Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Foreigner Night in 六本木.

I went clubbing yesterday for the first time in forever. Lili had just came back from Vietnam and of course she wanted to go party. I was hesitant to go since the main reason why she goes clubbing is to look for guys but she told me Sebastian and Bob were coming along too so if she wanted to go off and do her own thing I thought I'd be okay since I could just stay with them.

Turns out, way more people were coming along since it was Ramon's going away party kinda thing. Lili didn't tell me on purpose because every time she invites me and it's in a big group I always decline since I don't like meeting bigs groups of people because it makes me uncomfortable lol. But sure enough, it was actually better since it was a big group and they were actually people I've met before.

As most foreigners want to go, they all wanted to go to Roppongi. I hadn't gone in forever because me and other foreigners usually don't mix. But Lili was told this one club Feria was the "best club ever" lol. So we got ready to go to Roppongi.

It was the first time I was actually going out and getting ready since I have been on break, even before that actually. Usually I get excited for going out, even if I don't really want to just because I like getting done up. But you know, even after doing my hair and getting dressed I still wasn't up for it.

Lili also was hesitant since she is sick but she decided she was going to go out and party since she might get an internship and the partying would lessen after that lol.

We went to Roppongi and got something to eat. It was the first time I ever had soba before and it was really good :D It was also Lili's first time she had soba the Japanese way. She always makes it at home but she mixes with avocado and other random stuff lol.

We got a flyer for Feria which made it cheaper to get in. We got there and tried to explore the places. They only had one elevator but it was slow as fuck and there were stairs but they were outside and it was cold as fuck lol. Already Lili was getting annoyed.

We explored all the floors and it wasn't good. But after getting a few drinks we ran into Paco, Robert, and Ramon. Ramon was really drunk and being pretty aggressive and touchy O__o. Both me and Lili weren't feeling that so we decided to go to another floor. It was also too crowded to dance and Paco and Robert tagged along. Ramon saw a lot of girls he was interested so he decided to stay.

We went to the other floor with Paco and Robert and danced for a bit. It was actually a lot of fun. Robert was really nice, that was the first time I ever really talked to him and we were just dancing and chilling. All of us were, and it was lots of fun. But Lili wasn't having too much fun.

Lili was pretty upset that there were no cute guys. Which, I'll admit there were not guys that were appealing and most of the foreigners that were there were old and creepy. But I didn't care so much since I wasn't looking for a guy but it was annoying that creepy foreign guys kept coming up and shit. Luckily when Paco and Robert were there so they kept their distance.

There were some Japanese guys that looked okay and Lili was interested in and she got their attention. I didn't want to get into it so I just stayed with Paco and Robert lol.

We danced for a while but Lili was seriously not feeling the club. I think she was also grumpy because she was sick. We sat down for a bit and I asked her what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to go home and sleep, and she didn't like the club. I told her I'd do whatever she wanted to do, and if she wanted to leave we would. She asked me what I wanted to do and I was actually feeling a bit sick (stomach wise) so I didn't feel like staying either.

We ended up leaving and just went to the Hub to chill. Lili got tea and I ended up getting some fries which actually helped me with the nausea I was feeling. We were just sitting and chilling. There were these Japanese guys next to us and I could hear them talking in Japanese trying to figure out if they should talk to us. Sure enough they did, the usual "I want to learn English" thing.

Lili was seriously not in the mood and just answered them with short answers. And after the guy realized that Lili was not having it he tried talking to me. I humored them, had a short conversation with them. The usual, "Why are you in Japan?", "Why Japanese?", etc, etc.

They were saying how they were doctors and shit, which would maybe interest Japanese girls or gold digging foreigners something but me and Lili just looked at them. Honestly, they weren't too bad to talk to well, one of the guys at least, he was shy but he just genuinely wanted to talk. Meanwhile his other friend, who mentioned the doctor profession was asking those questions of "Do you like Japanese guys?" and "What is your type?" kinda crap.

I told him the usual, tattoos, stretched ears, piercings, stuff like that. And as usual, he was surprised and asked why and shit. He was kinda obnoxious to be honest, just because he fits the stereotypical Japanese guys I have met. The ones that only want a girlfriend and if you're cute you will do. They don't give a shit about how your thoughts, how you see shit, what you want out of life...just the superficial crap. Lili also didn't like that shit, they just wanted to talk to us because we were "cute foreigners".

At another table away from us there were these foreign guys. One of them was obnoxious as fuck, and sad to say he was from California. There was another guy from Utah that Lili was talking to, he was cool. Shortly after the obnoxious Japanese guy realized that we had no interest in ever dating him, he and his friend left. I honestly feel bad for his friend, he seriously seemed like a nice guy would go more into detail but too lazy to.

Me and Lili still had to wait till the first train so we waited in the Hub and chilled. Shortly after a big group of other foreigners came. They seemed friendly and said hi and what not. Lili was still in an "eh" mood so I said hi back to them and smiled. They invited the other foreigners that Lili was talking to before and we just all kinda started talking.

I ended up talking to the guy from Utah, apparently he was Laotian and we talked about the different things of America and what not. Lili was talking to this guy from India which actually woke her up. She said she never really met any Indians so hearing about their culture was interesting, this got her in a better mood ^-^

The other foreigners were from France, Canada, New York, and Taiwan. It's always so interesting meeting people from different parts, I used to really like this. After talking for a while, the Hub ended up closing and it was time for the first train.

I exchanged my Facebook with the guy from Utah. Me and Lili got on the train and waited to get back to Hiyoshi.

On the train though, we ran into Bob, Paco, Robert and some other people I didn't know. They asked us where we went, and Lili explained how she really hated the club and how it sucked because it was only filled with foreigners. She said she understood why the guys like it because there were pretty girls but it wasn't for her.

We ended up arriving at Hiyoshi and went to McDonalds, apparently Lili says the guys always do this and always have to eat lol. I got some orange juice and we just all chilled and talked. It was really fun, I actually should hang out with them more. Ramon ended up coming shortly, he is seriously weird but I think it's because was drunk.

After hanging out and chilling we all decided to part ways. I ended up adding Robert on Facebook as well, he was really nice and told me if I ever go to Thailand I should go (he's from there). Bob said we needed to hang out again and I should go out more often so I told him I would try lol.

Me and Lili went home, talked a bit, I took a shower, and she went to bed and as did I shortly after.

Honestly, clubbing is fun if you go with friends to just dance and have a good time. But I still wouldn't choose it as my main thing to do, and probably not going to go clubbing again for a while unless Bob and Robert are going (the others are going back to their countries already).

Regardless, I still had fun. I forgot how nice it was to just meet people, talk to them randomly. Even if you don't keep in contact but just meeting someone from someplace else in the world is nice. Though, this confirmed but I do enjoy a bar more than a club (talked about this with Maria lol).

I also realized staying and home and marathoning Heroes is more of interest to me lol. But I am glad I went out, because I met some awesome people and got closer to some people I already knew which I can relate to them more than I thought. So definitely a good choice, but still not doing it again for a while lol.

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