Monday, January 13, 2014

Friendly Reminder.

Have you ever stumbled across people from your past and looked at them and then looked at you and realized just how much you've actually changed? Or just how happy you really are with your life?

Browsing through Instagram, I came across some old crushes Instagram's. And when I say old, I mean old. Straight up middle school status lol. I look at them now, and think "Woah, have they changed!" and "Woah, have I changed!" haha.

I see couples that were together and still managed to stay together even now, kudos to them. I seriously think it is great that they were able to stay together for so long. I remember when I was in high school I wanted that, to be together with my high school sweetheart.

But looking at the couples that did last, I am actually not envious at all. In fact, I am happy that I am not with my significant other I was with from high school. All those people seem like they are frozen, stuck in the same place unable to move forward or grow.

Maybe that's not what they are feeling, they might be happy with their lives. But me, I know now that I wouldn't have been satisfied with that life. I wouldn't have become the person I wanted if I stayed in my hometown or stayed in contact with all the people I once had in my life. Cutting everyone off was the best decision I made in my life.

I am happy that I was able to leave my small hometown, went to my dream uni, lived in my favorite city in So Cal, met some awesome people, and got the opportunity to study abroad in Japan, do things I always dreamt of doing, meet even more awesome people, and become closer to the people I already knew.

I've grown so much in the past couple years, and I've learned so much more about myself. People say not to look back at your past because it holds you back. But honestly, looking back at the past honestly makes me thankful on how far I've gotten.

Of course, you shouldn't look at it all the time. But it's good to take a few glimpses every now and then to remind yourself of all the progress you've made.

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