Monday, February 3, 2014

Reunited with Jana . Warm Winter Weather . Helping Old Ladies

Today was quite a lovely day, I exited my bat cave for the first time other than for buying groceries. I went to Shibuya to meet up with my old friend Jana :D I was very happy to see her, since this is the first time we were able to meet up while both being in Japan.

Jana has been in Japan since August because she started working through the JET program but she lives in Gunma so she only told me when she had some time and was in Tokyo to visit and that was today.

We met around 2pm to go eat lunch. We were going to go to this one cafe she usually goes to called Respekt but it was closed for repair of some sort. I was really craving pasta and asked if she wanted to go to A to Z (swear it's my favorite cafe now) so we went.

We stayed there for quite a bit catching up on everything. I was so happy to talk to a good old friend. Though I have friends here, it's different with Jana she has known me since elementary school so she has been there for a good while and knows the background I come from, etc.

We talked about our likes and dislikes of Japan, things we've encountered, what our plans are for the future are, and all that jazz. Jana has one more year in Japan and then she is planning on going to grad school.

Me, on the other hand...I told her my plans of coming back but I am worried about them falling through since I have to stay for 2-3 years to save up money.

I could actually just just go back after 1-2 but as I was telling Jana my tattoos are my priority, as much as I like Japan, I love my tattoos. So me saving up for that and Japan will take a while to the point where I am worried I will get comfortable in California and be too lazy to come back (because let's face it, I'm lazy as fuck).

But I also get bored pretty easily and can't stay in one place for too long, so we'll see how long I can stay in California after I graduate (as much as I love it). Because of this, my friend, Eric told me I'll be a shitty girlfriend lol.

Anyways, after lots of talking, and much ranting we decided to go shopping. We walked to Harajuku and went to Forever 21 and H&M. I got 2 things from each place and Jana got some stuff as well. I am pretty happy with what I got, and it was fairly cheap. Yay for cheap clothes~

Shortly afterwards, we went to get sushi and talked some more. We ended up staying out pretty much all day without even realizing it. We decided we would try to make plans again and parted ways.

It was seriously so good to see her again, I'm going to be content on outings for a while now haha.

☓ ☓ ☓

In other news, today was actually pretty warm D: I was dying T__T (got used to the cold weather). It was a high of 19 degrees (66 Fahrenheit) which definitely reminded of California weather. It was warm enough to not wear a jacket but I wore a smaller jacket rather than my big winter one.

Oddly enough though, Japanese were still wearing big winter jackets, thermal and everything O__o I wondered if they were just too lazy to change because I was almost going to do this, but when I stepped outside and felt the warmth, I couldn't deal with it so I went back in to change.

Or maybe it was because it would be colder at night? Jana wore her coat for this reason. I also thought that, but just brought my scarf, it was way too warm to wear a winter coat. I was sweating already with my letterman jacket and a tank top D: (but then again, I never did well with the heat..that will be for another post).

The weather was surely unbearable though, as much as I love California, I can't stand the warm weather :[ Anything above 24 degrees is too warm to me and even 24 is pushing it. But the night felt very nice, definitely reminded me of California in a good way lol. 

But being in Japan's winter confirmed how much I enjoy cold weather, so far my favorite season is winter. Though I like fall, spring, and summer clothes better I enjoy winter weather the best.

☓ ☓ ☓

Also, an old lady asked me for help with the trains again at the station today and I was able to help her ^-^

Honestly, I can't understand why this makes me so happy. Maybe because the trains used to give me so much anxiety before (talked about this with Jana too lol) and now I am pretty chill with them even to the point where I can help a Japanese person find their way. 

Maybe it's also because I actually seemed approachable enough for them to ask me. Back home people said I looked like a bitch haha. You know, people's straight faces sometimes come off angry (me and Ah Young talked about this lol) so I guess mine comes off pretty angry (according to another friend named Eric, lol why are my friends named Eric such assholes?? haha). So the fact that I seemed nice enough to approach makes me so darn happy ;__;

I think also because I am a foreigner so when they approach me it also makes me happy. But then again, most of the time they think I'm half Japanese anyways -.- lol. That will also be another post.

Oh well, it just makes me happy in general. It also makes me happy to help people when they need it ^-^ Oh goodness, I sound like such a lame-o haha.

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