Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lyy's Tattoo & Goodbye Nagoya // 名古屋 Day 3

Me and Lyy woke up early the next morning to go to 8 Ball Tattoo again to get Lyy's tattoo. We didn't have time to get breakfast so we went to the conbini and just got onigiri.

We arrived close to 10:30am worried we would be late but Yashin wasn't there yet. We just sat and chilled. The guy that helped us last time tried to talk to us but for some reason I couldn't understand his Japanese. This happens, some people I can understand everything and others I'm there like "wtf is he saying?" don't know why -.- I felt really bad too because he seemed nice :/

Shortly after we heard a motorcycle and saw that it was Yashin. When Lyy saw this she was like "oh, okay" hahaha I don't know why this made me laugh so much, even the guy laughed haha xD

Yashin apologized for being late but it wasn't a big deal. Though his hands were numb from going so fast and plus it was cold so we had to wait till his hands defrosted lol.

Me and Lyy looked at magazines and we talked a bit. There was a lot of tattoo magazines and one had a story about yakuza. I pointed it out to Yashin and he said that it wasn't real and took out another magazine from his room and said that this one had a real yakuza. I was interested in it so I checked it out, wish I could read more kanji -.-

I also showed him this one tattooed model I am completely in love with, Lyy saw her in my Twitter. Her name is Caroline <3 He said she thought was very pretty and cute but told me that Japanese guys probably wouldn't like her since she has so many tattoos especially on her face. He says most Japanese guys don't like girls with tattoos. My initial reply was, "guess I'm not going to get any Japanese guys then" haha we all laughed.

Eventually his hands defrosted and he was ready to tattoo Lyy :D He asked me if it was Lyy's first tattoo and I told him yes. He was like "ああ、怖い" and said it would only hurt a little.

We went into his room where he was getting everything ready for Lyy and I was looking around at all the stuff he had. I really liked everything in his room, so many books, art, and little figurines of cars and motorcycles haha <3

I also like the music they played at 8 Ball. It was so fuckin' nostalgic, they would play shit like Brown Boy and Lil Rob haha sounds ghetto as fuck but that was the kinda shit I listened to back in high school. It seriously brought back memories, surprisingly good ones.

Soon, Lyy got her tattoo. It was pretty quick, I took lots of photos to commemorate it haha. She was happy with the turn out :]

We talked a bit more with Yashin and eventually parted ways. He said to come back again, definitely will try to come back and hopefully next time it will be getting a tattoo and if not, I'll just visit to say hi.

Afterwards, me and Lyy were really hungry so we went to Komeda again. It was so good, I got the hamburger this time and Lyy got a teriyaki sandwich :] Since we were already at the station we decided to go back to Tokyo. Lyy had a THE NOVEMBERS live she needed to go to.

We ended up getting to Tokyo a lot faster than we anticipated so we just chilled in Starbucks at Shinagawa station. I do love this Starbucks for some reason.

Me and Lyy couldn't believe our Nagoya trip was over and we were already missing it. We didn't want to be back in Tokyo. To be honest, I don't understand why I liked Nagoya so much but all I know is I felt comfortable there. Maybe I'm just not a big city girl.

I am seriously planning of coming back to work there once I graduate from the uni.

It's funny, because people always ask me "what's in Nagoya?" honestly, nothing is in Nagoya, I just like it and it suits me more than Tokyo.

Mt Fuji from the shinkansen on our way back.

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