Thursday, January 30, 2014

春休み Begins.

Today marks the first day of my spring break. After sleepless nights of typing long ass papers that I procrastinated on way more than I should have, I can finally close the chapter on last semester and begin relaxing.

Back home, spring break was a week but here it's two months. Some of my friends have decided to go on vacation to other parts of Asia or go back to America. 

Lili is gone for a month because she decided to go to Vietnam, and to be honest I am happy I will have the apartment to myself. I love Lili and talking to her but I've always enjoyed my own time, and always been more of a lone wolf so to have a whole month of just alone time is nice.

As I mentioned before, I will not be doing anything exciting. I will be staying in most of the time glued to my laptop to save money. Of course, there will be the occasional outings to see friends but not planning anything crazy.

Exciting? Not really, but then again I've always been more of an homebody and though Japan did change that for a bit, I'm back to my old ways lol.

Can you believe that after the two month break is over I will only have 4 months left in Japan? Boy, does time fly.

Friday, January 24, 2014


It's been a while since I've done any post about my ears. I recently went up to 0g (8mm), and am super happy with it :] This one did hurt quite a bit, but I did the tape method to help it not hurt as much. I also was really patient with them.

They are healing quite nicely, and am going to wait a good while until my next stretch of course. It took a while to get to this size but I am really happy with it and will probably be content with this size for a while since I am pretty close to my ideal size.

In other news, I haven't been doing much since Lyy went back to Singapore. Partly because she's gone, and another reason because the semester is ending so I am busy with papers. I have 4 papers to write and I am not looking forward to it. Of course, procrastination is being my best friend again. But luckily it's not too bad and I still have time.

I've also been in cooped up in my bat cave of a room lol. It's nice to take a break from going out so much and revert to my old ways, staying on my laptop day and night.

I've been marathoning Once Upon a Time since I saw that Peter Pan comes in the newest season. Once I saw that, I knew it was time to jump on the bandwagon lol. So yes, I've been quite busy with that. It's amazing, I'm such a sucker for anything fantasy related :[ lol

Since the semester is ending, a two month break is coming up but due to a shortage in money I'm not going to go anywhere. I was really bummed and thought it was a waste of a break at first, but after thinking about it realistically I got over it.

I will be going back to California soon (sad but true) and I will be broke as ever. It's one thing to be broke, but another to be in debt lol. So I sucked it up, and decided to look at it in a positive way which is: less debt.

Need to save money for an school, apartment, tattoos, and possibly returning to Japan. Yup, definitely not bummed about it anymore lol. A tad stressed to be honest, so I avoid thinking about it which is kinda impossible. Oh well.

And now I shall leave you with Taking Back Sunday <3

Anyone will do tonight, anyone will do tonight, 
Close your eyes, just settle, settle.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Friendly Reminder.

Have you ever stumbled across people from your past and looked at them and then looked at you and realized just how much you've actually changed? Or just how happy you really are with your life?

Browsing through Instagram, I came across some old crushes Instagram's. And when I say old, I mean old. Straight up middle school status lol. I look at them now, and think "Woah, have they changed!" and "Woah, have I changed!" haha.

I see couples that were together and still managed to stay together even now, kudos to them. I seriously think it is great that they were able to stay together for so long. I remember when I was in high school I wanted that, to be together with my high school sweetheart.

But looking at the couples that did last, I am actually not envious at all. In fact, I am happy that I am not with my significant other I was with from high school. All those people seem like they are frozen, stuck in the same place unable to move forward or grow.

Maybe that's not what they are feeling, they might be happy with their lives. But me, I know now that I wouldn't have been satisfied with that life. I wouldn't have become the person I wanted if I stayed in my hometown or stayed in contact with all the people I once had in my life. Cutting everyone off was the best decision I made in my life.

I am happy that I was able to leave my small hometown, went to my dream uni, lived in my favorite city in So Cal, met some awesome people, and got the opportunity to study abroad in Japan, do things I always dreamt of doing, meet even more awesome people, and become closer to the people I already knew.

I've grown so much in the past couple years, and I've learned so much more about myself. People say not to look back at your past because it holds you back. But honestly, looking back at the past honestly makes me thankful on how far I've gotten.

Of course, you shouldn't look at it all the time. But it's good to take a few glimpses every now and then to remind yourself of all the progress you've made.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lyy's Last Days & A to Z.

Since it was Lyy's last few in Japan, we ended up spending as much time as we could together. We spent every day together during her last week, doing whatever she wanted to do.

To be honest, we didn't do anything exciting. Most of our time together was spent at cafes just talking and being fat asses lol.

Me and Lyy went to one of her favorite artist's cafe called "A to Z Cafe" in Aoyama. The first time we went there we just got dessert, but we ended up liking it so much we went again her last night in Japan also because the cafe closes late!

We got pasta, which was the best pasta I've ever had in Japan. So far, I've tasted pastas that lack flavor and creaminess but this was perfect <3 would definitely want to go there again to get pasta!

We stayed there talking about everything as usual. Music, guys, me possibly going to see her, her coming back to visit me in the summer, our possible plans to come back to Japan to work, and of course the sadness of her leaving. We talked till our last train.

Lyy ended up leaving tonight back to Singapore. We ate sushi at Ikebukuro (the first place we ever got sushi together when we first met up).  And then went to Starbucks to chill and talk till her bus came to the airport.

Some tears were shed of course, but it's not goodbye. It's ”またね”, but when it comes to the point when I have to go back to America and she goes back to Singapore...oh, what a sad sight it will be. But let's leave the sad talk for later.

See you soon, Lyy <3 Hopefully sooner than you think! ;]

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My First Onsen Experience.

Warning: sarcasm and bitchiness ahead.

No, you did not misread the title, I went to an onsen for the first time during my stay in Japan. Yup, a weeboos worst fear: a foreigner with tattoos entering an onsen. It's unthinkable, it's taboo, it's...not a big fuckin' deal -___- 

Sorry to be a bitch about it, but damn I'm sick and tired of ignorant people bitching about my life choices and acting that they know more about what I am getting myself into than I do. 

No, you are not allowed to go into an onsen if you have tattoos. But if you can cover it up, it's fine. And there are actually some onsens that don't care if you do. 

This onsen made it clear, no tattoos but since I could cover mine a bit I did. I just put some bandages on it and went on in. 

Hint: they don't inspect your bodies.

So to all those people who say, "You know if you have can't go to an onsen..." I leave you with this: 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸 

You can tell me shit when I get my sleeve and legs tatted but even then I won't give a fuck about your opinion and there are still ways around it, do your research.

Whoo, had to get that off my chest. 

☓ ☓ ☓

Anyways, me and Lyy decided to go to Odaiba one last time before she goes back to Singapore. We did our usual thing of going to Strange Love. This time Ryo was there.

I actually couldn't tell it was him since I didn't have my contacts (eye irritation again) so I am blind as a bat, all I heard was "Nina!" in a very happy voice. I turned to Lyy and was like, "who's that?" hahaha it was actually nice to see him because I really wanted to talk to him again since last time he was so much fun to talk to.

Lyy wanted to buy a bracelet since her Alice Black one broke. Ryo brought the bracelets over and there were some very pretty rosary ones. I was planning on getting one but it was a bit pricey and I wasn't sure if I would wear the rosary bracelet all the time since it won't always match with my clothes.

Ryo ended up bringing a charm bracelet out which looked so pretty! I loved how delicate the chain was so I immeditely decided to get it and bought a cross charm.

Lyy ended up getting the black rosary and added the same cross because she liked it as well. Because of this, we decided to make it a friendship charm thing; a last gift for us before she goes back to Singapore.

We talked to Ryo about random things, the topic of boyfriends and types came up again (why does this always happen? lol). I joked and said Lyy was my boyfriend haha <3 After a while, Ryo checked us out and gave us a gift. 

We also ended up exchanging LINE ids since Lyy is leaving I wouldn't be coming to Odaiba much without her. We then left to the onsen :D

I was very excited to go to my first onsen :D I was especially excited for the outdoor onsen! They gave us yukatas to change into and then me and Lyy went to eat since we were so hungry.

We got udon :DD I was really craving it, though they also had Korean food, and tempura, curry, ramen, gyoza, so much! And they also had lovely dessert, but me and Lyy decided to get it after the bath.

We ate and then decided to go to the foot onsen :3 Lyy said she really likes it.

The foot onsen was really nice, especially since it was outside :D but it hurt like a fuckin' bitch walking on the rocks haha. Lyy was saying how she liked walking on the rocks and then when I went in I was like "fuck!" and went out haha I decided to walk to the softer part.

There are different types of rocks that aim at different parts of your feet. I've always had really soft hands and feet because I'm so lazy and don't do anything so I could only go on the smooth pebble rocks haha.

Lyy walked around of course, it felt good to her but when she walked on the parts I did she said they also hurt her so it wasn't just me lol.

We stayed there for a bit and chatted :3 and there were a crap load of couples O__O me and Lyy thought it would be nice if we came with our boyfriends haha xD

Afterwards, we went to the regular onsen. To be honest, I didn't feel weird walking in naked with a bunch of strangers. Most people say it's awkward but I'm pretty whatever with my body. Lyy's seen my boobies a few times in Nagoya when we went to bed haha.

Course, the only thing that was a bit awkward was because Japanese girls don't shave they tend to stare at people who do. They didn't stare at me because Lyy warned me about this already so I covered it. So it was a rather chill experience.

I really wanted to go to the outside onsen. Lyy said it's usually crowded since she goes on weekends but since it was Tuesday it was nice and we were able to go to different parts of the outdoor onsen.

We then went to the milk bath :3 it was so nice~ but it was getting a bit late and Lyy had to catch her last train so we hurried and washed up so we could get dessert before we left.

Me and Lyy got matcha dessert :D Matcha softcream <3 so good omg T__T <3 and it felt nice to eat after the hot bath :3

Me and Lyy just chilled and talked, she was happy to go with a friend to an onsen and I was happy as well ^-^ I like the kind of friends that you are super comfortable with and can just do whatever and talk about whatever with no boundaries since I'm very open haha. I'm fortunate to have a handful of those.

After we finished the soft cream we ended up leaving to catch the last train.

Going to an onsen was seriously such a nice experience, and I plan to go again one day. I always wanted to go to an onsen in the winter. Going to an onsen is definitely a "must-do thing" in Japan. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014.

A tad late, but I'll be looking back on my 2013 year.

I can honestly say, I really enjoyed 2013. I messed around with modeling a bit, and got to meet some awesome people.

I went to San Diego for the first time since I was a little kid and got to check out the city. I loved it, the vibe was chill and got to meet some more amazing people. Also, experienced some new things. Each trip to SD was memorable in my book.

I said goodbye to a few of my close exchange student friends. And found some good friends in Irvine, and when I say good, I mean those life-long friends. The ones where you don't have to talk to all the time but when you guys do talk, it's like you never stopped.

My sister got married, and I found out I was going to Japan and going to my dream uni of Tokyo.

I modeled Tia's first design ever, and am still honored to have done so. I was able to get closer to my mom and she was able to slowly understand me. I thank the move to Japan for this.

Coming to Japan was also such a great opportunity and experience.

I was able to meet some close online friends and get even closer with them. Hopy and Lyy. Hopy really helped me over the time in the summer when I first came to Japan. Our personalities and interests are so similar, I was sad that she went back to Denmark but happy that I met her.

And Lyy, I loved just chillin' with her. We also became closer, and had many firsts together. She is one of my closest friends, and am happy to have spent so much of my time with her in Japan. My study abroad experience and life in general would be so different without her.

I was also able to do and see all the things I wanted in Tokyo (most of them so far). See Harajuku, Shibuya, Odaiba, Yokohama, Nabana no Sato (though this is in Nagoya); all the photos I would see from other peoples blogs, vlogs, and on Tumblr was right in front of me.

Though the summer was a tough time for me due to feeling disconnected with people in my program and stressed with the intensive language program, as school started I got to meet more people I could relate to.

My roommate definitely being one of them, without her, I wouldn't have never experienced Japan's clubbing scene and wouldn't have let loose!

I also ending up becoming more happy with myself and comfortable, especially style. Doing things I would never do in America and definitely becoming more independent.

I was able to go to Nagoya and fell in love with it's chill vibe, along with meeting some awesome people and reconnecting with old friends (Yoshimi <3). Also, going to Nagoya confirmed that for sure I do want to come back to Japan but I will be aiming for Nagoya.

2013 did have a few downs, but definitely more ups.

I honestly don't know what 2014 has in store for me. I am just planning on making the most of my little time left in Japan. (Yes, now it seems little to me).

But for sure, I am going to work my ass off to save money for my tattoos and Japan for when I graduate. Guess that's my New Years resolution? :]

Monday, January 6, 2014

9 Microphones.

I'm very happy today, besides having only 3 hours of sleep (got to love procrastination).

I was waiting in Shibuya to meet up with Lyy and realized I told her I wanted to meet at the wrong time, I said 7:45 instead of 6:45. So I had time to spare and decided to head to Subciety.

I had been meaning to get a hoodie for the longest time, a zip up hoodie and a pullover. I was planning on getting a Rebel 8 pullover and buying a Nine Microphones hoodie which is a brand that K from PTP created.

Though this hoodie wasn't actually the one I originally wanted, but I still really liked this one.

It was a bit pricey, but since it is a brand by K I didn't mind it. One, because I seriously needed a hoodie and two, because K's music seriously had an impact on me. And since I wasn't able to go to the last live at Zepp Tokyo I thought this would make me feel better, and I was right.

Also, recently discovered that the bassist and the drummer of PTP are in a new band. I'm a bit late with this news since I really only followed Pablo but better late than pregnant.

Planning on going to some of their lives, heard the song "Thread and Needle" and immediately liked it. Reminds me of PTP in some ways.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My New Years // 名古屋

This post is a tad late, but better late than never :]

My New Years was spent in Nagoya. I had always imagined myself spending New Years in Tokyo when I was in Japan because I always wanted to do the countdown at Tokyo Tower when my friend Monica did this when she went.

But, I think spending it in Nagoya was the best decision I made since I would have spent it alone in Tokyo and would have no been fun.

Me and Lyy slept in till late and woke up for dinner lol. I really wanted to eat soba since that is what Japanese are said to do for good luck or what not but Lyy doesn't like soba so we had udon instead.

It was in a cute, modern, wooden restaurant. I really loved it and the udon was amazing <3 Me and Lyy were so full afterwards we both looked pregnant haha. I was pregnant with twins and she was pregnant with one again. I named my pregnant babies Hiro and Issei haha. Lyy was always reluctant to name hers hahaha.

Afterwards we walked a bit and took New Year purikura :D it actually didn't turn out as great as we hoped but we were happy to have some to commemorate our New Years.

I told Lyy how I really wanted to go to a temple on New Years since that was always my second back up plan to the Tokyo Tower countdown so we decided to go to a temple we had seen by Osu where we usually go.

It was very lively around the temple. Groups of young people were single in and messing around in one corner, while kids were running around all over the place. There were many different types of stands of food. I would have tried them all if I wasn't broke and full from our dinner.

I really wanted the chocolate banana but Lyy wasn't being mature about it lol. I ended up getting a candy apple instead, which was also cheaper and it was my first time having one. It was quite delicious ^-^

It was still early before the countdown so me and Lyy just decided to walk around until it became closer to the time.

We walked quite a bit, and realized that Osu was extremely close to the live house where EYA played. Me and Lyy thought, "WTF?" since we realized we could have just walked there from our hotel. It would have been a 30 minute ish walk, but still since it's cold it wouldn't be bad.

Shortly after, we walked back to the temple.. Lyy wanted to smoke first so we were outside 7-Eleven for a bit before we went in. There was a bunch of people outside of this 7-Eleven which made me quite uncomfortable lol, always sucked with big crowds.

Lyy was soon done and we walked to the temple gates when I almost crashed into a guy. I apologized in Japanese and went on, I had lost Lyy for a moment since she went another way but I found her shortly.

Soon after the guy I almost crashed into came up from behind and asked me if I was half. I told him no but he shook his head and said, "絶対ハーフ (zettai hafu)" all happily lol. I laughed and told him not but he kept insisting, eventually he asked what were our plans, etc so I briefly told him but then told him we were leaving so he let us go.

Me and Lyy kept laughing and repeating"絶対ハーフ!!" It was so funny how certain he was about it haha, though he was not the first person to tell this to me.

I actually get it quite a lot and at first I thought "wtf are they talking about?" Though I saw it as a compliment because I always thought mixed people were pretty I didn't see it. But after thinking about it a bit more I could somewhat understand where they are coming from since even people in the California thought I was mixed with some Asian sometimes.

Anyways, me and Lyy went back to the temple and waited for the countdown. When it reached 12am the bells rang and the people started heading into the temple. Many people hugged, cheered and drank their canned beers, took pictures, etc.

Me and Lyy hugged and then took pictures haha. She called her family back home to wish them a Happy New Year. I couldn't call mine because of the time difference but I was planning on calling my mom tomorrow.

We actually found out that the temple we were at was the biggest temple in Nagaoya LOL. It was nice though, because even though it was crowded it was definitely not to Tokyo standards which was a big reason why it appealed to me so much coming to Nagoya, less crowds.

Me and Lyy didn't have any other plans so after chilling for a bit and walking around Osu.

This time we came across the temple in Osu and some other nice places.

We were originally going to get a New Years cake (just buy a small cake from Family Mart) but we couldn't find anything that was remotely similar to a cake that we were looking for so we decided to just pass on the cake and save us the calories lol.

We ended up passing a row of low riders parked on the side of the street. Ugh, gotta love Nagoya. Definitely reminds me of So-cal.

We eventually walked back to the hotel and stayed up longer that we wanted. We actually went back out on a random mission at 3AM lol.

We were so freakin' genki and laughing and what not that guys were actually coming up to us asking us what where we were going, etc haha I think it helped that the guys must have had some alcohol in them already as well but we were on a mission lol.

The mission was a bust, but it was so fun and spontaneous that we enjoyed just randomly going out at 3AM haha. We ended up staying up all night talking. We could've even seen the first sunrise but me and Lyy didn't know any high building we could have climbed up to see it -.-

Oh well, the New Year was still fun and that 3AM mission made it even more fun.

My New Years wasn't exciting at all, it was simple but it was nice. I love these kind of things the best.