Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shisha in 渋谷.

Last night was a fun night, I went out with Lili again to meet up with some people from Shimoda (Keio dorm). As always, I was hesitant to go out, meeting new people and all, and of course money, but just like last time, it was fun.

Paco was coming and I ended up meeting two new people, Francisco and Luis. They both spoke Spanish so there were two Germans and three Spanish speakers haha, so we often talked in our other languages and switched to English lol. 

We were going to do shisha in Shibuya. I usually call it hookah but I guess in Europe and in Japan they call it shisha (and I think shisha is fun to say lol). We had to wait an hour though, so we decided to eat sushi before doing the shisha. 

After eating sushi we went to the shisha place and chilled and talked. We ended up getting pina colada and watermelon mint. The watermelon mint was mine, Luis, and Lili's. It was so good, much better than the pina colada lol. The others liked it more as well than theirs haha.

I ended up talking to Luis most of the time because he sat next to me. We talked about where he was from what not. He was so interesting because he is Venezuelan and traveled a lot. Eventually we started talking about guys as well because he is gay so me, Lili, and him were sharing out types haha xD

I also talked to Francisco a bit and found out he liked Coldrain. I was so happy because he was the first foreigner I met who ever heard of Coldrain. We had some small talk with everyone and it was seriously so much fun. They were really nice.

We didn't leave till closing time which was around 12am. While we were waiting for the elevator Francisco noticed my stretched ears and asked if they were real since Luis uses fake plugs. I told him yes and took it out to show him lol.

Paco asked why I stretched my ears and I told him I liked the way it looks. They asked me what size it was and if I was going to go any bigger. I told them probably one or two sizes bigger. Paco was suggested I shouldn't because it was big enough because it looked like a 00g and then this blonde Japanese guy that works at the shisha bar jumped into the convo and said his were 00g. 

He asked me if I was going to go any bigger and I said yeah, and he said that's it's good and I should. I usually don't like people telling me what to do, even if I was already planning on doing it but it was seriously refreshing to meet someone who actually thought I should go up a size, let alone a Japanese guy. Needless to say, Paco didn't say much after that lol.

After two hours of shisha we decided to leave to catch the last train, but we did purikura before since Paco is leaving Japan and Francisco never done purikura before.

And as always, we talked about how creepy we looked xD foreigners are purikura just don't mix man, especially with guys haha. But it was still fun lol.

Afterwards we went on the train back to Hiyoshi. We had to transfer at Musashi Kosugi and there was someone really fuckin wasted on the train. The train conductors got him off and then put him on the side with the rest of us. But he was so drunk he started to pee off to the side. He also left a bag of his on the floor and would be basically sleep walking.

We wondered if we should help him so Francisco went up to him and asked him if he was okay but the guy was too drunk to answer and was sleeping standing up. We didn't want him to leave him shit so she tied his bag to his backpack and made sure he didn't wander off onto the train tracks. 

The Japanese people kept staring at us lol, probably thinking "why the fuck are they helping him?" he was too drunk/sleepy to get on the train and sadly he wouldn't really budge so he was just left there. We felt really bad for him, except Paco lol asshole was laughing at the situation -__- but it sucked, seriously felt bad for the guy but we couldn't do anything after that.

Afterwards we went to McDonalds to eat. I had apple pie and soft cream, 200 yen. It was so good <3 lol afterwards we talked a bit and then went back home.

I was seriously happy to go out tonight, the people I met today were also really nice. I was going to stay in, but I am so happy I pushed myself to go out ^-^ Chill outings like these are the best, food + hookah + drinking = good night.

The shisha gang.

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