Friday, February 28, 2014

TERME Cafe & Heebie-Jeebies.

Yesterday, Ah Young called me because she wanted to go out to eat lunch. I have been waking up really late lately, 1pm-3pm and going to sleep at 4am-7am so I thought maybe going out would help me get tired to fix my schedule. Plus, Ah Young wanted pasta and I was craving it ^-^

Ah Young came over as I got ready and told me there was this yummy pasta place here in Hiyoshi. I was really happy we didn't have to go somewhere else since I have been trying to not spend money on transportation unless it's necessary.

The pasta place ended up being at the Tokyu department store right by the station on the third floor. The cafe was called TERME and overlooked Hiyoshi (I bet the night view would have been nice). The pasta was sooo good, it even beat A to Z's pasta :o It was 1200 yen but still, it's nice to spend a little bit more on a meal every now and then (not really but my mom said I should splurge on meals sometimes lol).

Me and Ah Young hung around and talked, I was going to meet my friend Elliot to get sushi later. I invited Ah Young since she also knows him too but she doesn't like sushi so she passed.

This was the first time I met up with Elliot one on one since we stopped talking in the summer during the ILP program. It was nice talking to him at first.

He told me how he was just getting culture shock now since the holidays came around and he hasn't been feeling too well. And he has been having problems with his girlfriend and he realized that although he likes Japan he wouldn't live there.

I just think he needed someone to talk to, and since Spencer (his closest friend) recently went back to California for 2 weeks he doesn't have anyone. So I get it, but I remembered why I didn't like hanging out with him.

The main reason why I stopped talking to him was because he was interested in me as more than friends. Of course there is more to it but rather not go into detail, just a typical guy you can say. I thought it would have been okay to hang out with him since we were good friends before but I still felt uncomfortable hanging out with him one on one, it just felt off.

And of course, he would try to analyze me and then make assumptions and shit about the way I am and how I live my life. And like most people, he always analyzes me wrong. But I can get over that, the off feeling was what was really bothering me. So I decided I am going to stay away from him. 

Hanging out in a group is fine, I went out with Ah Young, Spencer, him, and another guy named Jumpei for dinner recently and that was fun. But this one on one thing, gave me the heebie-jeebies e__e so I'll follow my gut.

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