Saturday, February 8, 2014

First Snow in Tokyo.

Today was the first day is snowed in Tokyo :D I am ridiculously happy.

I mean, I have been in snow flurries in Nagoya and in Tokyo but this was the first time is actually snowed. People are saying that it's the first time it has snowed this heavily in a while. I am lucky to be able to experience it.

I was going to go to work when my boss messaged me in the morning saying we would be closed due to the heavy snow. I was talking to my little sister on the phone when I exclaimed, "WTF?" and went to look outside my window and saw the sight above. I squealed and told my sister what happened so she told me to call her back after I had my time in the snow haha.

I put on my 9 Microphones hoodie and went outside. I obviously took lots of pics and walked to a park close to my place and just took it all in. It was actually snowing :o

I was starting to get worried that it wouldn't snow while I was here in Japan, but it finally did :D

I have been in snow before but never when it was snowing or in this much snow. It was s soft and nice like powder. I would have gone for a walk but I wanted to talk to my sister more so I decided to just stay in and chill.

I ended up opening my curtains for the first time in forever and just stared out the window as I talked to my sister on the phone.

We talked till it got dark, I told her I would have loved to build a snowman with her if she was there. She told me I should build a mini one for her so after she hung up to go to bed I did just that :]

I sent her a picture of him, she was happy.
I named him Olaf ;]

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