Thursday, December 19, 2013


Went partying in Shibuya on Tuesday night. I was originally going with a big group of international friends since many of the Europeans are already going back home, but they ended up wanting to go to another event on Saturday -__- so it was just me and Lili. But we ran into Keith with him and 2 of his friends.

We went to the usual, Harlem. Lili really loves this club since she always finds guys that are her type lol. I was fine going since I ended up drinking quite a bit. So of course I was genki the whole time. As usual, Lili was talking to guys, making connections, etc. etc. I was dancing with Keith and occasionally smoking. Sometimes I danced with Lili as well.

We ended up running into Takahiro and Taiga. By this time I was a bit tipsy lol. But we were happy to see them and they were as well. Apparently Takahiro was really drunk and kept telling Lili he loved her LOL. I mostly stayed with Takahiro and Taiga. Taiga kept buying me drinks but I only remember 2 O__O I ended up getting a bit too tipsy. This hasn't happened in a while -__-

Probably because I didn't eat before, I had eaten pizza with Lyy and had a crepe but that was around 4pm and it was 12am when we were clubbing. Soo yup. But it wasn't bad, Lili said I was mostly just dancing and having a good time, I had like 6 more drinks after the first 2 drinks -__-

The problem with me, is when I am drunk I seem totally fine and coherent and then the next second I end up getting sleepy and knocking out. Which ended up happening lol. Taiga was taking care of me the whole night along with Lili. I ended up sleeping at a table on the side where another drunk guy was also passed out. Lili said he was really cute and he ended up putting his hand on my head and was sleeping across from me, she said we looked like a couple and she wanted to take a picture LOL.

But anyways, the point was I was really sleepy and I wouldn't wake up so they had to help carry me out of the club once it was time to go home. Luckily, Taiga and Takahiro helped Lili, I feel so bad lol.

She said it was fine though, and it wasn't bad and it was more entertaining haha. Apparently Taiga kept apologizing to Lili for giving me too much to drink but she kept telling him it was okay.

They ended up taking us home where I just slept till 5pm O__O Haha it was such as crazy night, but it was one of those fun ones haha. Lili also had lots of fun. Saturday is another party, but this is Taketo's birthday party. We might do something afterwards but not sure yet.

Gotta love those randomly fucked up nights haha, every once in a while it is 大丈夫 lol.

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