Friday, November 22, 2013

Yashin & なばなの里 // 名古屋 Day 2

Day two was probably my favorite day to be honest. Me and Lyy had woken up, ate breakfast at Komeda. Komeda is this train restaurant that I found thanks to Makoto from EYA who would always tweet pictures of him there. Seriously, it would be almost every day of him eating breakfast lol. I was curious to see how it was, so me and Lyy decided to go. It was good :]

Lyy really wanted to get a tattoo while she was in Japan. And I knew of some places in Nagoya that I wanted to get tattooed at so I told her about them and she decided she would get tattooed there as well. 8 Ball Tattoo was a tattoo place I really wanted to get tattooed at.

This one tattoo artist named Yashin does really good tattoos and I've been following him on instagram for a while. He recently followed me back and would like some pictures here and there.

It's funny but I actually become friends with people like this through instagram and Yashin ended up not being an exception.

I was a bit nervous it would be awkward since sometimes it's weird to meet people from online, especially if you guys don't talk but it's the mutual photo-liking thing lol but it wasn't awkward at all.

I had gone into the tattoo place with Lyy and a guy was helping us. I was having a bit of trouble understanding what he was saying when Yashin popped out his head from his room and recognized me. He walked over and said "ah you follow me on instagram right?" I said yes and then he told the guy that we were only in Nagoya for a bit.

I explained to Yashin that Lyy wanted a tattoo and told him what she wanted. He was really nice about it and managed to squeeze her in for the next morning since the tattoo was small.

After we booked the appointment we just talked with Yashin for a bit. He asked me where I was from and how long I'm staying in Japan, if I was a exchange student, etc. When he found out I was California he thought it was cool and that he really wanted to go. He told me that last week there was a tattoo artist from San Jose, California that was a guest tattoo artist. I remember seeing it on instagram as well.

He was also asking me and Lyy what we were planning on doing. I told him that we were planning on going to Nabano no Sato. He said that's really nice there but super cold. Me and Lyy looked at each other because we had a feeling it was going to be cold and we brought clothes that was easy to pack instead of clothes that would be good with cold weather LOL. Luckily I had a scarf, it seriously saved me haha.

When we showed Yashin that we were wearing dresses with no sleeves he was like "ehh??" haha and said we would have to get more layers or something LOL so funny xD

After much small talk, we ended up saying bye to him and telling him we'd see him tomorrow. Then me and Lyy left for Nabano no Sato :D

Nabana no Sato was only a 30 minute train ride and was in a very rural area. I told Lyy if I was alone I'd probably freak out lol. Reminded me of the time I went to Taito, so far from everything, a bit intimidating.

We took a taxi to the place and quickly starting taking pictures of the beautiful fall leaves. The sun was still out but it was going to be setting soon. We walked around and took pictures, especially on Lyy's polaroid while the sun was still up.

Since it was a bit cold and I was a bit hungry I decided to get a meat bun since I saw many people walking around with it. I always wanted to try it since it's something known to be eaten in the winter (and I just watched Bokura Ga Ita again and they were eating these during the winter lol). It was so good! I was so happy haha <3 and the old man who was giving me it was nice too.

It eventually became dark, and that's when the magic happened <3

It was so beautiful. And honestly, the photos don't even do the illumination justice. I had been wanting to go to this place ever since I saw a post of it on tumblr. I was so happy by chance I has found out it was so close to Nagoya <3

Me and Lyy walked around, arms linked and took pictures non stop. It was such a nice time, I genuinely was having so much fun.

It was pretty chilly but I wasn't oddly so cold, it was my hands. My fingers were super close to getting frost bite, they were starting to turn purple LOL. I forgot my gloves back in Yokohama -__- but other than that, it was pretty good ^^

We took some photos for some nice old ladies, and walked around and just enjoyed everything. We kept saying how this was the best trip ever. We took polaroid photos as well <3 I was so happy since it was my first time and I always wanted to take them. Honestly, an amazing memory. It was the most fun I have ever had in Japan.

After looking at the lights, me and Lyy went to eat again. Lyy got takoyaki and I got another meat bun :3 the old man recognized me and starting asking about what country I was from and etc. he was so cute <3

I was planning to meet Yoshimi afterwards, so after the lights me and Lyy went back to Sakae station where we parted ways.

Will forever remember this day.

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