my favorites.

We left the club to go eat at Burger King and Bob was nice enough to buy me a small fries. We were joking that we were dating and saying that he treats me right by buying me fries haha. But my friend Robert was saying that if Bob ever treats me bad he would swoop me up haha.

It was lots of fun, we were a bit on the tipsy side. Lili especially lol. But she ended up getting a bit better when she got a burger and fries and knocked out on the train.

It was nice because again, I got closer to some people that i didn't know so well previously. The HIH people ended up leaving much earlier than us, not sure why but i didn't notice till the end. Oh well~

Definitely a fun night, it is on my top clubbing outings :]

Still 元気 as we get ready to go on the first train.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Keio Orientation • Possible Korea Plans

Today was one of the orientations we had to go to for the spring semester. As usual, it was boring and pretty pointless but I ended up seeing the possible classes I can take this semester and to be honest, I am kinda, sort of, looking forward to going to school? lol we'll see how long that lasts.

I was also meeting some more people and talking more to some of the people I already met.

It was nice because I was talking to Emi about how I really wanted to go to Korea and so did she. I found out she is also interested in the Korea nightlife. She said she really wanted to go but had no one to go with and that was my dilemma as well.

We talked and found out we had many things in common and decided we should hang out more. We are planning on going to Korea now, but hopefully we actually make solid plans soon :]

I still feel a distance between UC students though, I don't know why. No matter how much I talk to them, I can't ever feel comfortable with them. Only Ah Young and Spencer I can really feel comfortable with and there are some others who I can chill as well but still.

But I also am that way with some of the other international students so maybe it's me? I am pretty socially impaired lol. But I am happy to say that I actually interacted with more students today :]

Oh, and the weather is finally warm. It definitely feels like spring now :] I will take advantage of this time haha.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Partying with the New HIH Students.

Yesterday was a pretty fun night. Hiyoshi had a Welcome Party for the new international students that were coming in for spring semester. I wasn't planning on going to the party but Lili convinced me to go (as always lol). She is trying to get me to be more social lol.

The party wasn't too fun, but it was nice to kind of mingle and meet some new people. I have discovered that I am really fond of people from the Netherlands. I always seem to have the best encounters with them.

Any case, many people wanted to go do something and go party for their first night here. Lili was planning on meeting her sister and going to an izakaya. We decided to all go and go clubbing afterwards.

Again, I wasn't too much in the mood for clubbing but I thought it would be a good idea to get to know some of the people more.

We got ready and met up to leave to the izakaya which took a bit longer than expected because the izakaya that Lili wanted to go to was closed so we found a cheap one I usually go to. We did 飲み放題 for an hour since we wanted to get to the club before 12am.

I drank 梅酒 (umeshu) which was pretty yummy but a tad sweet. I think next time I'll get it with water. A bunch of were drinking it actually that we got a pitcher.

I also met Lili's sister for the first time. She was so sweet and thought I was really pretty T___T seriously, wtf totally did not expect that. She was so lovely.

☓ ☓ ☓

It was time to leave for the club. We had 5 minutes to get there so a few of us started running. Everyone except for the two canadians actually lol. But running + 梅酒 did not mix x__x I seriously felt the 梅酒 swishing around in my stomach. Me and Lili felt like we needed to throw up. So once we got into the club we went to the bathroom and did so. I felt much better afterwards ^-^ haha

We went to the biggest floor like we usually do and started dancing and what not. The guys seemed to be enjoying themselves. After a while we went to the hiphop floor because Lili was tired of techno and stayed there for a bit.

Lili met a guy that she was interested in and of course she got him ;D haha. I was dancing with one of our friends from Hiyoshi he's from Italy.

Apparently the rest of the people thought we looked cute together and wanted to hook us up but Lili put her foot down. I thank her for that since the Italian guy is not my type, he is just a friend. I see all the guys that way from our dorm.

We lost Lili for a bit but didn't mind, we let her do her own thing. We ended up going down to the techno floor again. But the music was full on rave music which isn't my cup of tea. I was dancing with Emy a girl from France but I just couldn't get into it.

We ended up going back and forth with some floors. A few of us weren't feeling the music too much :/ We ended up just staying and chilling on the side were we ran into Lili. She was really happy with her guy haha so I was happy for her but apparently the guy was from Nagoya (oh the irony lol) and he was going to leave the next day so she wasn't really into that but she still exchanged info with him.

I was still dancing and chillin' with the rest of the people from Hiyoshi but I noticed this guy that kept smiling and looking at me. I thought he had a cute face, he had such a nice smile and lovely cheek bones. Ugh, I'm such a sucker for smiles. But sadly, he was a bit short (my height) so I didn't know and I really didn't feel like meeting any guys.

I asked Lili what she thought though, and she thought he was really cute and that I should just go for it since he was interested and because she knows I like guys with cheekbones haha. I love her so much. So, I danced with him for the rest of night which wasn't that long since it was close to closing.

He was nice though, we exchanged LINE ids and he just happened to have one of my favorite Japanese named Kohei lol. That probably sounds weird, but I have a thing for certain Japanese names. That's also why I was interested in Ryo because of his name lol that really does sound weird...

☓ ☓ ☓

Anyways, we all got on the first train back to Hiysohi, Lili went on another train since she was going to go with her cousins. Everyone was tired and fell asleep on the train except for me and one of the French guys. 

We talked a bit about random stuff, he would always call me "crazy California girl" haha he was really funny and nice. 

Everyone else just wanted to go to bed but I was hungry and so was he so we decided to stop by the konbini and get a sandwich. We then walked back home and went to our rooms. 

I actually wasn't too tired but thought I should get some rest.

I know I wasn't planning on going out except for Punkspring but I was seriously happy that I did go out. I met some awesome new people. I really like Lili because she pushes me to do things I don't usually like to do but it ends up usually being a good experience.

It's going to be weird without her once I go back to California :/ But when I am back home, I am also going to try to push myself to be more sociable :]

Another plus about going out and dancing is that it's a workout. My abs are killing me right now, fuck yes :D lol I love dancing <3

Thursday, March 20, 2014

TOKYO VLOG II: Shin-Okubo / Ueno / Shibuya / Hiyoshi

YouTube is working for me again so I am uploading my videos on there now. But I do love Vimeo so I will also upload them on there for backup.

I made my February and March video, though it is really only March to be honest since the snow footage was the only February footage. Proud to be finally bringing my camera around :]

I know March isn't over yet but I have no plans on going out the rest of the month besides Keio related things and Punkspring to save money.

To be honest, I didn't really like how this video turned out but I'm happy it is at the 2 minute mark which I'm hoping all my videos will be around from now on.

This video has footage from when I went to Shin-Okubo and Shibuya with Ah Young as well as when me and Maria went to Ueno :] I also recorded some stuff around Hiyoshi randomly since I wanted some footage of my neighborhood though it's nothing special.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sakura Ice Cream • Karaoke • Mister Donuts.

Me and Ah Young went shopping today. I have been meaning to get a pair of light colored heals to wear with some light dresses I have and after much searching I finally found some! And they were only 5,000 yen since they were on sale ;D

Ah Young also managed to buy some clothes, but we basically spent the whole day shopping. It was pretty tiring since I actually don't like shopping unless it's for something specific but even then, I find it bothersome. 

After we were done shopping we went to eat at a cafe, it was a random place we came across in Parco so we just went in.

I was really craving pasta and Ah Young got taco rice. I really liked the pasta and the taco rice was definitely different than most taco rice I have seen. I still think the Nagoya taco rice is the best one :] lol

Afterwards we got dessert, I wanted to stay on the less expensive side so I got sakura ice cream for 380 yen which was freakin' amazing. I never has sakura ice cream and the Hagen Daz one is way too expensive for something so small so I was happy I got to taste it. Definitely yummy, and the berries *_* <3 

Ah Young got a soy cheesecake which tasted pretty good. She wanted something healthier but she said it definitely didn't taste healthy lol.

Ah Young was really in the mood to karaoke. I was a bit hesitant since I'm trying to save money after the problems with the scholarship but she seemed so excited so I decided to go. We sang some English songs at first but then we started naming Japanese songs we knew and started singing them.

My favorite was "Fukai Mori" by Do As Infinity. It was one of the ending songs in Inuyasha, and it even played an Inuyasha music video while we were singing. It was so nostalgic and so fun to sing it, I could actually read everything \(^o^)/ lol me and Ah Young reminisced about having a crush on Sesshomaru haha, oh goodness haha.

We also ended up singing some kpop, 2NE1 of course :D It was just fun to sing random anime songs, jpop, kpop, and butcher the songs that were way too hard to sing but still fun to try anyways haha. 

I seriously had the most fun I ever had going to karaoke. We extended to staying there longer since it was so much fun :] 

Soon enough we decided to go home but since we were a bit hungry we decided to get a snack, so we got a donut from Mister Donuts. I've never been there and Ah Young said I should try it once so I did.

I got a strawberry donut and it tasted pretty nice but I prefer American donuts. I don't really like donuts to begin with though (only sometimes I get random cravings) but it was nice to have one since I hadn't had one in years.

I caught my last train back to Hiyoshi and then ran into Lili in the kitchen and talked for a bit.

I am going to try to stay in now, can't afford to spend any more money >< and Punksprings is coming up so I should save for that since it's going to be an all day thing. I am so excited to finally see Coldrain live, I wish I could see them more before I go back to California but I don't think it's going to happen :/ Oh well, will just be happy I can see them once :]

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring is on it's way.

Though it is still mostly cold in Japan, spring is slowly coming. The weather today was luckily warmer than usual and I remembered to bring my camera out and take some photos of the ume blossoms that I always see on my way to the station.

I know most people don't care for the ume blossoms as they always just talk about the sakura but I think the ume blossoms are just as pretty. There are even really pretty deep pink ume blossoms which I would like to see but don't know where to look -.-

I ran some errands today and met up with Ah Young who had some stuff to tell me since she recently went to two Dir En Grey concerts. We ended up running some errands together as well ^-^

I am trying to stay in due to the money situation though, thank goodness I didn't go anywhere during break lol.

My commuter pass is going to expire so I have to get that done soon. Also, orientations for spring semester at Keio are coming up. I'm not looking forward to it since they are pretty pointless but, have do what you have to do.

Oh, and matcha flavored things are coming back \(^o^)/ words cannot describe my happiness, I'm so addicted to this stuff lol.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ueno with Maria.

Yesterday, me and Maria planned to hang out in Ueno and film some footage for a video. I'm very happy to have someone who is also into video editing and doesn't find it weird every time you want to record something on your camera lol.

We were originally planning on going to Yokohama but it was a bit too far since Maria was going to have evening plans with Alex to go drinking. I was also invited but after finding out my financial situation I decided I had to pass :/

But Maria said that Ueno would be a nice place to film stuff. I have been to Ueno twice before, once was with Smiley and the other time was with Naoya but with both of them we didn't walk around much -.-

Ueno seriously has a culture of it's own, I really liked the vibe ^-^ and there were some interesting people I saw walking out of the station lol.

Me and Maria were hungry so we went to get a sashimi bowl \(^o^)/ I seriously never get tired of eating this. Last time me and Maria met up we actually ate this as well lol.

We walked around and explored Ueno and got some nice footage. Maria told me there was this place that sold cheap foreign snacks so we decided to go there and each bought something. Maria bought green dried mango, it was sooo good because it was a bit sour. I loved it.

I bought some thin mints, and they were also yummy. Me and Maria both thought of getting vanilla ice cream with the thin mints when I got home haha.

We also went to an arcade where we decided to take purikura since me and Maria have never taken it together before :D we also came across an otome game poster and Maria asked me who I would choose and when I rewatched the video I said, "I like the guy with the hair and eyes" LOL yeah, I seriously just did that.

It was funny because Maria then explained all their personalities and though some of them I could figure out, others I was mind blown. She told me she learned a lot from Hopy since she played them a lot. Aww makes me miss Hopy ><

Afterwards we decided to go to a shrine and recorded a bit. It was seriously really pretty and I liked how it was small and cozy. I wanted to film more but my camera said the memory was full D:

Turns out I could only record 20-30 minutes worth of video e__e I love my camera but damn -__- Maria got some nice footage though :]

They were even selling temple food and we walked to a place where you could feed the birds and saw a cute random stray cat.

Since my memory card was full I wanted to take a photo of the cat on my phone but realized I didn't have it. Turns out, I left it at the sashimi place. The first time I ever forgot something in Japan and the first time I ever forgot my phone in my life LOL. And thank goodness it was still there! The girl was so kind about it ><

Me and Maria decided it was time to head back. Maria was planning on walking and I love walking so I told her I wouldn't mind walking with her so we walked from Ueno back to Shin-okubo :D

It was a nice walk, but towards the end our feet were dying lol. We definitely didn't wear the right shoes -.- But we decided next time we will wear the right shoes and do it again. We walked around 5 miles (8.1km), it made me feel good to walk for a long period of time again. I miss hiking ><

When we arrived to Shin-okubo we passed a pet store and Maria asked if I wanted to see a monkey. So we went into the pet store and sure enough there was a cute little monkey it was so small and adorable. But low key, I don't think monkeys should be pets lol.

We also saw some adorable kittens, and one really like Maria and was super playful. Me and Maria were actually just talking about pets and this cat would be the type she wanted. Sadly, since she doesn't have her own place she can't get one plus she doesn't support the pet stores in Japan which makes sense.

We eventually arrived at Maria's place, we parted ways since she was going to relax a bit and rest her feet before she went out with Alex. I walked back to the station and then headed back home.

It was definitely a nice hang out. Me and Maria are already planning other things to do since I am leaving soon :/ but I'm looking forward to our outings ^-^

Friday, March 7, 2014

Korean BBQ + Kpop Cafe in Shin-Okubo.

I met up with Ah Young around noon to go to Mita to sign for our JASSO scholarship. Unfortunately, some problems came up. I'm still trying to figure out what the whole deal is so I called my mom to tell her what is going on so she could call financial aid back in Irvine.

But, for the most part it seems that I won't be getting any more of the scholarship since I had it for only 6 months. This complicates quite a bit since this was the money that paid for my rent. But I don't know, shit's messy right now.

Me and Ah Young hadn't eaten yet so we walked to Roppongi to the cinnabon place to try to cheer me up. We got lost a bit on the way so it ended up taking an hour, but I like walking so I didn't mind.

We stayed at the cinnabon place for a good while an talked about various things. Mostly me freaking out about how to pay for next month's rent lol. I do have my parent's help but it's a bit complicated. It also began to snow while we were chillin' at the cinnabon place.

Anyways, eventually we stayed there for so long we decided to eat. I was really hesitant to eat out but Ah Young told me to think of this as my last "splurge" but I told her I was going out with Maria tomorrow -__- lol. Still, I just went along with it since I was craving for real food. A cinnamon roll for lunch wasn't the brightest idea (but it sure was tasty).

We really wanted Korean food so me and Ah Young were planning on going to the usual place in Musashi-kosugi to get some but since we were already out in Tokyo she asked if I wanted to just go to Shin Okubo. I was a bit hesitant but I decided it would probably be cheaper than the place we usually go to.

We were planning on walking to save money but Ah Young wasn't down anymore once she felt the cold wind lol.

We walked around a bit looking for a place which seemed to be the cheapest. We ended up going down a random alley, took a turn and found this really small place that was having this special set going on so we decided to get eat there.

We got pork belly which was so good, along with a sea food pancake thing (forgot the Korean name lol) and the usual sides of course. It was actually a lot of food for  two people, I was stuffed and it was only 980 yen.

I was looking at bibimbap at other places which were 1000+ yen (and not for the stone pot one either). This definitely was worth it.

I was pretty full but Ah Young was still a bit hungry so we decided to get dessert to share. I was thinking of frozen yogurt since the last time I went with Maria it made me really happy haha. It was seriously so good!

But Ah Young was thinking something warmer, we stumbled across some kpop cafe that had some good looking desserts so we decided to go in and check it out.

It looked really cool inside, so cool, that I thought we were in the wrong place haha. It was playing kpop videos on a big screen and had all this autographed kpop albums and posters, magazines with Korean idols, and the lighting in the room was lit dimly blue along with certain parts of the room that changed to other colors.

We went to take a seat where they gave us a menu and we looked through the desserts. I was really happy that I managed to bring my camera along so I recorded a bit inside the place while Ah Young looked at what she wanted to get.

We ended up getting 팥빙수 (pat bing soo), which was shaved ice with condensed milk, fruits, gummies, red bean, and other things. So much for not wanting something cold haha, but it was really warm in the place so it didn't seem bad to get it.

It was pretty good, and it made me feel not too bad about getting dessert since it was shaved ice haha.

You were also able to request kpop songs for them to play. I got so excited I requested some CNBLUE and FT Island songs lol. I listen to BIGBANG enough while walking down the streets of Shin Okubo so I wanted a bit of a change of pace. Meanwhile, Ah Young requested a song from a Korean drama she liked.

We knew that our songs probably wouldn't play while we were there since we were going to leave as soon as we were done eating because Ah Young bought meat at the Korean market just before going to the cafe and we didn't want it to defrost.

It was fun to eat out patbingsoo and watch kpop videos, it has been a while since I listened to any kpop except for the times it comes on my ipod during shuffle.

Most of the videos that were playing were of course male kpop idols and were nice eye candy. There were even older Japanese ladies who were gushing over how cute they were, which was kinda weird but funny lol.

Regardless, it was still fun. I really liked the cafe and really want to go back again :]

How did our lunch + errands become a full blown day out? Not sure, but it was pretty pleasant and I definitely needed it to take my mind over the financial issues.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Movie Date.

I've been talking to Ryo for a couple months now (I mentioned him a couple times briefly before) and yesterday we went on a date.

He ended up picking me up at Hiyoshi, he actually wanted to pick me up at my place but since my place is strict with visitors I told him it would be better if he didn't.

I didn't have a sure idea of what the plans were going to be, but he knew that I really loved movies and have been craving pizza so he decided on going to the movie theater and a pizza place.

We bought our tickets to the movie but still had an hour or so to kill so we decided to go to Tower Records to chill. We mostly looked at books of tattoos and photography, which was quite nice. I also saw the tattoo book that Shotaro got at the JSA Secret Santa.

After chillin' for a bit it was time to watch the movie so we went back to the theater.

Ryo decided to get a large popcorn to share, half salty popcorn and the other half caramel along with two sodas. And let me tell you, the popcorn was amazing! It reminded me of the popcorn from Disney Sea. Oh, curry + strawberry popcorn, I will forever love you.

We ended up watching "The Wolf of Wall Street," which I really loved. I'm pretty sure I found it way more amusing than I should have, but it was great.

Afterwards, Ryo took me to a fancy looking Italian restaurant where I got to try different food I haven't tried before.

First was ceviche, which of course I've had but I've never had the Japanese version of it lol. And needless to say, though it was different from Mexican ceviche it was still really good. Also, had gnocchi for the first time in my life. How is that possible when I love pasta? I have no idea, but it was yummy.

There was more foods I've tried naming all of it would be tedious especially since some I don't even know the names lol.

Ryo had told me earlier on the train to Shibuya he had a gift for me but he said it wasn't big or anything. I was surprised that he even had a gift for me, seriously wtf?? I've never had a guy give me something on a date, let alone a first date. Seriously, going out and them paying for it is already really nice, no need for presents.

Of course, though he said it was small he was definitely just referring to the size. It was a gold charm from Strange Love of the Virgin Mary to add to my charm bracelet I got with Lyy.

This really meant a lot to me. Although, I am not religious my mother is Catholic and brought me up with the the Virgin Mary (prayers and such) so I was really surprised but seriously grateful and happy he got me this.

Once we were done with dinner it was time to go home. Ryo was going to take me back to my station, though I told him he didn't have to he still insisted.

We were able to get a seat on the train and as we sat down he held my hand and eventually fell asleep until it came to my stop. It was actually pretty cute.

He then walked me to the ticket gate, where we chatted for a bit and then parted ways.

It was a nice date, but I really don't expect much since I am leaving Japan this summer and Ryo knows this also. But he said he still wants to go on dates with me.

Well, I'll just go with the flow I suppose. But as usual, I don't want a boyfriend because I have no idea what I want to do with my life or where I want to go once I graduate, so having a boyfriend is the last thing on my mind.

Also, this date confirms I need to start studying Japanese again lol. My Japanese is rusty. Ryo said his Japanese is a bit strange in general but still, I haven't studied Japanese as much as I wanted since coming to Japan. I'm so lazy lol.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

TOKYO VLOG: Harajuku / Odaiba / Halloween / Disney Sea

Wow, can't believe it is already March.  Time sure goes by quickly! I will be going back to school at the end of this month. But there are still some fun things to look forward to, PUNKSPRING being the main thing.

Anyways, I finally got around to editing the footage of my outings in Japan from October and November which I blogged all about ^-^ YouTube still isn't working for me so I'll stick with Vimeo.

This video is not long at all, I am definitely not used to vlogging and paid little attention to the camera so most of the footage was not really usable. Epic fail on my part -.- But even with the shitty/short video clips I took I managed to like the outcome of it still ^-^ Just would have liked it to be a bit longer.

I am planning on bringing my camera out more because I really do enjoy video editing, but I need to improve my vlogging skills.

Music: Walking on a Dream - Empire of the Sun
Camera: Canon Rebel T3i
Program: Adobe Premiere CS6