Monday, December 23, 2013

Baking Goods with Ah Young.

Last night Ah Young came to my place to bake. She doesn't have an oven and my microwave can turn into one so she asked if she could use it.

We first went to go eat ramen and then we went grocery shopping. Baking in Japan is expensive though, Ah Young says usually baking supplies in America is $10 but she spent a whopping $40 for all the baking ingredients D:

It was nice chillin' with her. I talked to her and kept her company while she was cooking.

We talked about what has been going on with us. We both have non-existent love lives and she says she doesn't even have a social life lol. We both have been glued to our laptops watching stuff on Netflix lol.

It's nice to hang out with her and talk about this stuff. I can relate with Ah Young with quite a bit. She is going to Korea for break, her parents are visiting. She thinks it will be nice to get a break from Japan.

I really hope to visit Korea so I told her to tell me all about it when she comes back :]

It was also really fun watching her bake, it reminded me of when my little sister would bake. She would always use me as the tester for her baking experiments -__- lol. But I was just keeping Ah Young company. She ended up making vanilla brownies and some brown sugar cookies.

The vanilla brownies were amazing. I seriously ate so much, I felt so fat afterwards haha. But me and Ah Young said it's the holidays so one day wouldn't kill us.

Ah Young only lives a stop away from Hiyoshi but it's a 28 minute walk from the station and she didn't want to miss the last train. She had quite a few stuff to carry so I helped her carry the stuff to the station.

The last train was at 11:50 so we ran to the station and it sucked even more because it was up hill LOL. We managed to get there with 4 minutes to spare but saw that there was no last train -__- Ah Young said that this was the second time this thing happened to her.

I seriously was just laughing, because it felt like something from a drama or something. She withdrew money from the bank and was planning on walking home but I told her I'd walk her a bit.

I was glad she didn't rush to the station on her own, it would have sucked. So I walked her a bit in her direction which was actually nice. I missed just going out for a walk at night. And since Japan is so safe you can do this.

After a walked her a bit we ended up parting ways, she said next time she'll make mac n' cheese :D

I was so happy walking back, even though it was cold it felt good. I was listening to music, just walking down the road. And since it was later at night there was no one out. I really liked this. I wanted to stay out with someone and just chill but I left my pocket wifi at home and just had my cellphone -.-

Either way, I'm pretty sure most people would think I'm crazy to want to just stay out and night for no reason LOL. Oh well, maybe next time!

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