Sunday, December 22, 2013

Taketo's Birthday & Holiday Plans.

Yesterday was Taketo's birthday party. And it was pretty fun, but me and Lili came later. We drank as much as we could to get our money's worth. I was the good kind of drunk, just a bit tipsy. Lili ended up getting wasted though O__O lol

She's a fun drunk though, always genki and shit haha. She wanted to go clubbing really bad though but Taketo decided to go karaoke instead. So we chilled at the karaoke place.

Even with alcohol I still tend to be a tad awkward in social situations. Didn't help that I wasn't feeling too well so I went to the toilet and there was this guy that was really fucked up. I ended up helping him and getting him water and stuff.

Turns out it was one of Taketo's good friends. I was mostly helping him to be honest, I felt so bad for him.

After a while we ended up leaving the karaoke but already missed the last train. Lili really wanted to go clubbing really bad lol. But no one was up for it. The 3 guys are in sports clubs at Keio and had to go to practice in the morning. Since the 3 of us were going back to Hiyoshi and Lili needed to go somewhere else we parted ways.

I ended up being with Hiroshi and the other guys (forgot his name ><) and we went to Denny's. Which, let me tell you is nothing like the one in America lol. But we had this tasty curry food and Hiroshi just slept.

I talked to the other guy a bit and then eventually I fell asleep for a bit too. Dennis and some other guys came, and then we left to go on the first train.

☓ ☓ ☓

Christmas is just around the corner, and just as many foreigners say you really can't tell it's Christmas. Sadly, I have to work but I will be spending my Christmas with Lyy ^-^

Something chill sounds nice. And we will be going to Nagoya this weekend. I am very excited to be going out of Tokyo for a bit again and just chillin' with Lyy in our favorite place.

I really want to go to Komeda's again and get some cheap taco rice! That place has the best taco rice so far. And I want pizza *__* <3 so many fun things to do. We will also probably be meeting Yashin, so that will also be fun ^^

Lyy will be leaving to Singapore soon :[ we need to make the most of our time together ><

Time is going by so fast, seriously can't believe how much time has passed while I've been in Japan. I've been in Japan for 5 months already but it doesn't even feel like it, still feels like 3 or something haha.

I still feel like there's still a lot more time left though, so I am not worried :]

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