Friday, January 24, 2014


It's been a while since I've done any post about my ears. I recently went up to 0g (8mm), and am super happy with it :] This one did hurt quite a bit, but I did the tape method to help it not hurt as much. I also was really patient with them.

They are healing quite nicely, and am going to wait a good while until my next stretch of course. It took a while to get to this size but I am really happy with it and will probably be content with this size for a while since I am pretty close to my ideal size.

In other news, I haven't been doing much since Lyy went back to Singapore. Partly because she's gone, and another reason because the semester is ending so I am busy with papers. I have 4 papers to write and I am not looking forward to it. Of course, procrastination is being my best friend again. But luckily it's not too bad and I still have time.

I've also been in cooped up in my bat cave of a room lol. It's nice to take a break from going out so much and revert to my old ways, staying on my laptop day and night.

I've been marathoning Once Upon a Time since I saw that Peter Pan comes in the newest season. Once I saw that, I knew it was time to jump on the bandwagon lol. So yes, I've been quite busy with that. It's amazing, I'm such a sucker for anything fantasy related :[ lol

Since the semester is ending, a two month break is coming up but due to a shortage in money I'm not going to go anywhere. I was really bummed and thought it was a waste of a break at first, but after thinking about it realistically I got over it.

I will be going back to California soon (sad but true) and I will be broke as ever. It's one thing to be broke, but another to be in debt lol. So I sucked it up, and decided to look at it in a positive way which is: less debt.

Need to save money for an school, apartment, tattoos, and possibly returning to Japan. Yup, definitely not bummed about it anymore lol. A tad stressed to be honest, so I avoid thinking about it which is kinda impossible. Oh well.

And now I shall leave you with Taking Back Sunday <3

Anyone will do tonight, anyone will do tonight, 
Close your eyes, just settle, settle.

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