Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Christmas with Lyy in Japan :]

This Christmas was probably my favorite Christmas. Though I had to work, Lyy came to my work and waited for me to get off so we can go countdown together to Christmas day. She does this with her family and I do this with mine.

I really wanted to get chicken and a Christmas cake since I know this is how Japanese celebrate their Christmas LOL. Luckily at work, a customer brought chicken for everyone to eat :D and then after I got off work me and Lyy went to Hiyoshi to go buy a cake.

We were planning on getting a really small one from the conbini and light candles and make a wish. But right outside Hiyoshi station there were people selling Christmas cake. There was a cheesecake for 2500 yen. I love cheesecake and Lyy wanted it as well so we got it. It actually ended up being on 1500 yen, probably because it was so close to Christmas, 5 minutes!

Me and Lyy hurried to buy candles to make it in time but we didn't -__- LOL and turns out there was candles already in the box, I was so bummed lol.

We went to Keio's Hiyoshi campus and sat on the side to light the candles and what not. But it was so windy they kept blowing out LOL. Me and Lyy just kept laughing and finally we lit them and took pics of it and made a wish!

We decided we would eat the whole cake hahaha. It was so good! But so hard to eat O__O Lyy then said we had to eat all of it or else our wish wouldn't come true so we forced ourself to eat it haha. It was so much fun, and so nice. We got to eat cake under the stars which you saw so many.

I even saw a shooting star and made a wish <3 I swear it reminded me of back home, it was nice.

After much time, we finished the cake. I felt so huge and swear I wanted to puke haha. But we were craving something salty since we ate the cake and decided to go eat ramen :D

The ramen was so good, we had one to share since we knew we couldn't finish one ourselves haha. It seriously keep laughing when thinking back on it because it was so much fun. I seriously really loved it.

Afterwards, since we were still stuff we decided to walk to Tsunashima to go by the river. It was a 30 minute walk to the river but it was nice to walk off our food and just chill and talk. Eventually we were getting sleepy, since it was 2AM so we walked back again and went to my place and knocked out.

The next day, I had class. I woke up super late and was actually 30 minutes late to class but luckily my teacher was having technical difficulties so I didn't miss a thing.

I didn't want to go home after class so I asked Lyy if she wanted to hang out afterwards. She also wanted to so she came with me to school and waited for me to get out of class.

Me and Lyy wanted to just walk around so we decided to walk to Tokyo Tower since it is so close to my school, or looked like it. And it actually was O__O it was a 10 minute walk. It was pretty nice, it was my first time being there even though it's so close to campus.

I took the classic pictures and then there was Christmas illumination so I took pictures of that as well. Lyy would joke around and say it's definitely not Nabana no Sato lol.

Afterwards we went to the park next to the Tokyo Tower and then decided to walk to Hamamatsucho to look for something to eat.

Me and Lyy ate gyu-don and afterwards went to Starbucks and just talked about out upcoming trip to Nagoya. It was so nice and chill, I seriously had so much fun.

It seriously wasn't a big deal of what we did but usually on Christmas I just eat, countdown with family, and go to sleep. So it was night to be hanging out with Lyy and doing the whole Christmas cake thing I always wanted to do.

Plus, ramen, river, Tokyo Tower, and shootings stars?
Not to mention spending it with Lyy.
Best Christmas ever.

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