Friday, February 7, 2014

Cinnabon in Tokyo.

A few weeks ago or so, Ah Young invited me to go out to eat and for the first time in my life, I had Indian food. It was after my class, I met up with her along with Eugene and Spencer. The Indian restaurant was really close to Keio and it was so good. I was seriously so surprised that I never tried it before. 

Naan is amazing with curry. I am definitely planning to get some Indian food again. Also, UCI has a Indian restaurant in the our Uniververisty Center. Defintely planning on going there when I go back.

Anyways, after eating me and Ah Young wanted to get cinnabons. We both missed them a lot and when we found out there was a Cinnabon in Roppongi we decided to get on top of that shit lol. 

Eugene had to go back home to study but Spencer decided to tag along. We found the cinnabon place easier than expected and ate happily <3

I was seriously so happy to have one because I hadn't had one in years (even back in CA I tried not to eat any since it's unhealthy). But, I gave in. Japan always makes me give in for some reason e__e lol

But when I was little, my mom would always take me and my sisters to Montclair mall and she would always buy us a cinnabon with milk. Even as we got older she would do this, and even now when I would have a cheat day and we went shopping in Montclair I'd throw in the idea and we would share one.

So it was pleasant getting one again :] Ah Young got a pecan one, and me and Spencer stuck with the original. It tasted amazing though. But towards the end it was too sweet as always :[ lol but still amazing haha.

We stayed at Cinnabon for hours and talked and talked about nonsense before we decided to go back home.

Me and Spencer got to walk home together since we live in the same direction. It was quite fun, I forgot what we were talking about but I remember the walk home being lots of fun.

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