Thursday, February 13, 2014

Catching Up with Maria.

Yesterday, Maria got off work early so we decided to meet up since it has been a while. We met up at Shinokubo station and walked to Shinjuku.

We went to a cheap cafe and just chilled and caught up on everything that has happened. It was really nice to talk to her again and see what had been going on with both of us. We stayed there for a few hours until we got hungry and decided to walk around some more to look for someplace to eat.

Maria was craving a sashimi bowl and since I've never had it, we decided to get that. It was delicious :D I totally forgot to take a picture though lol.

Afterwards, we decided to go back to Shinokubo and get dessert. We were stuck between waffles or frozen yogurt. We decided on waffles when we looked at the drink menu and the only thing available was sweet drinks O__o met and Maria didn't want that so we decided to just get frozen yogurt.

It was really strange because usually you get to serve yourself but here they did it. It threw me off more than it should have lol. We ended up getting mango, matcha, and strawberry and added some fruit toppings. It was ridiculously good.

Me and Maria went to the top floor and went to a bar section that overlooked the street.

I actually really liked the place, it played old kpop songs I hadn't listened to in a while. Old BIGBANG songs, B2ST, 2NE1, etc. and seeing posters of CNBLUE. Good times~ I seriously haven't listened to kpop in a while.

We ended up staying there and talking quite a bit. It's always endless conversations when I'm with Maria lol. One of the convos was whether I would come back to Japan after I graduate. Honestly, the more I think about the future, the less I know what the fuck I want.

I want to come back to Japan, but I don't know if it will be realistic in the time frame I want. Even if I don't come back to live, I will for sure come to visit. But right now, my future plans are up in the air. Oh money, that's always the issue isn't it?

Me and Maria also decided to make some future plans and going to Kamakura, Yokohama, Odaiba, places like that when it gets warmer. I am excited ^-^

I really want to get into video editing again so these places would be great to take videos of. Maria is also down for recording videos and what not so we decided to try it sometime. I really hope I can do this during my remaining time in Japan.

Btw, it's snowing again today ^-^ I'm really loving my break.

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