Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy N Y E.

I started my New Years goals a tad early and started working out. Woke up today sore and in pain, it was the best feeling ever. Not even being sarcastic lol. Soreness is my motivation.

Anyways, it's New Years Eve and I'm chillin' in my sister's room watching The Proposal, love this movie and it's been forever since I've seen it. I really am enjoying staying in and relaxing. Especially since it has been so cold recently! There was a lovely fall of snow flurries :] 

Anywho, I decided to write a post looking back on this year.

This year started out great, with me spending New Years in Nagoya with my best friend Lyy. I also had many firsts in Japan and became more comfortable in my skin as the year progressed. The friends I made were awesome, and more than ever I became more sure of my life choices.

So many things that I thought would never happen ending up happening. Even me thinking back on it now I still think it was crazy, but it was amazing.

My life ended up becoming not so good once I came back from Japan. I had a lot of problems with my family and trying to adjust, but I'm taking it one step at a time and I hope it will slowly get better.

Brightside, I got to reconnect with some of my friends, Hopy and Jenn ♡

I already mentioned my New Year goals in my last post, and I am working on them now. I know this year is not going to be easy, but I am going to make the most of it to get to where I want to be. 

Time always seems to fly by, so hopefully this year will be the same and it will be a productive one.

One thing I learned from 2014: You're worth way more than you give yourself credit for.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Post Teeth Extraction & New Years.

So, needless to say, break has not been fun so far. The teeth extraction really impacted me more than I thought it would. I was throwing up non-stop the first day due to the anesthesia. I couldn't stomach anything which led to me not being able to take any of my medication as well so it didn't help with the pain. My mom called the doctor and my doctor said I would have to hold off on medication until I felt better because it could make the nausea worse.

I ended up being nauseous for several days, 6 to be exact. It was hard for me to eat anything because I'm not used to taking medication either. Didn't help my mom decided to take us to Mexico for my grandma's birthday. I already get carsick but with the state I was in, I felt so sick the whole time. I was unable to enjoy myself and neither was my family because I couldn't eat the food they wanted to eat due to the extraction.

My mom realized it was her mistake to force me along. Glad she acknowledged it but it wasn't till we were back at home. But the last day wasn't too bad, only the morning I was feeling extremely nauseous but afterwards, the trip home I felt fine.

We stopped by Palm Desert because my mom and little sis wanted to go shopping. It was very beautiful. Palm Desert seriously reminded me of Laguna Beach or something but just in the desert. There was so much to do, and I would love to stop by there sometime in the future.

It's crazy it's going to be New Years Eve tomorrow. I was planning on going with Tia and her family but after the teeth extraction and Mexico trip, I'm not feeling up for it. I still get nauseous here and there so I just want to wait till I'm 100% better to do anything and just relax at home.

I'm thinking for this New Years I am going to stay at home, chillin' and marathoning tv shows or movies. That sounds so nice.

As for New Years resolutions? Same old, same old. They sound like typical resolutions or goals but this is the stuff I am aiming for:

Work out more. The classic. I want to take advantage of the ARC since it's my last year at UCI and I am going to be living on campus starting next quarter. Also, more than ever I want to get the body I had when I came back from Japan but just toned. My little sister is motivating me more than ever. 
Build up my style more. I already know what kind of style I want. Just need to build my closet, this goes hand in hand with working out more as cropped shirts are my favorite and I want a toned belly. I probably am not going to buy any clothes because I don't have the money for that, but lookbooks and whatnot are going to be my best friend so I will know what I want when I do get the chance to buy clothes. Also, hair and makeup falls within this, which leads to my next. 
Mess around with makeup more. I've always loved the smokey eye makeup and contouring and whatnot but never played around with it. It seems so hard, but I want to mess with it more to express my style more. I always give up when I try to do anything new with makeup but I'm going to try really hard not to this time. 
Do more photoshoots. This actually ties in with the first three, mostly the working out one. I haven't been able to do any shoots since I don't have my car anymore. Probably will be limited when I am living on campus as well, but this will be the perfect time to work hard on my body and mess around with makeup for my shoots. Even if I can't do any shoots now, I want to get myself prepared for when I have a car and will be able to. 
Study Japanese more. I want to my Japanese to become better. I'm forgetting the little I learned in Japan. So I will try to study more consistently and seriously. 
Save up for Japan. Of course, the big whammy. I am aiming to return to Japan in 2016. We will see if that happens. Making that money is the most important but a lot will be going to bills. I will try not to stress and just save the little I can. Japan is the long term goal, and I am slowly working on some stuff now for this goal.

I am motivated more than ever to work on these goals and be productive. New year, new quarter, new classes, new living situation, going to try to hard to make the most of it. All these goals were actually goals in general, not just for New Years.

The problem is I can be so lazy and unmotivated but I'm going to try my best to stay motivated.

I find that logging the progress of my goals does this. So I will probably be keeping track of my diet/workout routine and plan, lookbook for my style inspiration, tumblr/instagram for my makeup inspiration as well as photoshoot inspiration. Or maybe even pintrest for all. We'll see.

Let's get working!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bye Bye to my Second Family.

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Today was the day I finished classes, work, and moved out of Tia's house. It was also the last day I would be hanging out with Tia before I moved back home.

I picked her up at her school which was surprisingly in the ghetto of Santa Ana. It's been forever since I've been in such an uneasy place, okay well actually K-town in LA was sketchy as fuck too.

Anywho, we went to Daiso after I picked her up. She need to get some gifts for her friends and I needed to turn in an application.

Afterwards we picked up a few other job applications and then went to Curry House to eat and fill in the apps.

I was pretty chill. We just talked and ate and caught up. Even though we lived together I was always busy with school and work and she was busy non-stop with school so we only really talked around dinner time with her family.

After eating, we walked around the shopping center and got some more job apps. I need another job.

When we were finished and were heading back to the car, a guy stopped us in the parking lot. And old asian guy to be exact. He asked us for directions to a freeway so we didn't think anything of it, especially since he had a thick accent we thought he was lost. Turns out, he tried hitting on us. Asking us where we lived and what school we go to and that he was looking for friends and he would want to invite us for coffee and invite friends.

We hurried and scurried away, he was so creepy. He looked around 40 years old and tried to say he was 26. And Tia is underage!! Creep.

We then went to Cha for Tea as we waited for the traffic to die down a bit and talked some more.

We went back home where we had dinner with her mom and she surprised me with a Christmas gift. It was a Kate Spade wallet. I usually don't care for brand things but I really liked it because it was a gift from them.

I hugged them and afterwards me and Tia chilled in my room. She did my nails and we talked some more. I was so happy because I usually have dark nails because I feel like I look weird with light colors but these looked so pretty!

It was getting late so I had to leave soon. So I said goodbye to her family. They told me if I ever needed anything I can always ask them, and that they will miss me. They even invited me to come visit them on New Years.

I honestly love her family, and cannot thank them enough for what they've done for me. They are like a second family to me.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Winter Break.

I finished my last final today. This quarter is almost over for me, tomorrow is my last day of work and then I will be going home for winter break.

I actually should be packing up my room now, but I just want to relax for a bit before I have to start doing stuff. Tomorrow I am also picking up Tia from school and we are hanging out before I go back home. I am excited to do something fun!

It's nothing to exciting tbh, just lunch or something but still, the last time I did anything was when I went out with Jenn. I just want to do something.

I am sad I am leaving Tia's house though. Her family feels like a second family to me and I cannot repay them for what they have done for me. I got them some gifts for Christmas and thank you cards as well but no words can express my gratitude towards them.

So happy this quarter is over! Kinda excited to move into my new place next quarter. But for now, I'll take it one step at a time. Which is getting my wisdom teeth removed. Fun! lol

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I'm pretty sure I sound like a hippie.

I wonder why people are so concerned with other people's decisions? When my coworkers try to get my opinion about other people's life decisions, chances are they are going to getting a hippie response.

I personally don't care what other people do with their lives as long as they are not hurting anyone. Sure, somethings I may not understand but I try my best not to give them crap about it because everyone is different. I'm not a saint, and of course some things get the best me of me where I end up judging people but I try to catch myself afterwards and remind myself to shut up because it's their life and not mine.

Well, a lot of the time my co-workers talk and sometimes they say something judgey about someone's actions and come to me for validation. Usually, it ends up not being what they wanted to hear and it ends with an awkward silence. Here are two instances:

One. The other day I was sitting in the lounge as I was waiting for my next shift to begin. One of my co-workers was on her laptop and then does a sigh of disgust and looks at me and says, "why do pregnant women take nude photos?" with disapproval in her tone. While looking at my laptop I replied, "well, some women do not believe that nudity is a sexual thing but more of a natural part of life, and has been sexualized due to society views so when they take photos of themselves nude and pregnant it is more of a sensual thing rather than a sexual one" I looked up from my laptop and she just stared at me and went back to looking at hers. She didn't say anything else after that. It was pretty awkward. 
Two. Today, a coworker and her friend were in the lounge. Since it's finals week it is pretty dead at work. They were talking about a friend who just had a baby and they said the baby is so cute but the boyfriend has a tattoo on his face of an axe. They started judging him because of the tattoo he had on his face. I was on the computer, finishing up a final when my coworker asks me, "how would you feel if your boyfriend had an axe tattoo on his face?" I was continued typing without turning around and responded, "it's his body, he can do whatever he wants" then there was the awkward silence. I could tell that they probably exchanged glances at each other thinking I was crazy, because this coworker knows I don't mind face tattoos and gives me crap for it all the time. She just responded, "oh, that's true" after the long awkward pause and the silence continued until they geared it towards the baby and gushed about how cute he was.

I don't know, this stuff bothers me. Clearly, if I am writing a blog post on it. But I wish more people could be chill and just live their lives and not care about anyone else's. Haha okay, I definitely sound like a hippie now.

I don't know, just some random rant. Flower power <insert flower emoji here> lol

Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's starting to feel like the holidays.

Definitely is feeling like the holidays. You know why? Harry Potter is playing.
It always feels like it's Christmas when Harry Potter is playing.
Finals start Thursday for me.
So excited for this quarter to be over!

12 more days till break.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Little Box.

My pleasant life in California is not so pleasant anymore. I have been too lazy to write about this but after reading my "Tokyo Daydreams" post and talking about how nice my life is California was at the time made me realize how much my life has changed since that post.

My life has become much more complicated since the beginning of November.

I am even more limited than before when it comes to my freedom, before it was because of my parents but since I moved out because school started it wasn't too bad and only money hindered me. But now, my parents have restricted my freedom again.

My dad crashed my car, and it was pretty bad. Luckily, he is safe. Not so lucky for me, he crashed it so bad they cannot repair it. Or more like, the insurance doesn't want to because it's not worth it.

Because of this, I've been using my little sister's car to go to school. I was lucky my little sister was nice enough to let me take it for when I have classes which is Monday-Friday. But I have to come back for weekends.

She now takes me mom's car or has her bf take her since she lives 20 minutes away from home. Luckily, because my mom was going to have me move back in and commute 1 hour and 30 minutes every day. Which isn't too bad, but trust me, a train ride and car ride are completely different.

And, spending that time with my mom would completely hinder our relationship even more so I'm grateful.

But, because I come home weekends I cannot hang out with my friends. And during the week I am busy with school and work.

I don't have friends in my hometown, and even if I did my mom wouldn't let me go out. I don't know, she has this idea that if I go out on the weekends when I am home that this shows I am going out like crazy on the weekends over in Irvine. It's difficult.

She also went as far as having my sister count the miles on the car to make sure I am not going anywhere besides school and back to Tia's house. Which I already knew she was going to do, she tries to be sneaky about things but I know how she works. I mean, I've lived with her my whole life.

Living with strict parents is hard. So the last time I've gone out with anyone was with Jenn. I am going to try to hang out with some friends before I have to go home for break but with work and finals coming up, I don't know. Plus not being able to drive anywhere because of the mileage counting.

We'll see how it goes. At least in January I will be living on campus, I think then I will have more freedom. But even then, I don't want to go out much because I'm trying to save money to return to Japan.

I'll look at this in a positive light, I'm saving more money.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Oh, hello December.
Lovely how quickly time passes.

19 days till this quarter is over.

Friday, November 28, 2014


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and my 23rd birthday. We didn't do much, it was a nice dinner with the family and my birthday cake was pumpkin pie. This was actually something similar to what I wanted in Japan last year so it was nice I got it this year. 

I didn't eat a lot, a lot but it was definitely more than usual so Issei was not happy at all D: I felt nauseous afterwards -.- but the pie was yummy, and all the food was delicious in general so I was happy :D

I don't feel like I am 23 years old though. Time goes by quickly, and I will soon be graduating. 

+ + +

I'm on Thanksgiving break, it was only 4 days, including the weekend but it was a nice break from going to school every day. I've been watching movies non-stop, especially X-men :] Unfortunately, we don't get a break from homework since I'm swamped in it. But this quarter is almost over, and next quarter I will be living on campus so I can do more things at school. 

Next break will be winter break, and I'm not looking forward to it that much since I will be getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Lol lovely, but at least one less thing to worry about!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Moments.

I have been coming home weekends due to the car situation. It was been alright though, bumpy here and there but I've been okay.

Today was nice because we had a lunch where we got to get to know my little sister's boyfriend. I met him before but this was the first time we all hung out and talked. It was pretty fun. This was also the first time i realized the stereotype of loud Mexican families is not a stereotype LOL.

I really like my sister's boyfriend and although they haven't been dating long it feels like they have known each other forever. They really seem like a good match and I hope they last for a good while. My sister has been so happy and I'm happy when she is happy.

I just walked into her room to throw away some trash and saw her and her bf fell asleep on each other while facetiming. I seriously can't help but smile at how cute she is right now. It's always nice to see those you care about fall in love and be happy.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Midterms / Work / Awkward Boy Interaction.

Today I took my last midterm, I'm not sure how I did on any of my midterms but I'm just happy it's over. My lack of motivation is so real, it's ridiculous.

However, today at work I met some awesome girls looking to study abroad. 

I really enjoyed talking to them and telling them about my experience of study abroad. When I meet people like this, it seriously makes me love my job. We talked so much and in the end exchanged contact info.

One of the girls is part Japanese, Mexican, Irish, and Native American and she is looking to study abroad in Japan. She gave off such a chill vibe and had purple hair, I really enjoyed her. The other girl recently came back from Thailand and was open to studying abroad anywhere it was nice talking to her about her experience as well :] I really love my job, I hope to see them again!

Today these two guys that usually come by came by my work again. They are weird, chill, and funny so it's actually entertaining when they come by and makes work fun when it's slow. The other day, one of my co-workers was saying that they are interested in me and that's why they come by but I didn't believe her. But sure enough, they asked about what days I work and always come when I'm working. 

Also, today I came in later because I was studying for my Japanese midterm and when I came in one of them was saying "Ah there's Nina, she's the bae" I'm just there like .... how do I react to this shit? Lol. I thought I heard him wrong, but he repeated the bae part a couple more times. It's seriously been a while since guys have openly flirted with me or flirted in general lol (that Japan life tho lol). I have been keeping to myself so little to no people interaction (especially with guys) until these fools randomly started talking to me and my co-worker when we were tabling one day.

I just awkwardly pretend I didn't hear the comments because I seriously don't know how to react. One of the guys always pats me on my head also. Which is kinda cute, but weird lol. They are the type of guys that get comfortable quickly. 

I ran into one of them one time and the friend that I was with thought we were really good friends and I told her that was the third time me and him have ever talked to each other lol. I don't know, they're cool, they definitely make work interesting lol.

I've also been talking to Lyy a lot. She seriously keeps me sane while I am here in California. I'm happy to hear she is doing well and we talk everyday and skype weekends. I joke around and say it's like she is my boyfriend haha but that will be for another post :3

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Miss Wave in California ♪

My lovely friend Jenn, was able to visit me in California. I was super happy to see her to be honest. I consider Jenn one of my best friends and to catch up on everything was great.

We met up in Pasadena for brunch since she is staying with a friend in West Hollywood. 

We didn't do much, in fact we did the same shit we did in Japan which was go to a restaurant (Japan was a cafe) and eat and just chill there and talk for hours and then migrate to a new place and talk for more hours lol.

We met up around 11am and stayed out till 5pm. I didn't have a car (long story) so my mom came to pick me up around then. 

I was really happy we met up, it's like time didn't pass at all. She caught me up with everything of hers and I caught her up with my things.

I was really bummed when we had to part to be honest because I don't know when the next time I'll see her. She may stay in the East in the U.S. and if I can I'll try to visit but I have no money and when I do have money I want to save up for Japan T__T 

It just sucks that we are probably going to be far away from each other from now on since I'm aiming for Japan and she doesn't see herself going back anytime soon since she just came back from there. But I'll probably try to visit once before I go back to Japan if the tickets aren't expensive. I need to see Jenn again before Japan and we are even further away D:

I always say how I wish we met sooner ;__; lol, oh well. I wish her the best, and we will for sure meet again sometime!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Umami Burgers / That Hipster Joint.

After class and work today, I ended up meeting my friend Mikey for the first time since i've been back from Japan.

He picked me up at UCI and we went to Costa Mesa to get Umami Burgers. I've never had it before and Mikey's mind was blown at that and ordered the only burger that should be ordered apparently lol.

The waiters were all cute hipster guys with tatts lol. I was definitely happy about that :3 haha

The burgers were really yummy. I loved it with the spicy sauce, it was juicy and delicious. Afterwards we had some dessert which was really good. Seriously, so delicious makes me happy thinking about the food again haha.

Me and Mikey just caught up, he asked me about Japan since he went to Japan before too. And we just caught up on everything else.

He wanted to go to Urban Outfitters to get a hat and we went to this place called the BAR which was a hipstery area with many shops, etc. He was freaking out that I've never been there lol. It was nice though, I'm thinking of bringing Hiromi there or something :3

It was nice talking with Mikey, he said he'll hit me up again to hang out. I told him next time he goes to SD again to hit me up and I'll drag Jenny along lol.

I have a midterm or two tomorrow, but I can't seem to care to study. Probably because I already know I'm going to do shitty. Senioritis at it's best. I want to graduate already.

Monday, November 3, 2014

New Place for Next Quarter.

Today was a good day, I finally found housing for next quarter! Me and Hiromi were planning to share a place,  so I searched for places and I was able to find a place close to campus. We were going to see it today around 6:30pm so I met up with Hiromi after work.

She was already done with class and was studying with one of her friends at the food court. We chilled there for a bit and I met another one of her friends. They were nice!

Afterwards me and Hiromi went our own ways and talked about many things. She went to Cha for Tea the first time and we got a crispy chicken snack and peach green tea boba :3

We talked till 7pm where we walked to the apartment and checked it out and liked it. We will be renting from January to June, so for the rest of the school year. I am so happy, this is one less thing to worry about. The main thing I was worried about to be honest.

Me and Hiromi will be sharing a room and bathroom. It's really great, we are both excited. Especially, since it's so close to campus. I can't wait to start going to the gym again T__T

It took a while, but finally found a good place. Thank goodness. Now hopefully I can find another job! I won't have my car though when I move there T__T it's both good and bad, good because less money, bad because it limits me, especially in jobs. Oh well.

So excited for next quarter. Me and Hiromi were saying it's time to go to Ikea lol

Friday, October 31, 2014

Colored Hair + Black Lips.

I had a photoshoot before work on Friday morning with the awesome Elle. I was excited to do this shoot because the photographer shoots alternative models and is an alternative model herself. She is also a makeup artist so she did my makeup and we mixed out wardrobe to get alt looks.

We mostly used clothes from her closet because my clothes are nonexistent. Got rid of most of them when I was coming back to the states and haven't had some extra cash to get clothes. So I was so happy that she said we could use her clothes as well!

The photoshoot was so much fun, this was the first time I had such heavy makeup though lol. I felt very uncomfortable when I had to go to class for an hour and come back to the shoot. But it was still fun because the makeup was done so nicely.

I'm super excited to see the photos, we did a few outdoor and indoor as well.

Elle is really chill and we are planning to shoot again when our schedule is both free. She was teaching me different alt looks, how to do some makeup tricks, all that stuff.

I also met her bf and roommates who were chill. One of her roommates was smoking and said we were welcome to smoke with him as well lol. I couldn't help but laugh to myself because this is something that you couldn't really do in Japan.

Although I love Japan, I did miss California's laidbackness. I think I mentioned this before.

Anyways, I was very happy I worked with Elle and got to meet her. She's an awesome person, great teacher, and I'm happy I'm getting closer to the modeling scene I am aiming for.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tokyo Daydreams.

My favorite view.

And so the depressing post-Japan posts begin.

I have missed Japan but have been holding back any sad talk about it because other than the housing situation my life in California has been pretty good other than the family issues here and there.

I am back in school, finishing my classes, got an amazing job on campus, I'm meeting some awesome new people, and am fitting some modeling into my schedule (though I wish I could fit more). The only downer is that all the money I make from my part time job is used on food and gas but I need to live right?

But recently I caught up with my friend Lyy on a phone call through LINE. We have been wanting to talk forever but our schedules always conflicted. I was so happy to talk to her again, and it was nice to catch up. Although we text everyday, it's not the same. When I got off the phone I was really happy and went to sleep content but I woke up really sad the next morning because the happiness I felt was like when I was in Japan.

But obviously, I was not in Japan and I wouldn't be seeing Lyy the next day. Us talking on the phone was as if I was there in Japan though. It made my chest feel heavy. I wanted to be with Lyy with our random nights out in Harajuku, going to the bar we like, chilling at Tower Records till the last train, smoking on the rooftop of that one building in Harajuku, I missed it all.

I wanted to go eat sushi with her next day and talk about our stupid boys and talk about shit that we thought would never happen but in fuckin' some twisted way it ended up happening. There is stuff that I can't talk about with my friends here, they wouldn't get it.

And most of all, I miss my freedom. But I've mentioned that before already. I miss the life I had in Japan. There were many ups and downs but the ups outweighed the downs for sure.

I'm sure I wouldn't be so bummed about being in California if I had more freedom to do the things I wanted. But sadly money limits me, and life in California is just as pricey as in Japan and my part time job in California pays way less than the job I had in Japan.

I know I'm coming back to Japan so I shouldn't fuss but I just wish it was sooner than later. I'm not the only one like this though, my fellow co-workers feel the same about their study abroad experience and are also finding ways to go back abroad once they graduate.

I need to make the most of my time in California though, so must stuff I want and need to do but I'm not even sure if I can do them.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

K-Town, Bitches, and Creeps, Oh My!

So Halloween, was super fun in the sense of dressing up. I was super excited and nervous to wear my Poison Ivy costume. I made it myself with the help of Tia. She is a Cosplay Queen and I couldn't have done it without her.

I was excited to dress up for Halloween since lat year's was so last minute on me doing something. This year, I was planning to go to the JSA Halloween clubbing event. I was also excited to take Hiromi since it was her first Halloween in California and clubbing event.

She got a cute costume as cleopatra and she looked gorgeous. We made sure to take photos :] 

We met up with my friend Gaby and her friend Brenda who were Little Red and the wolf. We left Irvine to go to the club in LA which was in K-town. Traffic wasn't too bad, and so we got there around 10pm ish.

To be honest, the clubbing event was not fun. JSA isn't was it used to be, and the people in JSA have a totally different vibe. I thought the other JSA's from USC and Long Beach might have a different vibe but it was pretty much the same.

The guys were really weird and creepy, they were touchy, aggressive, annoying, all that jazz. There were a little over 100 people and the whole night me and Hiromi only saw 2 cute guys lol.

The girls were really rude and bitchy, I thought it was just me but Hiromi mentioned it to me saying the girls were giving us mean looks and asked why. I also didn't know, but I noticed that shit too. Story of my life -__- lol.

Also, the music was either heavy hip-hop or heavy EDM, both not my type of music sadly. So I wasn't feeling it. Neither was Hiromi. Gaby and Brenda had alcohol to make it better though but since I was DD and the drinks were $14 Hiromi and me didn't have the alcohol to make it not as bad lol.

The clubbing event ended at 2am but we left a little early since we were bored, sleepy, and hungry. The ride back home was rough due to closed freeways but when we finally got back to Irvine we ate at BCD Tofu and then went to Gaby's place to knock out.

• • •

We woke up late the next day and ended up talking about our experience. To be honest, even though it sucked, it was really funny and we laughed at the weird shit that happened with the creepy guys. And the best part of the night? Dressing up and taking pictures ♡

After talking for several hours, me and Hiromi left to go get breakfast at IHop. It was yummy! I'm glad I met Hiromi, me and her have similar personalities and get along well. She says she really likes my personality as well.

After this clubbing event, we decided no more JSA though lol. It's definitely different from before so time to let it go lol.

So even though the clubbing event was a bust, hanging out with my friends was still fun. Definitely makes an interesting memory haha + this year is probably my favorite costume I've worn. So totally worth it. If I ever go to cons I'm wearing it haha xD

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One Ok Rock • House of Blues, Anaheim

Life has been eventful lately, October was a good month. I have been good, busy with work and school with some occasional fun time. 

I was lucky enough to see OOR at the House of Blues in Anaheim. They are becoming more international, and were playing in California when I was in Japan. I wanted to watch them at a small venue and I was lucky to do so.

I listen to OOR here and there but I'm not a religious fan or anything. But they were definitely one of the bands I wanted to see live.

They were definitely amazing in person. The sound was so clean, and Taka's voice was right on point with every note. It sounded exactly like the album. I seriously enjoyed it a lot. I would even consider to watch them again because of how good they sounded.

Surprisingly, everyone could sing a long to almost all of the songs. Both in Japanese and English :o It was really cool to hear them singing along to all the words along with Taka and when he would face the mic to the audience.

I really hope that coldrain will be coming to California soon. I want to see them in a small venue for sure as well, especially since they always sell out in Japan.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

CALIFORNIA VLOG • Hopy Visits from Denmark

I finally got around to editing the little footage I recorded when I was with Hopy.
To be completely honest, I should have been studying/doing homework instead,
but oh, how inspiration likes to come when you are procrastinating.

To be honest, I'm not too fond of this video because it's just beaches.
I wish I would have recorded us eating and shopping
but sometimes recording takes away from the mood + I would forget my camera lol.

Oh well, it was nice to see Hopy again!
And looking back on the footage of her makes me happy.
Next time I see her, will probably be Japan again :]

Friday, October 17, 2014

Round 2 at UCI.

I met up with my conversation partner on Thursday. She was really nice and we got along right away. My Japanese is definitely rusty. I need to practice more ><

We went to get yogurt at Yogurtland, she really liked it. Then she had Chipotle for the first time, we split some tacos. She likes spicy food which is different than most Japanese people lol. Like Ayaka, she is from Kobe. I told her about about me being abroad in Japan.

We ended up going to the JSA meeting. I'll admit I was a bit hesitant since most of the people I knew already graduated. There were way more people which was definitely intimidating. It also wasn't so fun unfortunately. But they are having a Halloween clubbing event again this year. I'm seriously considering going. Hiromi really wants to go ^^

We'll see, it's going to be in LA at this one club I'm been wanting to go to called the Belasco. So tempted lol.

Feels like this year is another round of my first year. Don't know how I feel about that to be honest. Oh well, going to enjoy my last year at UCI :]

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I met up with Jenny for the first time since coming back from Japan.
I missed talking to her, and forgot how well she got me.
It's crazy how much me and her are like in a different way from my other friends.
I missed her, and didn't realize it till we met up.
We talked for hours non-stop and though we wanted to talk more, she had work the next morning and so did I.

I don't know when is the next time we'll meet.
Our schedules are all over the place, but it will be nice to hang out again.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Little Wolf.

I wanted a change, so I decided to change my Instagram name to: little.w0lf

Recently, I wanted to hurry and change it to get rid of people who were following me who I didn't want to follow me lol, but I decided to just ignore them.

But actually, I have been wanting to change it for a while now, since I was in Japan to be honest. But I couldn't figure out a username that felt right. I didn't want xiirosary anymore, but usernames I tried didn't suit me. There were times I changed it to something and hurried and changed it back lol.

I like xiirosary but it made things complicated with the roman numerals and it was a username from a different point of my life that I feel like I've kinda grown out of it in some sense.

I wanted something with wolves since it's my favorite animal and my next big tattoo piece is going to be a wolf. Wolves have a very personal meaning to me.

I initially wanted a username with something to the effect of "red wolf" because of my red hair. But, I was hesitant because I knew I would not have red hair forever (sadly).

After watching the new episode of The Originals, I heard Klaus call Hayley, "Little wolf" like how he usually does. And right away, I knew it was perfect.

I forgot he called her that, it was something I always loved from the beginning in TVD. I thought it was a cute nickname, and the meaning of it is more than it appears which is also why I love it. This username feels right, as weird as it sounds.

Sounds lame to have such an attachment to a nickname/username. But, The Originals always hits home.

Gifset from: bloodygifs

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Short Shoot & Shaved Ice.

October 3rd, 2014

Finally me and Tia were able to hang out more. Even though we live together for now, we have both been busy. Me with school and work and her with school. She needed to do a photoshoot with me for one of her classes so we did that and while we were at it she invited her friend her is a photographer to do a shoot as well.

It was super hot that day, and we were dying lol. So after we were done shooting we decided to go to get shaved ice. It was so yummy and soft O__O I've never had such soft shaved ice than the shaved ice we ate that day. Also, the condensed milk made it so much better!

Afterwards, we headed to Curry House since it's been a while that we ate curry. 

I was planning on heading home this weekend since it's my sister's birthday. So after a long day of class and work and the shoot, I drove to my hometown. Luckily, I didn't arrive too late, it was around 10:30pm but I talked to my mom for a bit and caught her up on what's been going on.

Lately I've been sleeping really early since I get up early. I usually try to go to bed at 10pm no later than 10:30pm. Such a grandma, and such a 180 compared to when I was in Japan lol xD

I still miss Japan here and there. But I am glad to be back at my university studying however, I'm glad this is my last year :D lol

Friday, October 3, 2014

Back to my roots.

September 30th, 2014

I met up with my friend Joelle to catch up on everything that has happened so I left to Japan. It was nice to catch up, I forgot how crazy and fun she is. Totally different from me haha.

We ended up doing a small shoot since we were already meeting up. Joelle was actually the first photographer I ever worked with. I love her work.

The shoot was super short, probably 15 minutes total haha. We were mostly too busy catching up, talking, and sharing our life stories. But even with the shoot being so short, we still got some nice photos :]

I was happy because Joelle shot me when my hair was purple :] I have been recently experimenting with getting purple/blue temporary dye and ended up with the color I have now. I love it, and am thinking of dying it purple again next time but Manic Panic ain't cheap lol.

We'll see, if not red is always a great option. I just wanted something different since coming back from being in Japan. I did want pastel, but the length of my hair and to keep it "healthy" at a hair salon would be starting at $250. Which, to be honest for something that's not permanent, I don't think it's worth it.

So I'll stick with reds or deep purples :]

Photographer: Grunge Gypsee

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Things don't always go as planned.

Pretty much as the title says, things don't go as planned and I am now looking for a new housing situation. To make a long story short, the arrangement I had was changed when I moved in and I would be working much longer hours than stated.

I personally wouldn't have had a problem if I didn't have another job where I actually get paid for. It was taking away time from that, and I was worried how the situation would be when I ended up starting school. I knew I would have no time because the owner of the daycare was not flexible with the schedule at all.

Instead of a volunteer, I was a nanny 24/7 for also her and her family. Oh well, people take advantage sometimes. I don't have ill feelings towards the owner, she was nice and I really enjoyed working with all the kids. But I just wish she didn't change things up on me.

So now, I am currently staying at Tia's house. Which I am forever grateful to her family, especially her mom. I love her so much. They let me stay in her brother's room since he is off in college also until I can find a place of my own.

I'm already looking at other options since I don't want to stay too long even though they said they don't mind.

I was able to catch up with Tia for a bit about my life and hers. She's the first person I've been able to meet with since coming back from Japan. We're hanging out today too, so I'm excited for that :]

I just hope we both won't get distracted and we can do our homework when we need to. Besides that, I'm grateful and happy. Seriously. You guys have no idea. 

And even though things didn't work out with the living situation and I have to crash at someone's place. I feel like everything is going to work out. Oddly, I'm not worried.

I already started working at a study abroad peer advisor and I love the job! Also, classes start next week which I'm excited for. I can't help but laugh that even with all these bumps in the road I'm super happy with everything in my life. And grateful for the people I know I can count on.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Friends Don't Pay the Bills.

Life has been hectic, but it's been good. I recently moved into my new home and it seems to be going well. I ran errands yesterday and got several things done and when I came back I started working at the daycare.

I'll admit, it was a bit overwhelming at first when kids are calling you left and right to tell you unnecessary things and everyone wants attention lol. "Teacher, teacher!" was what I heard constantly haha. But towards the end of the day I got the hang out it and I think next time will be even better.

Meanwhile, I start my other job as a study abroad peer advisor on Monday. That would be my on campus job that I was lucky enough to get. I'm so happy because it's a great opportunity. We'll see how that goes!

Since coming back from Japan I haven't been able to meet up with any of my friends since I was in my hometown. Now that I'm out in Orange County I still haven't been able to and not sure when I can since I'm working two jobs and going school full time.

I'll admit I'm bummed, but I'm not too sad because I'm very happy to have the opportunity to have these two jobs because they are my main priority.

This is going to sound horrible but friends don't pay the bills, sad but true lol. Once I have settled in more and have a set schedule I will try to go out but as of now, I need to focus on my jobs and school. My non-existent social life is at a pause to remain even more non-existent lol.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ups and Downs.

As I mentioned before, there are many ups and downs. Today was an up. I went and ran errands with my mother, since I am leaving soon, tomorrow to be exact. She has been getting sad so less of butting heads has occurred and though I don't want to leave home yet, I know the space will be good for us.

I was able to luckily find a housing situation where I volunteer at a daycare and get free room and board. I am very excited because I already checked it out and the children are adorable, this will also help me if I decide to work with kids in the future.

So today me and my mom went to get the oil changed of the truck seeing as I will be using it to go to school. Which kinda makes me happy because no car in California sucks, but how much gas the truck eats up also sucks so I will only be using it to go to class and occasional outings with my friends in the area.

While we were out, we had lunch and just talked. I was really having fun with my mom and really enjoyed spending lunch with her, the food was delicious and the conversation was nice. My mom was happy as well.

We loved the food so much that my mom asked to talk to the chef where we complimented the dishes and he was nice enough to give us the recipe! He told us to come back and tell him how it was when we make it. He was really nice. And so was our waitress actually. It was just a good day.

I'm packing and getting ready to leave tomorrow night. I feel anxious going back to school for some reason. We'll see where it goes.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Love, Oh Love.

Alysha Nett is probably my favorite alternative model.
She is pretty, fun, and cute. I seriously love the vibe she brings.
She is definitely an inspiration to me.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Life has been difficult. Although there are many ups in my life, the main downer that keeps me down is paying for my education.

I was able to get another job and so starting this fall I will be a study abroad peer advisor. Unfortunately, with the stress of money I have not been able to be so happy about it because it won't help me much.

I am constantly having problems with my mother. We didn't get along much before but it is worse now than before. Probably because in Japan I supported myself and got used to doing things on my own that it's hard to re-adjust to strict parents.

I don't know what's going to happen, but I just hope I can get enough loans to pay for my school.

Problems of a broke college student.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cel-e-brate ♪

Today, my sister finished her summer classes. She is finally free after taking two summer sessions of summer school, and I am so proud of her. We went out to eat to celebrate and she decided to go to Gyu-kaku. It's definitely been a while, though I did go there once in Japan but it's a tad different.

It was nice to go out and have a nice dinner just the two of us. Though, I will be excited once I'm back in Irvine and we can go out since I always have to cover my legs at home.

We might go do something fun this Friday because our friend Krista wants to hang out now that she is free and I'm back from Japan. Pool and billiards anyone? I'm excited.

School is stressful as always, although I haven't started it, there are many things up in the air. We'll see how that goes. Life has definitely been harder since coming back from Japan. I want to start working as soon as possible but that's a whole other story.

Oh, and ran into an Audi R8 today. I missed seeing beautiful sports cars all the time. Although Japan has a car culture its different from California. But I'll talk about that another time.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beach Cities.

Today, I took Hopy to Orange County. It was so much fun, even the car ride there lol. The hour drive went by quickly singing along to the radio and showing Hopy different areas.

We passed a desert area and during that time REO Speedwagon's "Keep on Loving You" was playing. Hopy said it was like a typical movie scene, driving in the desert listening to classic rock lol.

When we arrived in Orange County we decided to go to the beach since it was still somewhat early. We went to Corona Del Mar ^-^ I would have taken her to my favorite beach, Laguna Beach but it wa a bit out of the way and Corona Del Mar is also lovely.

We chilled there for a bit walking in the sand and water. Hopy said the last time she went to the beach was in Japan with me, so long ago!

We ended up going to eat, and i took her to get Chipotle. It reminded her of taco rice as well and she liked it a lot. I then took her to my uni since it was close and we just chilled there and got some Starbucks to share. Matcha frap, always <3

Soon afterwards we wanted to take purikura so we went to Diamond Jamboree. Hopy loved all the different Asian food lol. She was also surprised by how many Asians were in Orange County, but she liked it. And she liked all the other different ethnicities and how you heard so many different languages.

We found out the purikura place was closed down. I was so bummed, both of us were. So we got tea to make us feel better, bubble tea but with aloe vera jelly rather than the regular boba.

We chilled there for a bit and then headed to the mall to go shopping. Hopy really wanted to go to MAC Pro to get some stuff since she gets a discount since she is a makeup artist at MAC in Denmark. She got lots of things and she got me some things as well, I was so happy ;__; thank you again Hopy, seriously, you have no idea!

She also shopped at Victoria's Secret. She bought so much cute things, can't wait till I start working lol. Yay for VS bras and panties <3

We took lots of derpy pictures and then her cousin came to get her. We said goodbye and said we'd probably meet in Japan again the next time we meet.

I really love Hopy, and am so happy she came. I wish we could have done more but my parents are a bit strict. I was happy to see her and to hang out again. It still trips me out she came to California and we met up here, but in a good way.

I need to go to Denmark sometime, until then, we'll meet again in Japan :]