Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lyy's Last Days & A to Z.

Since it was Lyy's last few in Japan, we ended up spending as much time as we could together. We spent every day together during her last week, doing whatever she wanted to do.

To be honest, we didn't do anything exciting. Most of our time together was spent at cafes just talking and being fat asses lol.

Me and Lyy went to one of her favorite artist's cafe called "A to Z Cafe" in Aoyama. The first time we went there we just got dessert, but we ended up liking it so much we went again her last night in Japan also because the cafe closes late!

We got pasta, which was the best pasta I've ever had in Japan. So far, I've tasted pastas that lack flavor and creaminess but this was perfect <3 would definitely want to go there again to get pasta!

We stayed there talking about everything as usual. Music, guys, me possibly going to see her, her coming back to visit me in the summer, our possible plans to come back to Japan to work, and of course the sadness of her leaving. We talked till our last train.

Lyy ended up leaving tonight back to Singapore. We ate sushi at Ikebukuro (the first place we ever got sushi together when we first met up).  And then went to Starbucks to chill and talk till her bus came to the airport.

Some tears were shed of course, but it's not goodbye. It's ”またね”, but when it comes to the point when I have to go back to America and she goes back to Singapore...oh, what a sad sight it will be. But let's leave the sad talk for later.

See you soon, Lyy <3 Hopefully sooner than you think! ;]

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