Saturday, December 7, 2013

Maria's Birthday Party!

Yesterday was Maria's birthday celebration at the bar we work at. I was pretty excited to work that night since it was her birthday :]

I had ran into one of our friends Megumi on the way coming in actually. Alex from KBBQ night was already there, it was a pleasant surprise!

It started out chill, and I was talking to Alex and this one new customer. Then some more people came, and I actually met Takao again which was this guy I had met way back when, at the Kamakura beach trip I went with Hopy. It was nice to talk to him again.

I met some more of Maria's friends as they kept gradually coming in. Takao had asked if I knew this one guy names Chris but I told him I didn't. He said he is really fun and was coming later. Sure enough, he came later and the bar got more lively. And boy, can they drink O__O LOL but they were definitely having a good time haha.

All of Maria's friends were super nice. I was such an awkward penguin -.- I suck with big crowds of people and one of my co-workers Yoshi was telling me this too that sometimes I just talk and talk and am super friendly and other times I'm like dead silent and just standing there LOL. Personality fail.

It was lots of fun though :D and Alex got super drunk and was super cute haha. She was saying how she was going to be in Korea in March and I was telling her that me and my roommate were planning on going to Korea then as well.

She got super excited and said that she would show me around and we would have a good time, and party it up, and show me how awesome Korea is. We told Maria she had to come, but Maria isn't sure because of work :[ ugh, but it would be so much fun.

I am super excited for March and really want to plan my trip to Korea seriously.

Anyways, time ended up going by really fast! I guess that happens when you're having fun :] Megumi asked me what time I was working till, and I told her 11:30pm and she told me it was already time and I thought "oh shit, the last train!"

I thought about staying, but I really didn't want to pull an all-nighter because I had a class field trip I needed to go to around 12pm ish so I knew I wouldn't be able to get up for that if I stayed out. I ended up not going anyways though so I am kinda bummed I didn't just stay -.-

But it was still lots of fun and I was so glad to be there <3

Alex being a cutie ;D

Me and Maria <3

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