Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello December!

Can't believe it's already December,
time seems like it's going so fast, yet not fast enough.
Want to return hurry up and graduate so I can return to Japan.
But of course, it will not be Tokyo :]

I was going to start December by going to an awesome car show,
ended up not going due to me being sick.

I think if I didn't go to work it would have been okay,
I was tempted to call in sick but I felt bad so I didn't.
but I'm happy I did go because my boss ended up surprising
me with a birthday cake.

It was really a pleasant surprise.
And Maria was there too :]

I had recently decided I was going to dye
 my hair red again.

But after googling the dye I usually use,
I found it to be $40 if I were to get it on Amazon Japan.
And if I got it on ebay, the shipping would be expensive.

I should accept the sad fact that I am not meant to have
red hair in Japan, but I seriously can't.

I probably won't dye it because of money as well.
/sigh it's just so depressing.
No tatts, no red hair, the only thing I can do is stretch my ears.
which I am at a 0g now :] but still miss my tatts/hair.

And of course, with a new month comes many new things.
A recent blast from the past occurred.
Funny how people can stir so many emotions in you
after how many years of not seeing or talking to them?

They tell me I seem like a different person.
And I love hearing this.
I was a different person in high school,
and I am happy I am slowly becoming who I want to be.

Still, this blast from the past is tripping me out.
Don't know how to take it yet.
Oh, life.

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