Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Random Clubbing Outing.

Saturday, me and Lili decided to go clubbing unexpectedly. She had just gotten back from Korea earlier in the day and wanted to go out after napping most of the day. I really didn't feel like clubbing since I just haven't been into it lately, too tired; but I decided to go with her since she really wanted to go and she wouldn't have gone if I didn't.

We went to the usual place, Atom but this was only because Lili wanted to see the other floors open. It was much cooler. We were so confused walking in everywhere not knowing where anything was lol. But it was a lot of fun.

I actually got into a dancing mood. Lili loves attention and went on top of this block square to dance. She wanted me to go on but I was no where near drunk enough lol. I ended up chugging my drink and going up though since it was more awkward being on the floor and having her keep wanting me to come up.

To be honest, it was much more fun because on the floor it's back and there are weird guys trying to dance with you if there is room. There were occasional times when guys tried to grab out asses but we gave them dirty ass looks and they left us alone haha.

It was so much fun dancing <3 some of the Japanese girls were really nice and were also dancing on the block. Others, didn't like that we were getting attention and would push to get onto the block as well. Lol, I found this very entertaining.

To be honest, most Japanese girls don't know how to dance. I'm not even trying to talk shit, it's the truth. But it's okay because neither do Japanese guys really. Lili said Korean guys were more fun and better dancers at the clubs.

But anyways, we were dancing and having fun and would go to the other floors and explore as well. The hiphop floor played nostalgic music. So much fun :D But Lili kept wanting to look for guys -.- lol I didn't mind since I was genki dancing.

We went to the floor we would always go to when they were renovating the other floors but it was boring. I randomly met a guy, I commented on his piercings telling him I liked it because he had a shit load of piercings on his ear and his tongue pierced as well.

He ended up sticking to me, which I didn't mind since he was cute. But Lili kept not finding a guy she was interested in, which was rare.

By the end of the night Lili ended up not finding anyone, I think she was being too picky though lol. I ended up exchanging LINE ids with the guy I met. Funny how I I didn't even have interest in meeting guys that night and ended up meeting one, funny how that's when it usually happens.

I've lost interest in dating in Japan like how I was in Irvine. Even though there's lots of cute guys in Japan it's hard to find someone I'd actually be interested or consider dating. So I've gone back to the losing interest in guys in general and just chillin' and doing my own thing~

Which is nice :] this can also explain why I'm over the clubbing scene as well lol

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