Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My First Onsen Experience.

Warning: sarcasm and bitchiness ahead.

No, you did not misread the title, I went to an onsen for the first time during my stay in Japan. Yup, a weeboos worst fear: a foreigner with tattoos entering an onsen. It's unthinkable, it's taboo, it's...not a big fuckin' deal -___- 

Sorry to be a bitch about it, but damn I'm sick and tired of ignorant people bitching about my life choices and acting that they know more about what I am getting myself into than I do. 

No, you are not allowed to go into an onsen if you have tattoos. But if you can cover it up, it's fine. And there are actually some onsens that don't care if you do. 

This onsen made it clear, no tattoos but since I could cover mine a bit I did. I just put some bandages on it and went on in. 

Hint: they don't inspect your bodies.

So to all those people who say, "You know if you have can't go to an onsen..." I leave you with this: 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸 

You can tell me shit when I get my sleeve and legs tatted but even then I won't give a fuck about your opinion and there are still ways around it, do your research.

Whoo, had to get that off my chest. 

☓ ☓ ☓

Anyways, me and Lyy decided to go to Odaiba one last time before she goes back to Singapore. We did our usual thing of going to Strange Love. This time Ryo was there.

I actually couldn't tell it was him since I didn't have my contacts (eye irritation again) so I am blind as a bat, all I heard was "Nina!" in a very happy voice. I turned to Lyy and was like, "who's that?" hahaha it was actually nice to see him because I really wanted to talk to him again since last time he was so much fun to talk to.

Lyy wanted to buy a bracelet since her Alice Black one broke. Ryo brought the bracelets over and there were some very pretty rosary ones. I was planning on getting one but it was a bit pricey and I wasn't sure if I would wear the rosary bracelet all the time since it won't always match with my clothes.

Ryo ended up bringing a charm bracelet out which looked so pretty! I loved how delicate the chain was so I immeditely decided to get it and bought a cross charm.

Lyy ended up getting the black rosary and added the same cross because she liked it as well. Because of this, we decided to make it a friendship charm thing; a last gift for us before she goes back to Singapore.

We talked to Ryo about random things, the topic of boyfriends and types came up again (why does this always happen? lol). I joked and said Lyy was my boyfriend haha <3 After a while, Ryo checked us out and gave us a gift. 

We also ended up exchanging LINE ids since Lyy is leaving I wouldn't be coming to Odaiba much without her. We then left to the onsen :D

I was very excited to go to my first onsen :D I was especially excited for the outdoor onsen! They gave us yukatas to change into and then me and Lyy went to eat since we were so hungry.

We got udon :DD I was really craving it, though they also had Korean food, and tempura, curry, ramen, gyoza, so much! And they also had lovely dessert, but me and Lyy decided to get it after the bath.

We ate and then decided to go to the foot onsen :3 Lyy said she really likes it.

The foot onsen was really nice, especially since it was outside :D but it hurt like a fuckin' bitch walking on the rocks haha. Lyy was saying how she liked walking on the rocks and then when I went in I was like "fuck!" and went out haha I decided to walk to the softer part.

There are different types of rocks that aim at different parts of your feet. I've always had really soft hands and feet because I'm so lazy and don't do anything so I could only go on the smooth pebble rocks haha.

Lyy walked around of course, it felt good to her but when she walked on the parts I did she said they also hurt her so it wasn't just me lol.

We stayed there for a bit and chatted :3 and there were a crap load of couples O__O me and Lyy thought it would be nice if we came with our boyfriends haha xD

Afterwards, we went to the regular onsen. To be honest, I didn't feel weird walking in naked with a bunch of strangers. Most people say it's awkward but I'm pretty whatever with my body. Lyy's seen my boobies a few times in Nagoya when we went to bed haha.

Course, the only thing that was a bit awkward was because Japanese girls don't shave they tend to stare at people who do. They didn't stare at me because Lyy warned me about this already so I covered it. So it was a rather chill experience.

I really wanted to go to the outside onsen. Lyy said it's usually crowded since she goes on weekends but since it was Tuesday it was nice and we were able to go to different parts of the outdoor onsen.

We then went to the milk bath :3 it was so nice~ but it was getting a bit late and Lyy had to catch her last train so we hurried and washed up so we could get dessert before we left.

Me and Lyy got matcha dessert :D Matcha softcream <3 so good omg T__T <3 and it felt nice to eat after the hot bath :3

Me and Lyy just chilled and talked, she was happy to go with a friend to an onsen and I was happy as well ^-^ I like the kind of friends that you are super comfortable with and can just do whatever and talk about whatever with no boundaries since I'm very open haha. I'm fortunate to have a handful of those.

After we finished the soft cream we ended up leaving to catch the last train.

Going to an onsen was seriously such a nice experience, and I plan to go again one day. I always wanted to go to an onsen in the winter. Going to an onsen is definitely a "must-do thing" in Japan. 

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