Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My New Years // 名古屋

This post is a tad late, but better late than never :]

My New Years was spent in Nagoya. I had always imagined myself spending New Years in Tokyo when I was in Japan because I always wanted to do the countdown at Tokyo Tower when my friend Monica did this when she went.

But, I think spending it in Nagoya was the best decision I made since I would have spent it alone in Tokyo and would have no been fun.

Me and Lyy slept in till late and woke up for dinner lol. I really wanted to eat soba since that is what Japanese are said to do for good luck or what not but Lyy doesn't like soba so we had udon instead.

It was in a cute, modern, wooden restaurant. I really loved it and the udon was amazing <3 Me and Lyy were so full afterwards we both looked pregnant haha. I was pregnant with twins and she was pregnant with one again. I named my pregnant babies Hiro and Issei haha. Lyy was always reluctant to name hers hahaha.

Afterwards we walked a bit and took New Year purikura :D it actually didn't turn out as great as we hoped but we were happy to have some to commemorate our New Years.

I told Lyy how I really wanted to go to a temple on New Years since that was always my second back up plan to the Tokyo Tower countdown so we decided to go to a temple we had seen by Osu where we usually go.

It was very lively around the temple. Groups of young people were single in and messing around in one corner, while kids were running around all over the place. There were many different types of stands of food. I would have tried them all if I wasn't broke and full from our dinner.

I really wanted the chocolate banana but Lyy wasn't being mature about it lol. I ended up getting a candy apple instead, which was also cheaper and it was my first time having one. It was quite delicious ^-^

It was still early before the countdown so me and Lyy just decided to walk around until it became closer to the time.

We walked quite a bit, and realized that Osu was extremely close to the live house where EYA played. Me and Lyy thought, "WTF?" since we realized we could have just walked there from our hotel. It would have been a 30 minute ish walk, but still since it's cold it wouldn't be bad.

Shortly after, we walked back to the temple.. Lyy wanted to smoke first so we were outside 7-Eleven for a bit before we went in. There was a bunch of people outside of this 7-Eleven which made me quite uncomfortable lol, always sucked with big crowds.

Lyy was soon done and we walked to the temple gates when I almost crashed into a guy. I apologized in Japanese and went on, I had lost Lyy for a moment since she went another way but I found her shortly.

Soon after the guy I almost crashed into came up from behind and asked me if I was half. I told him no but he shook his head and said, "絶対ハーフ (zettai hafu)" all happily lol. I laughed and told him not but he kept insisting, eventually he asked what were our plans, etc so I briefly told him but then told him we were leaving so he let us go.

Me and Lyy kept laughing and repeating"絶対ハーフ!!" It was so funny how certain he was about it haha, though he was not the first person to tell this to me.

I actually get it quite a lot and at first I thought "wtf are they talking about?" Though I saw it as a compliment because I always thought mixed people were pretty I didn't see it. But after thinking about it a bit more I could somewhat understand where they are coming from since even people in the California thought I was mixed with some Asian sometimes.

Anyways, me and Lyy went back to the temple and waited for the countdown. When it reached 12am the bells rang and the people started heading into the temple. Many people hugged, cheered and drank their canned beers, took pictures, etc.

Me and Lyy hugged and then took pictures haha. She called her family back home to wish them a Happy New Year. I couldn't call mine because of the time difference but I was planning on calling my mom tomorrow.

We actually found out that the temple we were at was the biggest temple in Nagaoya LOL. It was nice though, because even though it was crowded it was definitely not to Tokyo standards which was a big reason why it appealed to me so much coming to Nagoya, less crowds.

Me and Lyy didn't have any other plans so after chilling for a bit and walking around Osu.

This time we came across the temple in Osu and some other nice places.

We were originally going to get a New Years cake (just buy a small cake from Family Mart) but we couldn't find anything that was remotely similar to a cake that we were looking for so we decided to just pass on the cake and save us the calories lol.

We ended up passing a row of low riders parked on the side of the street. Ugh, gotta love Nagoya. Definitely reminds me of So-cal.

We eventually walked back to the hotel and stayed up longer that we wanted. We actually went back out on a random mission at 3AM lol.

We were so freakin' genki and laughing and what not that guys were actually coming up to us asking us what where we were going, etc haha I think it helped that the guys must have had some alcohol in them already as well but we were on a mission lol.

The mission was a bust, but it was so fun and spontaneous that we enjoyed just randomly going out at 3AM haha. We ended up staying up all night talking. We could've even seen the first sunrise but me and Lyy didn't know any high building we could have climbed up to see it -.-

Oh well, the New Year was still fun and that 3AM mission made it even more fun.

My New Years wasn't exciting at all, it was simple but it was nice. I love these kind of things the best.

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