Saturday, December 28, 2013

Not So Exciting First Day // 名古屋

I met with Lyy Thursday night in Ikebukuro to catch the last bus to Nagoya.

We decided to meet at Edge since that's the easiest place, unfortunately Lyy was a bit late and I didn't notice that outside of Edge there were a shit load of guys. I got asked to take a picture for a group of people, which was extremely uncomfortable because then one of the guys (who was drunk) kept telling me I was cute.

Then a little after that a group of guys came out and tried to nanpa. They thought I was half and asked if I wanted to go drink with them LOL. They were also drunk and I couldn't understand their Japanese so I just kindly rejected the offer lol.

Shortly after, Lyy came! I was so happy to see her. I had been sick with food poisoning and was only just starting to feel better so we just went to the conbini to get vegetable onigiri before we went on the bus.

Riding the night bus to Nagoya was super chill, it wasn't bad at all and time went by extremely fast. By the time we arrived to Nagoya it was 6am. We walked to Komeda's to wait for it to open.

I was really hungry but still was feeling nauseous from the food poisoning to by the time we were able to eat, I couldn't eat much :[ but it was still nice to have some food in my stomach!

We couldn't check into the hotel till 3pm though! Me and Lyy were really tired since we didn't sleep much on the bus.

We ended up going to Starbucks in Sakae and just chillin' there. I ended up even taking a few naps while Lyy played on her phone.

It became strangely crowded around lunch time though. I felt weird sleeping and was talking to Lyy. We noticed that people were eating straight up meals at Starbucks and treating it like a sit-in restaurant O__O

This doesn't happen in America, and Lyy said the same with Singapore so we were a bit weirded out lol. Me and Lyy chatted a bit and ended up leaving a bit early to see if we could try to check in.

Sadly we weren't able to check in till exactly 3pm -___- so lame. But when we finally did check in we ended up talking and talking and not even sleeping till later lol. But when we did fall asleep, we stayed asleep till the next day.

Oh! One exciting thing that did happen was that it started to snow a bit in Nagoya that morning :3

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