Sunday, December 29, 2013

Music, Sushi, Izakaya, Types, Drunk Dialing // 名古屋

My favorite day of the Nagoya trip :]

Saturday me and Lyy were planning to meet up with Yashin at night. Lyy was planning on going to EYA's last concert since she heard the venue was a good one. I've already seen EYA 3 times so I really wasn't up for seeing them again, plus I didn't have the money for it. So I was just going to wait for Lyy outside.

Me and Lyy had went to Osu to go eat cheap taco rice :3 seriously love it so much, it's the best taco rice I've ever had. Shortly after we came across soft cream and donuts *__* that was also amazing, me and Lyy shared it since we didn't think we could finish one on our own. But, it was surprisingly light~

Afterwards, we walked around and came across and arcade. Me and Lyy had already decided we wanted to take purikura in Nagoya so we went and took out first Nagoya purikura ever.

It was eventually time for the EYA live so we walked to the venue. Everything in Nagoya is so close! We ended up walking everywhere instead of taking the train which saved us quite a bit on transportation ^-^

By the time we got to the venue, there was a huge queue. Me and Lyy stayed on the side and decided to smoke a bit. There was nothing around the venue so Lyy was worried what I would do for the next 2 hours. I thought I could just chill outside and watch the PTP live stream of their last concert at Zepp Tokyo T__T (couldn't get tickets). But it was pretty cold so I wondered if I could stand being outside for so long.

After much contemplating, last minute (literally 5 minutes before the live lol) I decided to just go into the live house since two hours in the cold would suck. Lyy even helped pay for my ticket, and we went inside.

The venue was seriously packed and it was a big venue to begin with (funny how everyone only cares when the band is disbanding). Me and Lyy decided to be in the back by the stairs. It was nice to see EYA perform one last time but as it got more towards the end I wasn't feeling too well and left before the encore.

I ended up chillin' outside and waiting for them to finish so Lyy could come. I think it was another 30 minutes to an hour before they finished though. Lyy said they made thank you speeches.

Lyy was hoping to see one of the band members named Shoya so we decided to wait a bit and see if they would come out. We still had time before meeting Yashin, and had nothing better to do anyways.

There were some cute guys outside the live house which you could tell were Ryohei's friends since they all had bikes and were wearing more street style clothes. Lyy overheard them saying we were cute apparently LOL I never pay attention to this stuff -__-

We waited quite a bit, and it was eventually time to meet Yashin so we ended up just leaving. Lyy wasn't really bummed though so it was all good.

We were a bit late to meet Yashin so I apologized. We asked to meet at Sakae station exit one. He was waiting there with his co-worker, Hiro. 

They asked if we were hungry and by this time me and Lyy were starving so they asked us what we wanted to eat and we said sushi :D haha. They remembered of this sushi izakaya in Sakae and took us there.

I noticed when we were walking to the izakaya many people were staring. I think it is because Yashin looks intimidating and Hiro is so tall O__O he looked around 182 cm probably a bit taller.

By he time we got to the izakaya me and Lyy ordered our drinks and went to the bathroom. So when we came back Yashin and Hiro had ordered the food.

It was pretty chill, we talked about different things, food, CA, Australia, etc. Both Hiro and Yashin really want to go to California, they like the music, culture, etc. And apparently Yashin travels a lot of went to different parts of Australia that even Lyy hadn't gone to lol.

We also talked about tattoos and since Yashin knows I love tattoos he decided to show me his big piece was really nice. I loved the lines of it so much.

Even though, Hiro didn't know any English and Yashin knows very, very little, and Lyy only knows simple Japanese but it was still really fun haha. I would just translate for Lyy the times she didn't understand.

Yashin and Hiro got drunk pretty quickly, lol. Yashin was drinking at an end of the year party before so it didn't take too long for him to get drunk and Hiro is just weak with alcohol LOL. 

Since Yashin is Hiro's senior at work he would be totally picking on Hiro. I felt so bad for him haha but it was funny at times. He had him eat a shit load of wasabi, red pepper, etc. He even smoked red pepper, we all did and in the end we all choked on it LOL. Yashin made a wasabi joint for Hiro. He smoked it, and it wasn't bad apparently lol.

Yashin had asked us what we were doing before and we said that we went to a live. He was like "live??" because last time we were in Nagoya we went to another live because Lyy wanted to see Deathgaze xD

He asked where and we told him the live house. He said that his friend was having a live but he didn't know the name of the band so he showed us a picture and sure enough it was Ryohei.

I had known that Yashin knew Ryohei but I didn't know they were good friends. Oh, what a small world~ especially Nagoya lol.

Lyy took out the flyer from the live and Yashin started busting up laughing when he saw Ryohei's v-kei look haha me and Lyy laughed so hard at his reaction. He ended up taking a picture of the flyer with my boobs and sending it to Ryohei lol da fuq. These Japanese and their boobs -.- lol

He also ended up showing us a cute picture of Ryohei smiling haha me and Lyy told Yashin that Ryohei was かっこいい. Yashin asked Lyy if Ryohei was her favorite in the band and she said no since all the girls like him haha and that she liked Shoya.

Then Yashin began to ask what kind of guys were my type celebrity wise, so I told him Yusuke Kubozuka, Kengo Kora, and Kamenashi Kazuya haha, they aren't really my type but I just enjoy looking at their faces. 

I told him that my real type was Japanese guys with tattoos like rockers/skaters, etc. I showed him Rxyxo from Coldrain, and Yashin tried to look like him hahaha.

Lyy ended up showing them her ideal type which was AK from lynch. they were all like "かっこいい" because Lyy showed them a cool picture of AK playing the guitar. Every guy always says this when she shows them that picture haha. She told him that AK is Ryohei's friend.

Yashin being drunk asked if Lyy really liked AK and if would have sex with him. Lyy was thrown off by the question haha and then Yashin said he would call Ryohei right now. 

Me and Lyy looked at each other like WTF? We were confused on why he was calling him but, luckily Ryohei didn't answer. Seriously random lol

We then got onto the topic of sexual stuff. Me and Lyy learned a bit of new Japanese vocabulary and Yashin and Hiro learned some new English vocab as well haha.

☓ ☓ ☓

After that, we decided to go clubbing. Lyy hates clubbing but Yashin and Hiro really wanted to go. I promised Lyy I wouldn't dance since I wasn't in a dancing mood and we would just chill so that's what we did.

The place he took us was more of a lounge that a club to me, so we just chilled and met some of Yashin's friends. A pretty half brazilian/half Japanese model and her boyfriend who is also from Australia. 

We stayed there for about an hour or so but I was getting tired so Yashin and Hiro took us back to our hotel. We said bye to Yashin and Hiro and said we would hang out again and then we went up to our room.

It was a long day, but it was so much. I really liked hanging out with Yashin and Hiro they are seriously so fun and entertaining. Yashin told me the next time I am in Nagoya he wants to hang out again, I definitely will. 

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