Friday, November 22, 2013

Reunited with Yoshimi // 名古屋 Day 2

Day two of Nagoya continued~

I was so happy to see Yoshimi I hugged her right when I saw her. She looked gorgeous as always and changed her hair to a ash grey color. She asked if I wanted to go drinking at a bar so we ended up going to a British pub.

On the way there a guy tried to talk to us, he started talking to me in Japanese but I just looked at Yoshimi and she got rid of the guy. Apparently, he was asking if we wanted to work a kyabakura. This happened to me before at Hiyoshi and I can't help but wonder if this is a compliment or an insult lol.

We went to the bar and got some drinks, Tequila Sunrise <3 it was good. We were catching up on everything. Yoshimi asked me how I liked Japan, Tokyo, etc. What I was going to do once I graduated, etc.

Then we caught up on her. She said she has a boyfriend now. So crazy, I remember she was like me in California always hard for her to like a guy and not wanting to settle down. She said she didn't expect to end up with this guy, but she was happy so I was happy for her.

She said she was planning on going to New Zealand though so she didn't know if it would last, and said it probably wouldn't. She will be moving next year and stay there for about 4 years or so to work.

Yoshimi never liked Japan, she was more of a California girl. Even her English sounds really Californian, she said her English was getting bad but it wasn't. It was still really good, she sounds like she was born in California lol.

She said after she gets work experience she is going to plan to move to California, she really misses it. She would move to the U.S. right away but can't. I was happy that she had her shit planned out. I remember she told me back in Irvine she was going to leave Japan. And I'm glad she is doing what she wants.

I told her how I liked Tokyo at first but now I haven't been too fond of it. The places are cool, but the people aren't really that great. It's fun to go clubbing and shopping, maybe for a holiday but it's not the place I would want to live.

I told her how I was really enjoying the vibe from Nagoya and will probably come back to work here.  She also thought that Nagoya suited me more. I told her though, once I get bored with Nagoya I'll go to some other part of the world like Europe or another part of the U.S. like Washington. I am even thinking of Melbourne, Lyy thinks I would like it.

Soon, some Japanese salarymen tried talking to us. Yoshimi kept telling them no, not tonight but they sat down anyways. We talked to them for a bit, the guy that was trying to talk to me asked if I was a rocker lol so lame. After some small talk Yoshimi convinced the guys to leave and they did.

Me and Yoshimi were talking about other stuff when some guys from the UK sat next to us. They were nice, and where here on vacation so they were trying to figure out what to do in Nagoya. I told them Yoshimi could help them with that.

We ended up chatting about the places they had been to. They said they really love Osaka, and when I asked them about Tokyo they said they hated it. Yoshimi and I laughed since I was telling her how much I don't like Tokyo people.

After some small talk with them we ended up leaving to go to a club. Yoshimi took be to this place called I.D., when we went to see Yashin afterwards he mentioned how this was the best club in Nagoya.

The music was nice, it was first hiphop and rap. Nostalgic shit. Then as it got later it progressed to techno and what not. Some guys tried to talk to us but for the most part they guys at this club let us alone while we danced which was nice. In Tokyo...let's just say this is not the case lol.

Though I have been tired of clubbing lately, this was the first time me and Yoshimi could party together so it was an exception. (Though Lili also wants to go clubbing for my birthday.)

We didn't stay out too late since Yoshimi had class the next day, her boyfriend drives so he ended up picking us up. He asked if we wanted to go somewhere else but we decided to call it a night since we both had to get up early the next day.

Yoshimi said next time she comes to Tokyo we will party and have fun. So I am excited for that :] I was honestly happy I got to see her, I missed her.

We forgot to take pics though -__- oh well, next time :]

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