Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014.

A tad late, but I'll be looking back on my 2013 year.

I can honestly say, I really enjoyed 2013. I messed around with modeling a bit, and got to meet some awesome people.

I went to San Diego for the first time since I was a little kid and got to check out the city. I loved it, the vibe was chill and got to meet some more amazing people. Also, experienced some new things. Each trip to SD was memorable in my book.

I said goodbye to a few of my close exchange student friends. And found some good friends in Irvine, and when I say good, I mean those life-long friends. The ones where you don't have to talk to all the time but when you guys do talk, it's like you never stopped.

My sister got married, and I found out I was going to Japan and going to my dream uni of Tokyo.

I modeled Tia's first design ever, and am still honored to have done so. I was able to get closer to my mom and she was able to slowly understand me. I thank the move to Japan for this.

Coming to Japan was also such a great opportunity and experience.

I was able to meet some close online friends and get even closer with them. Hopy and Lyy. Hopy really helped me over the time in the summer when I first came to Japan. Our personalities and interests are so similar, I was sad that she went back to Denmark but happy that I met her.

And Lyy, I loved just chillin' with her. We also became closer, and had many firsts together. She is one of my closest friends, and am happy to have spent so much of my time with her in Japan. My study abroad experience and life in general would be so different without her.

I was also able to do and see all the things I wanted in Tokyo (most of them so far). See Harajuku, Shibuya, Odaiba, Yokohama, Nabana no Sato (though this is in Nagoya); all the photos I would see from other peoples blogs, vlogs, and on Tumblr was right in front of me.

Though the summer was a tough time for me due to feeling disconnected with people in my program and stressed with the intensive language program, as school started I got to meet more people I could relate to.

My roommate definitely being one of them, without her, I wouldn't have never experienced Japan's clubbing scene and wouldn't have let loose!

I also ending up becoming more happy with myself and comfortable, especially style. Doing things I would never do in America and definitely becoming more independent.

I was able to go to Nagoya and fell in love with it's chill vibe, along with meeting some awesome people and reconnecting with old friends (Yoshimi <3). Also, going to Nagoya confirmed that for sure I do want to come back to Japan but I will be aiming for Nagoya.

2013 did have a few downs, but definitely more ups.

I honestly don't know what 2014 has in store for me. I am just planning on making the most of my little time left in Japan. (Yes, now it seems little to me).

But for sure, I am going to work my ass off to save money for my tattoos and Japan for when I graduate. Guess that's my New Years resolution? :]

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